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I've recently bought a new computer. The Firestudio Mobile worked perfectly on my previous HP laptop which was a dual core with an onboard firewire port (4 pin). Now that I've got my nice new fancy i7 I purchased a firewire expresscard (with a TI chipset) and when I plug in the Firestudio Mobile my monitors have a very digital sounding low-level, but audible buzzing/humming sound.

I notice the same issue as the above poster. When I scroll a web page up and down, or if the computer starts to think the sound responds noticeably, not really by getting any louder, just changes along with whatever I'm doing.

Needless to say this is extremely frustrating. I've been waiting six months to save up for this computer and now that I have it...I get this problem. Seems a bit silly that my older computer should work better than my new one.

The only thing that I can do to stop the noise is to unplug the laptop...when I do that, it goes away. I have no idea what that means.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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Probably not...

What you're trying to do isn't what they intended when they allowed up to 5 installs.
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It's all in the manual pages 44 and 45:

5.5 Loop Recording on Audio Tracks

It can be very useful to loop a specifc section while recording in order to capture multiple performances or takes of the same musical passage. In Studio One, this is called “Loop Recording.”

Follow these steps to accomplish Loop Recording:

Set the Left and Right Locators in the Timeline Ruler at the beginning and end, respectively, of the area in which you wish to record.

Click on the Loop button in the transport or press [NumPad /] on the keyboard to engage Looping.

Activate recording manually or via Pre-Roll or Auto Punch.

When the Playback Cursor reaches the Right Locator position, it will loop back to the Left Locator Position.

Recording will continue until you manually stop it by pressing [Space Bar] on the keyboard or clicking Stop in the Transport.

When Loop Recording with Audio Tracks, multiple Takes will be created. These Takes represent each recorded pass over the looped region, and they are contained in a single Audio Event. Only one Take is accessible at any given time in the Arrange view, and only the currently selected take will be seen and heard.

5.5.1 Selecting Takes of an Audio Event

When there are multiple Takes available for an Audio Event, the Take icon will appear in the lower left corner of the Event in the Arrange View.

By default, the last recorded Take is selected. To select any other take, [Right]/[Control]-click on the Audio Event to expose a list of Takes. Click on any numbered Take to select it. Takes are edited as a single Audio Event, so sizing or splicing any Take will splice all of the Takes contained in the Audio Event.

It is possible to splice an Audio Event that contains multiple Takes, then select a diferent Take for each splice of the original Event. As an example, if you recorded three Takes for a vocal verse, you could split that Audio Event in between each vocal phrase, and then for each phrase select the best Take from any of the three Takes.

5.5.2 Unpack Takes to New Tracks

When two or more Takes exist for an Audio Event, it is possible to unpack the individual takes to separate Events on new Tracks. To do this, [Right]/[Control]-click on the Event and select Unpack Takes to New Tracks. Each Take will be placed at the appropriate time on its own new Track. Note that the settings of the originating Track are not duplicated for the new Tracks.
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Agreed!! I'm totally digging the new looks of the forum.

It's very much in line with the rest of the Presonus style, I like it.

I can only hope that there might be some other plans to add things like a chat of some kind.

Great job Presonus!!
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