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Studio One Feature Requests » FR: Track/Channels consistency (position/color/name/visibility/mute/selection) » Go to message
What do you guys think about a constancy when bouncing tracks in place no matter if its VIs or Audio.
Do you think the previously bounced channels routing should be applied to the bounced track as well?

(sorry to highjack your thread j.)
Studio One Feature Requests » FR: Track/Channels consistency (position/color/name/visibility/mute/selection) » Go to message
LMike wrote:Relative channel order is indeed a somewhat nagging issue. Here is a repost of a graphic which helps to control - some- of it, as relates to instrument multiouts. The key to his particular bit is making sure every arrange track has an assigned console channel. It's extra work, granted, but necessary to help reduce some of misalignment.

The example below uses Additctive Drums. It's a good example because it has audio console outputs which don't ever singularly belong to any midi tracks, but are shared by multiple midi tracks. Assigning those tracks that way helps keep other tracks from falling in-between the drum tracks in the console.

P.S. The obvious wish of some is that in the future, if we get track templates, is that those template will also include that Inspector "Audio" assignment field setting so that it will all be setup to go on loading of a multi-output drum sampler track template or similar, that you'd only have to do that once.

I thiknk wants still missing with this "Audio" assignment button is the ability to incremental set or set multiple channels with one click.
At the moment you have to assign each channel one by one. In a film scoring environment with lots of VIs and recorded sessions you can easily end up with 200 to 600 tracks. I know it sounds a lot thats why consistency, clever grouping and enhanced track visibility management is the key at least for that niche called media composers (Film/Games and what not)

Also critical is when naming Vi tracks (non multi) the mixer channel should reflect the name from the arrangement track automatically.

I still hope we will see track templates with a new Studio One generation. If they do it right I don't mind to take time off from production for a week and set up track templates I can easily recall with all assignments/ colours/ names etc. already in place.

Because sometimes when inspiration strikes I call up small or empty session dabble with piano and raw material and after an hour I think "wow" its evolving and then I have to stop, drag and drop these ideas onto a folder in the browser (which i love by the way. Its better than apple loops.)
In such situations recalling track templates would be cool.

Studio One Feature Requests » FR - Track visibility management » Go to message
Daw stew wrote:I'd like the ability to invert the selection and hide the tracks. I only want to see one track, simply invert selection and hide, saves me having to click all the other tracks

Yes that's what I meant with "selected".
Select one or more tracks and hit key command for "show only selected tracks"
Studio One Feature Requests » FR - Track visibility management » Go to message
maestro2be wrote:Being able to show/hide tracks based on actually having content is a great idea and I seen that discussion going on over at the Cubase forums. Would love to see that added as well here.

Or, even if it can become a standard macro perhaps that Presonus provides us.


Studio One Feature Requests » FR - Signature Track and multiple Ruler Tracks » Go to message
profdraper wrote:Absolutely. Can't believe that S1 still can't do this like most other DAWs. What is the expectation that all musicians work in fixed tempo /time sigs? Further: you *must* be able to cut, paste, insert, duplicate all of this stuff around the timeline.

i don't think its an oversight. With 2 Versions already the whole team behind the development can see and feel what their user base is.
Mainly probably aimed at recording and fast intuitive workflow in the first place, things need time to grow and have to fit within this simplicity approach.
Studio One Feature Requests » EUCON AND CONTROLLER SUPPORT » Go to message
its about time
Studio One Feature Requests » FR Options for Copy, Cut, and Past to include Tempo, Meter, Marker and Automation » Go to message
jpettit wrote:Just a small bump on a very small FR for V3.
If you deal with any kind of tempo/meter changing in your project the current implementation of copy/paste will not work for you as it is not aware of the tempo track. (not to mention sometimes you don't want to copy automation)

let it be bump and be up top
Studio One Feature Requests » FR - Extend Bounce instrument tracks/ audio tracks feature - remember routing of tracks » Go to message
Bounce in place doesn't recognize the tail if you have a delay or reverb on that track you're going to bounce.
Studio One Feature Requests » FR - Capture last (midi) take as recording » Go to message
Musicmind wrote:I'm new to Studio One former Logic, I used that function all the time.
Could we have that??

Studio One Feature Requests » FR - Track visibility management » Go to message
in conjunction with one of my FRs from 2012
I would like to be able to toggle show/hide tracks via key command/ track list modifiers,:

- muted
- soloed
- tracks with content only
- tracks with content under play marker
- selected (show only one/ multiple selected tracks)

and here ist also the mockup of the 2012 FR

sambosun wrote:Hey Guys an improvement to the Track list would be cool. Below I've done a mockup what I personally miss.
Studio One Feature Requests » FR - Searchable tracklist » Go to message
Daw stew wrote:One thing I'd like to see on the track list is an invert selection option.
Here's how it works
Say I have 20 tracks. I click one in the track list and it hides it. Now if I right click anywhere in the track list there should be the Invert Selection option. Once clicked my hidden track comes back into view but all the other tracks get hidden.

Studio One Feature Requests » FR - Detachable Files Browser » Go to message
Would be cool if the Files browser could be detached to place it on a second screen/ sticked to the left side or even better. Let the user detach the Tabs and place them on the right, the bottom or the left.

This workflow enhancement would make it possible to place your material you want to import in a Tab on the left side of the window.
Then work in your tracks area and editors. After that you drag stuff to your bookmarked tabs/ folders on the left side.

Another benefit:

You don't have to switch your tabs constantly between sources and destinations.

Imagine you can range select a portion of audio or midi/music loop data and drag just the selected chunk into the timeline.
Studio One Feature Requests » FR - Inserting time should include/ move all global tracks (time signature/markers/tempo) » Go to message
still not possible in 2.6.2 (but there is hope it will get fixed)
Studio One Feature Requests » FR - Screensets/ Workspaces » Go to message
While am using S1 and Logic in tandem I sometimes accidentally try to change screen sets in S1
Studio One Feature Requests » FR - Signature Track and multiple Ruler Tracks » Go to message
CubaseUser wrote:I want to take this request further and add a key signature track.
The purpose would be to serve as an overview of the key that the sing is in, then if it modulates to a new key you can stick in a new key signature marker with the key signature displayed. Great for bring able to show modulations in a song

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