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Hi All,
I sent a technical request to presonus regarding my 2626 as follows.

The number 4 potentiometer is scratchy on my 2626, and it's passing little to no audio. I do have contact cleaner if that is recommended. If not, is this part available OTC?
Thanks so much for your assistance and your commitment to excellent products at a price point for "the rest of us".

Well, after a few days, I just get an RA form, with no discussion at all. The fee to fix a 2626 would be a flat $95, which, frankly, doesn't seem bad to me, but I'm not quite ready to spend that, plus shipping, for a bad pot.

Does anyone have any practical advice on this?

Thanks a lot,
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Thanks for the very detailed posts, enifa, and sorry I haven't gotten back here sooner. I guess I missed the reply notification. It is disappointing that IEM use is a no go, but like others said, they do seem very handy. Might still have to pull the trigger on one. . .
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Yeah, I don't think I could either. I wonder what we're talking, in milliseconds, though.
At any rate, they seem so darn handy, it's hard not to want a set (or two). Might be perfect for delayed speakers, or, in a DJ setting, dispersing audio to nearby rooms?
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I definitely agree that a mic doesn't have to say "Shure" on it to sound good; or even AT, EV, AKG, Senn., etc. That said, I snagged a KSM9 for $250, so guess what I use?
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scottmckenna wrote:Quite simply, if Android were more popular, and people thought it would continue to be more popular, every one would develop apps for android FIRST. That's not the case. Every one develops iOS apps first, and then down the road some times develops apps for Android. Presonus for example.

. And, I suspect the popularity of iOS devices among audio professionals is an even greater percentage than the general cross section of all users.
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I just got done reading this tread regarding the Jangus wireless system, which had kind of gotten hi jacked, so instead of bumping it, I thought I'd start a new thread.

Any new experiences with these, especially regarding IEM use? The latency worries me a little, as I'm kind of sensitive to that.

Thanks a lot,
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Hi Again, Monolithent. I'm working through your list, and I've checked my system latency, which seemed very good, at and average of about 100┬Ás. However, my ASIO latency I'm not so sure about The test failed with the buffer at 240 samples, and at 480 samples, my result was 1401 samples (31ms). Is this typical, or is something else going on. SAC seems to be working fine with the Universal Control buffer set at 256, but if I set it to 512, I can definitely hear the latency. My CPU load is about 7%, with comp, gate, and eq turned on on 24 ch. So, is there anything I should be concerned about yet?
Thanks so much for your help.
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Yeah, I have a pretty good handle on physical mixers, and I've been using a friends SL16.4.2. I can tell there will be a learning curve, though, both in how it works, and how to work it.

Touch screen does seem like the way to go, and they are getting cheaper all the time. I'm thinking one of the touch screen "all in ones" would be a fantastic remote, too. Probably won't be doing a 3M anytime soon, though. And I'll probably try to pick up the obligatory BCF2000, as well.

I've gone through Bob's optimization for SAC, and I'll definitely go through yours as well.

Thanks again.
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Thanks, Monolithent. you had me at "ASIO." Changed it to that and the assignments populated automagically, like you said.

@ stickulari Yep I'm on 1.2. Nothing wrong with asking; you have to eliminate everything, and oftentimes, it's some thing "stupid" or simple.

Thanks guys.
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Well, I guess I do have one more question for you when you get a chance. I fired up SAC and when I tried to setup the Audio Device, my choices for each input/output is Presonus FireStudio Audio, but there is no channel designation. So, if I select the same option for the next input, I get an error that "I cannot select the same driver for two different devices". So basically, I don't see how to assign input one in SAC to input one on the FS, etc.
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Okay, that's what I had done, but I didn't see where it lists where all the files are so one can go in and delete them manual, if need be.

At any rate, good news. . . I uninstalled, and although I got the error that some things couldn't be removed, I tried installing it again with the method you suggested, as admin. I did that and rebooted, plugged the 2626 in, and got the Install hardware prompt again. I went through that about 3 or four times; it seemed like it was in a loop. Finally, it told me the hardware was ready to use. I quit UC, restarted UC and BAM!, the mixer popped up.

I haven't tested things beyond that, but it definitely looks like we're on the right track.

THanks so much for your help. I might have to pick your brain again when it comes to SAC, but I think that's enough for tonight.

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I did try to use that and it appeared to go through, but I got an error at the end of the process. This was after I installed by clicking on the icon.

When I uninstall I get an error that some items couldn't be removed. Do you have a link to the manual uninstall? I couldn't find it.

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The FW card is new, and I haven't been able to test it on the PC, as my FW drives are all formatted for mac. I can't think of anything else I can test it with. I guess I do have and M-audio FW410 I can try to install if I need to. Also, I don't know if it's relevant, but every time I plug it in, windows wants to "Install new hardware".

The 2626 is working perfectly as near as I can tell on my mac with the same cable.

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Monolithent wrote:Not a problem. Always glad to help convert a mac guy.

You have your work cut out for you. . .

I do have a concern about the rest of yoour system. Taht's a lot of I/O to be pushing through a single core with only 2 gb of Ram.

It'll be slow at best.

Yeah, this is definitely on the low end. I'm not expecting a monster system, but from what I gleaned at the SAC forum, it should hopefully suit my needs. Supposedly it works best on single core, and Bob even recommends turning off the hyper threading. I do have an 800MHz bus, which I'm told will make a difference, too. I definitely plan on doubling my memory if I can get this system going.

Next thing we're gonna need to do is get that firewire running.
Once you got the Universal Control drivers on the system did you flash the firmware to the interface?

I have not done that, as I'm not sure how, but I did do the "Check Firmware" command and it said the attached hardware was already up-to-date.
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Thanks a lot for your willingness to help. And thanks for the encouragement; I don't mind the uphill battle, so much as a losing battle. Glad to hear this should work.

My processor is a P4 3.0GHz. Also, as an update, I did uninstall/reinstall as per the directions in the KB, but I'm still getting the same result. One bit of info that I found that may be helpful is my firmware is listed as; that was one of the symptoms listed in the KB, so I thought I'd mention it.
Here is the output of the utility you had me run.

OS: Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit Professional Service Pack 3 [5.1.2600]

Microsoft ohci1394.sys [5.1.2600.5512]
Microsoft 1394bus.sys [5.1.2600.5512]

Looking for OHCI 1394 Host Controllers...

Vendor : (104C) Texas Instruments
Chipset: (8024) TSB43AB23
Revision: 00
Max 1394 Speed Capability: S400
Support: Compatible, no known issues.


I have considered using the mac either as dual boot or with parallels. I ran into some issues, though, mainly space on my drive, then it wouldn't let me install windows on an external drive (which makes sense, I guess). I do like the idea of a dedicated system, so I'm more than willing to get my hands dirty to get this going.

Thanks again.

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