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I've recently purchased an M-Audio Axiom keyboard. I seem to remember something about a keyboard map or a keyboard setup file that could be used for the Axiom line with S1, but I'm either dreaming it, or I simply can't find it (here or at the old forum).

Does this ring a bell with anyone? I seem to remember TheMuzic talking about it, but I could be wrong.

Essentially a way to automap the controls (like the transport controls, knobs, and sliders etc...etc...
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I suspect that you haven't gotten many replies because none of that stuff is Presonus gear...

However, between the option of buying an all-in-one interface and a federated system that you build out of parts. I'd argue that you can have the best of both worlds. Look at something like the Firestudio Mobile, Firestudio Tube, or Firestudio Project and you'll have the all in one interface that you're after, as well as the option to add additional outboard pres, comps, eqs etc...etc...

The other interfaces you mentioned are likely similar, but I would tend to recommend Presonus as I'm a fan of their gear, as well as the way in which their gear interfaces with Studio One. Great stuff from them in that regard.
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*chains his wrist to door at Presonus*

We want to know...and I'm prepared to not eat until we find out!

(unless someone gives me some food...I'd probably eat that)
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This also isn't effective bug reporting. Your description of what's going on is alright, but like Themuzic said, there are any number of things on a computer that could cause the problems you're experiencing. I sincerely doubt that the cause is S1. Typically when bugs like this occur it's pretty prevalent across the board. Multiple people reporting the same problem, confirming the problem, trying different things. In the cases of both of the threads you've started you're the only one experiencing these issues. I would highly recommend calling Presonus tech support and talking with them in person.

Also, check some of the other DAWS, there are several that offer demos that you can try. It would be worth it to compare them. You just might find that S1 isn't for you, but it would also help you to determine if there's something wrong with your system that is wreaking havoc with your audio setup.
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Try lifting the ground on one of your components. I found that if I lifted the ground on my laptop power cord (by using a three to two prong adaptor at the wall plug) it completely got rid of the noise.

You MIGHT be able to solve the problem by using a power conditioner, but that might just make it less noisy. If it's a ground loop issue that you've got, then you have to find the source and elimiate it there. For me it was by lifting the ground on my laptop power cord. As long as it's still plugged into a good power strip and not loose it should be fine.
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Dotcha love that??

I never understood why they didn't just call it x32 and x64 and be done with it...
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Think of it this way. If you start with very high audio quality and then do everything to it that would normally happen in order to creat an MP3 version of the song, then you're loosing quality sure, but you had a lot of quality to start with. On the other hand if you start withe something that's low audio quality (relatively) and do everything to it that you would normally do to create an MP3, then you've got even worse quality. So it's still worth it to get the best possible recording, mix and audio quality that you can before you create that final MP3.

For home recording artists I think it's very important to pay close attention to the types of equipment that you're buying. We tend to stick to pretty specific types of music, and because of that we should also be able to stick to pretty specific pieces of gear. The problem is that there's so much gear out there these days that's marketed for "home producers" that it's very difficult for an inexperienced ear to determine which piece of gear suits his style the best. Also, it's very difficult for home studio owners to demo lots of different pieces of gear before buying it. I think that because of this we end up buying a lot of things that might not necessarily work well in our specific situation, which can cause more problems (on top of the fact that we're probably still learning a lot about the whole recording thing to begin with).

It's complicated man!
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I would love to see Presonus' version of the Axiom. The Axiom is such a great MIDI controller in general, but one that was fully integrated with all of the S1 effects (load an S1 effect and automatically be able to control it's parameters with the keyboard controls).
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Haha...Well then...I guess there are plenty of options for me!

Hehe, I knew about a lot of those, but you've opened up some other options I didn't know about. Thanks for the list!!
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I recently bought a Lenovo Y560 (core i7, 4 gigs, ram, 500 gig 7200 rpm hard drive, Win 7 64 bit) and while I would love to run Studio One at 64 bit it would pretty significantly limit my third party VST options. Although, the more I play around with this stuff the more I'm finding that I'm paring down the number of VSTs that I routinely use (I went through a phase, like a lot of folks do I'm sure, where I just downloaded everything I could find). If I could find a few good 64 bit synths, a real good 64 bit EQ (not that the S1 EQ is bad, it's just very neutral), and a real good 64 bit character compressor, I'd probably be willing to go fully 64 bit.

As is, however, even though I'm not running 64 bit S1, the performance increase with this computer is monumental. Simply awesome. Totally worth the purchase.
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I've purchased two Presonus items that came with a copy of Studio One Artist. One of the copies of Artist I used as a step to upgrade to Studio One Pro...but now I have a copy that has never been used (or opened). Is there anything wrong with me selling this copy to a friend of mine (at a discount since it doesn't come with the full retail packaging) so that he can have a copy?
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Yeah. I can't run the Firestudio without the wall wart at this time because I'm using an expresscard for my firewire port which doesn't provide power to the Firestudio.

Yeah, basically the power cord that I'm using only has the two prongs (no ground) on the male end of the cord. So yes, I'm lifting the ground from the laptop.
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Not my computer studio monitors...the speakers.

Essentially, when I plug the computer directly into a power strip, along with my speakers (monitors), and my Firestudio, I get a buzz. If I plug EITHER the monitors, OR the computer into an ungrounded extension cord...the buzz goes away...

I have no idea what would cause that.
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Ok so I've got an issue with my setup.

I've recently purchased a nice new laptop to replace my aging HP. It's a Lenovo i7 with 4 gigs of ram (I'll be putting in another 4 soon. And it runs Studio One and the Universal Control software just fine. I've got a Firestudio Mobile, which is being run through and expresscard firewire 400 port. I've also got a pair of KRK Rockit 5 monitors.

So now the problem. With my old computer I could plug in all of this equipment into the nearest outlet to my computer and it worked just fine. However with my new one, there seems to be some kind of interference which is causing an audible hum in my monitors (or headphones if I'm using those).

Here's what I've noticed. If I leave the monitor TRS cables unplugged from the Firestudio and listen on the headphones it sounds fine. As soon as I plug the monitors in (even if the monitor's power switches are off), there's a buzz. Now if I unplug my laptop power cord from the strip it's plugged into, the buzz goes away, OR if I unplug the monitor's power cord it also goes away.

Now...the next thing I tried was running an extension from a different outlet and plugging my laptop into that, which at first seems to have removed the buzzing...however! One thing I noticed about this power cord is that it doesn't have a "ground" pin on it...if I use an extension cord that DOES have a ground pin, the buzz comes back.

So what does it mean that if I plug my laptop into an extension cord that doesn't have the ground in it, the trouble goes away??

Thanks for any help I can get.
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What about his main it ok to leave the Firestudio Mobile on all the time?
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