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Anything else these projects have in common? Maybe a plug-in?

Have you installed any software demos recently? (The kind that beep or dropout every so often...).
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Dropouts every 15 seconds strongly suggests a process interrupting in the background.

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Strange -- comes up here just fine.

I wonder if it depends on where you are located (I'm in the U.S.).

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One thing worth mentioning in general...Not all buses are created equal. OP says it worked on the bus alone (without power supply) for awhile. That doesn't surprise me (Though I don't recommend trying it. If the manual says use the AC adapter, you should do so).

Bus power will usually work if you're using an add-on USB or FW card that is connected to a power connector on the inside. (Again, not recommending anyone do this - just pointing out why it's able to get power).

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Are you on a PC or Mac?

Difficult to troubleshoot when no details about your system are given.

For example, there's a new post at the Studio One sub-forum that says a recent Mac OS update has solved some of their problems.

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Producer comes as 32-bit as well. Check your account - you just need to download and install that version.

Edit: Oops, beat to the punch by LAGinz.

Studio One General Discussion » How Do I use Komplete 9 (Kontakt 5) with Studio one? » Go to message
Don't confuse Komplete Essentials (cut-down version bundled with Studio One) with what you have, which is the full blown Komplete software suite.

IOW, you can ignore the Komplete Essentials from the install or your Presonus account (So no, you don't need that serial number).

As for getting Studio One to recognize Kontakt...

- Make sure you've installed the correct version of Komplete (32 or 64 bit) to match the version of Studio One you have installed (ie. 64-bit Kontakt with 64-bit Studio One).

- All of your VST instruments and effects must be put in a folder where Studio One can find it. On install, it typically asks you where your VST folder is. This is how Studio One knows where your virtual instruments/FX are located.

If the above instructions sound like gibberish to you, you need to stop and (at least) learn the basics of getting started in Studio One. There are plenty of tutorial videos provided by Presonus on their website.

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91lespaul wrote:Hey DiJon2,
I have already admitted the created post is silly. I also apologized and stated that I will keep in line with the "harmonious" nature of the S1V2 forum. I can't do much more to eliminate this silly thread.

Thanks for your time,

Hi Randy,

This wasn't directed at you -- and my apologies if you thought it was. You're right, you did apologize and tried to "calm the waters" a few pages back. A few others tried as well.

That was pages ago, unfortunately.

Studio One General Discussion » CJay is mad at Sonar » Go to message
Bub wrote:
Jon Samuelson wrote:I always thought that the Sonar forums had too much hostility going on there, and this thread just seems to revisit some of the ugly past. It would be a mistake to transplant that ugliness into this fine forum. Revisiting the anguish of others has very little entertainment value, in the long run, and only perpetuates unnecessary conflict.

Certainly, people do get aggravated with things from time to time, even here in S1 paradise, but we mustn't pull the tiger's tail, or reawaken the zombie threads of the past.

Funny, that's exactly what the zombie said. But it was nice of you to add pictures for those that are unable to comprehend words.

That happens a lot on the internetseziz.

I agree with Jon 100% (and Bub, thanks once again, for making the point obvious).

Pictures aside, it's the glib comments from the same folks over and over that gets tiresome.

Unfortunately, there are some folks who are spurred on by any Sonar-related thread, and now see fit to "hold court" here using Sonar-as-it-relates-to-Studio One as their supposed topic. Usually, though, instead of anything constructive about either DAW, you get posts like the ones filling up this 5-page-and-counting thread.

Speaking as someone who's been on the audio forums for about a decade and a half (and on this one pretty much since its start), I can say this is one of the nicest forums around in terms of attitude. .. that is, until you start reading one of the nasty Sonar threads. They are always started and kept active, it seems, by Sonar ex-pats, solely for the purpose of bashing Sonar and venting about a DAW that has nothing to do with Studio One or Presonus.

Please, please move your misdirected hostility over to the Sonar forums - or if you've been banned from there, then KVR. (The latter, at least, is used to this kind of behavior, so the over-the-top voices get drowned out eventually).
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I thought that name sounded familiar! From last summer:
Studio One General Discussion » Midi problem...looking for Ideas » Go to message
Maybe this...?
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hibidy wrote:
matthewgorman wrote:


I had resurrected a thread because of this and there it is! Again, much appreciation!

Yes, indeed.

It's also quite easy (and advisable) to always keep one or two previous versions of the S1 installer -- say, in a designated folder on your Desktop or a thumb drive. Drive space is cheap these days, and it's not like the installer file is huge anyway (There's no need to back up the sound sets).

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multitracker wrote:...

Also, thank you Jon. Right-clicking and Running as Administrator is what worked.

Hey, you're welcome.

To set a program permanently as Admin, do this:

- Right-click on shortcut/file. Click on Properties-Compatibility tab

- Near the bottom is the Privilege Level. Check the box to Run as Administrator. OK out.

That should do it!
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If the blacklist reset doesn't work, try these steps:

- First, uninstall Sampletank (You can leave the sound library alone - no need to reinstall it). Reboot.

- Right-click on the setup file/shortcut, and choose "Run as Administrator". Proceed as normal.

- When setup is done, reboot again.

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cyphersuit wrote:Magma is fun and fast.. ..but sometimes crashes studio one completely. Really random crashes, too

Edit: i bought this, i am not talking about the illegal crack (which supposedly is a crashing mess).

Can you add any other details? Were you using their own native plugs - or AAX or VSTs when it crashed? Are you on PC or Mac? (Just trying to get a better handle on why it works for some folks and not others).

Your system specs would of course help, too....
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