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The differences:

The plugins:

(Click on the plugin to see which version is in which product)

Read the site man...everything is there for you.
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Difficult to answer, innovative is a pretty subjective term.

I always thought Ableton was the most innovative in that it was designed for live use, and had a pretty unique look (when you first open it up it's pretty striking how different it looks from the other DAWs), workflow and style. Also it introduced a lot of new concepts about what a DAW can and can't do, the idea of using a DAW as a live musical instrument wasn't new, but I think Ableton pretty much sets the bar for how to get it done. I'd put that up near the top of the list.

Studio One I don't actually consider that "innovative" (ducks the rotten tomatoes ). It doesn't really do anything that most of the other DAW's can't do. The thing about S1 that sets it apart is the subtle ways in which Presonus has improved upon the standards. Presonus innovates in a different way. Improving upon what's already out there is innovation in it's own right. I think what most of us appreciate about S1 is that we don't have to think to much to learn it because right out of the box it's familiar enough to get started (anyone who's worked with almost any other DAW can recognize just about everything in the program). And then when you start using it the little details that make it so EASY compared to others are what we rave about.

I completely and utterly disagree with the "FL Studio taking over the market" comment. Whenever I think about FL Studio compared to the other DAWs the song "One of these things is not like the other" pops into my head. FL Studio has some fantastic points, Image-Line's implementation of the piano roll is outstanding. But the included plugins are pretty poor. However some of their VSTi offerings (the ones that don't come with FL Studio) are really excellent also, but not particularly innovative, just sleek versions of things that have been around for a long time. FL Studio is simply too specific of a program (sort of like Live), yes it CAN do audio and the traditional DAW jobs, but it's not really designed for that stuff, and in my opinion they shouldn't try to do it either. It does what it does well and Image-Line should continue to compete in THAT market.

Reaper is similar to Studio One in my mind, not a whole lot of "new" there, but again a lot of fresh ideas about how to do the things that we've been doing for a long time. Their audio routing is without compare in my opinion (flexible enough that you can pretty easily confuse the hell out of things with it!). Cockos innovates in a completely different area - their business model. Smart on their part because it's the one place that none of the other companies are willing to take the hit. But I think that there's money to be made in that model, but it has to be carefully dealt with, or there's lots of money to be lost also. A balance if there ever was one.
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We've had a good year with the S1 plugs so what do we think about them in terms of how they manipulate the audio?

Aside from the obvious ones like Red Light Dist. and Ampire what do we feel that the S1 do to the audio in addition to their specific function? I underestand this is completely subjective, I'm just curious what other folks think.

I feel like the limiter is pretty transparent and doesn't color the sound much (unless of course you use it to the extremes), and I feel the same about the compressor and expander.

The EQ I feel does something to the sound, though I can't quite put my finger on what, but I don't think it's completely transparent audio manipulation there. As a secondary thought, I'd be curious to know how well ProEQ works as a mastering EQ if it's NOT a linear phase type. Certainly there's no rule that mastering EQ's should be linear phase, but it's a nice option when you need it for precise EQ (corrective).

I tend to feel that the channel strip is simply a mix of the engines that make up the compressor expander and EQ.

The multiband dynamics processer I feel is a little less transparent than the compressor (though that could easily just be attributable to the types of things that a multiband compressor does to audio and less to do with any excess coloration).

And Tricomp I feel is specifically designed for color as it doesn't seem transparent to me at all, though as with MB Dynamics it's difficult to tell if that's just a function of how Tricomp works.


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Motoko wrote:...just as something of a vocal rider type thing would be awesome to have in S1.

I'm diggin' the vocal rider Idea.

I don't even necessarily mean a complex "suite" like Sonnox, but something more like a more precise Gate/EQ that could be used to get rid of some of the little irritations like hum/hiss etc...I know they're out there already but I'd like to see Presonus' take on it.

We'll just go ahead and consider that my feature request.
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Off the top of my head I don't know of any other DAW's that include these types of things (FL Studio actually has a plug called Edison which does some basic stuff, and Reaper has Reafir which is capable of some pretty good hiss reduction).

I for one would love to have one included in the suite
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I haven't seen any talk about this as a feature request, but I wonder if Presonus has considered any restoration type plugins in any future releases. I've demoed several from Izotope, Wavearts and a few others (even some of the free offerings that do simple things like Reafir) and they're quite powerful.

Would anyone else benefit from having these tools in the DAW? Hiss/Hum removal? Denoise/Declick tools?

I think this and some sort of autotune plugin would pretty much completely round out the S1 effects suite.
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One of the best lists I've come across comes from a post by a user who goes by the name Technogremlin over at the Reaper forums:
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GMHague wrote:With the wealth of resources posted here, perhaps this thread should be turned into a Sticky... maybe called "Free User-Recommended Plugins" or something?

Rather than download everything now, I'd like to come back regular and sample the freebies over time. And perhaps people can add other links progressively, too.

That would be great! In today's internet world I love to have places that are always available for me to go when I need something.

I'd happily check links and keep the thread updated...if people wanted I could consolidate all of the links into the first post for easy access.
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Got it working

Basically I'm just dumb, it was a simple little thing.

Loving the keyboard though, even better since I got a deal on it.
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I'm a plugin junkee so I've got a pretty good handle on the trends for the freebies, I keep a list at home. I'll post it up here as soon as I get a chance.
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Ahh! Motoko...that sounds like it might be the trick. I'm at work at the moment, but I'll play with it when I get home...


(The keyboard...I'll play with the sicko ).
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Certainly! I'll happily vent for all who wish to listen.

Mostly I was interested in the opinions of anyone here who's had the opportunity to compare the S1 plugs with the notables in the field. I've had a good year of playing with S1 now. Initially I was skeptical of the quality of the included plugins, but frankly I consistently find myself returning to them over a lot of the more fancy or popular or expensive options that I have. I guess I'm (in a roundabout way) praising Presonus for the quality of the included software.

A year old and the honeymoon with S1 still isn't over for me!
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I'm not super concerned about the transport controls since I've got a Faderport. But it would be nice to have them working. I'm not sure why but the knobs and faders aren't recognized by control link either. I'll play with it a bit more to confirm, but it seems initially that there's something amiss with my setup.
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This is an old complaint...but I feel like rehashing it because I've had a chance to do some actual comparisons. Mind you...I'm not a my opinions opinions.

So I've recently had a chance to use some of the more notable plugins that are out there in the world. I've been working with a friend who has a good selection of plugins from both Waves and UAD. So I took the opportunity to compare these ones to the best equivalent ones that I could find. I've got some of the less expensive selections like T-Racks, Izotope plugs and of course the included plugs that come with S1 as well as a host of freeware plugins that I've liked and used for years.

My conclusion?

Pricing on some of these things is RIDICULOUS!

Now don't get me wrong, some of these options from Waves/UAD are great sounding plugins. Very useable and quite nice looking. However, I was shocked to find that I couldn't, in most cases, justify the prices of almost any of these high-dollar suites and bundles. UAD at least allows for the use of offboard processing which is a deal, but with today's high powered computers I simply don't see the need for it (caveated of course by the fact that there are still a lot of older computers out there that can definitely benefit from these DSP options).

I suppose the reason I consider them a bit of a rip off is because of the vast availability of information these days. The models algorithms and techniques that many (most) of these plugins are designed with and on are freely available and are used by many of the developers of the freeware plugs. That's not to say that they should all be free, that's not my point. But sometimes I feel like there's a regime of "people" who aim to keep prices as high as possible. Resistance against the growing home-studio trends? I don't know.

For the snazzy new tools that haven't previously existed like the autotune plugs, new types of instruments, ingenious new synths I can justify a need for a price tag. But $300 for an equalizer? $400 for a compressor? It all seems a little...snake-oil...

And my complaint for the week
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