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Lol Good stuff there Steve!

I just got back from doing the sound for that 3 day festival I mentioned earlier. My studiolive running remotely with my iPad worked great! ZERO issues whatsoever! It was amazing!!!

The 1st band I did at the festival was a 7 piece band and they used up all 16 channels on my board! Holy cow! Talking about being baptized with fire! I also arrived kinda late so I was under the gun trying to get things setup in time. I did not bring my snake with me because I hate that thing and I just had faith that this system would work and it did!

Using my iPad to control my 16.4.2 was an awesome, eye opening experience. I used it for 3 days straight from 10am to 10pm. Not a SINGLE glitch or error or problem of any kind during that entire time and I was way out in the boonies. No internet or anything, but my router worked flawlessly.

I remember complaining in here that I was so disappointed that there was no digital snake for my 16.4.2. Man, SCREW THAT! I don't even want a digital snake now because to me, this system beats a digital snake hands down and my only investment was a $200 iPad and a $50 router. The flexibility of being able to walk around anywhere, including the stage to set levels, eq, compression, aux mixes, gates, effects, etc... was just mind boggling. A digital snake, although cool too, can not even begin to compare with the advantages I have with my iPad system.

Thank you once again, PreSonus.

I already loved my StudioLive 100%.
Now I love it 200%.
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I pondered all day about what troubleshooting steps I would take to try to get the system working with the new router. So when I got home tonight, the first thing I did was connect my laptop to my home wireless connection using my home router. I connected the iPad to the same network and BAM! Everything worked!

That right there told me that there must be a problem with the new router.

I connected the new router to my modem and laptop and just tried to pull up a regular webpage. NADA. Hmmmm, that really confirmed to me that there was a problem with the new router.

I jumped on my other computer and went to the router's website and followed all the tedious directions on how to properly configure the new router.

BAM!!! That worked! The router was just not fully set up and configured properly. It's working like a dream now. I am overjoyed and so thankful that sjc193 advised me not to give up on the router. Thank you a million times for that one sjc193.

What had me so confused last night is that my iPad and my laptop were both able to connect to my new router and see each other so that made me think the router was configured properly and ready to go. Now I have learned the hard way that's not the case. You really have to take your time with these routers and go through each step from beginning to end to MAKE SURE it's COMPLETELY configured properly.

This is such perfect timing because I have to provide sound for a 3 day Memorial festival out of town this Sat, Sun and Mon. Gonna be bands all day long. I'm getting paid really good money to do this and I really wanted this to be working properly for this event. Goodbye you big ol' cumbersome snake! Lol!!!

Thanks for the help guys!
I'm so glad this forum exists.
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Thanks for chiming in! Yes, I did everything you mentioned. And yes, I was so frustrated with it after troubleshooting for over 6 hours straight. When the ad hoc network finally worked, can you imagine how good I felt? lol.. anyway, yes I think you are right. I am gonna keep the router and experiment with it more when I have more time. I am sooo close with it. It is doing everything except "connecting" to my studiolive.

Thanks for the suggestion and yes, I did that too. Still wouldn't connect to my studiolive.

The weirdest part is that my 16.4.2 shows up under settings in UC and also in SL Remote. Just won't connect. I'll be out of town all day today, but I'm off tomorrow. I'll connect the router again tomorrow and experiment with it some more.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I am all ears.
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After many hours of searching and reading posts in this forum, I FINALLY HAVE IT WORKING!!!

But even though I have everything working flawlessly, I am thoroughly confused. I was told that you had to have a 5ghz secured router to make this work. I was never able to connect that way. In doing my research, I stumbled upon the following troubleshooting document:

It said to create an "Ad hoc" wireless network on my PC. I had never heard of such a thing before. So I followed the directions and bam!!! It's working!!! I even went outside with my iPad (I'm testing in my house) and down the street and it STILL worked! Great connection!!!

So I didn't even need the 5ghz router after all. I did not know this. I'll be returning the router back to the store in the morning. This is too cool. I am overjoyed right now!!!!
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Looks like I was confused on the UC version and the firmware version.

I was running UC ver 1.2 with firmware of 1.13. Both out of date.

I just updated UC to 1.71 and firmware to 1.50a Build 190. This should be the latest and greatest.
I am now able to see the iPad in UC under Setup.

However, still same problem. My iPad see's the 16.4.2 and I press CONNECT and it just hangs there until it times out. It never connects. Sigh.
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I'm having the exact same problem. I turned off the Windows Firewall.

Still won't connect.
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Thanks sjc193,

I've followed all the steps and done everything I can, but this isn't working.

Universal Control ver
Belkin 5ghz wireless router connected to laptop via ethernet cable
SL Remote on iPad 2 running iOS 4.3.5
iPad and laptop on same network

Laptop and StudioLive are communicating perfectly via Universal Control

When I open SL Remote, it recognizes my 16.4.2
I click on it and it says, "Connect"
I press connect and the little icon spins forever and it never connects.

I've tried rebooting latop and 16.4.2
I've shut down SL Remote and restarted it.

No matter what I do, SL Remote will not connect to my 16.4.2.

Any suggestions or ideas? I'm out of troubleshooting steps.
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Hey mrwright,
I don't know what version of Universal Control I am running. My 16.4.2 is out in the trailer right now and I can't open Universal Control without it being connected. I'll check as soon as I get a chance.

I purchased an iPad 2 on craiglist today for $200. Now I just need an acceptable router and I should be ready to test this stuff out.

Thanks for that link! Good information there.
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Just watched this great video:

I hope the information in that video is still relevant. It answered almost all my questions. So I see I need a 5ghz router. Cool. Any specific brands?

Also, on the iPad. I just did some research on some on craigslist. I see different generations of iPads. Will the 1st generation work? If not, what is the oldest iPad that will work with this?

That's all I need to know. I can grab a router tomorrow. All I need now is the iPad. Just need to know which iPads work.

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I am so tired of lugging around this huge cumbersome analog snake. Since it looks like a digital snake is not gonna happen for these boards, I am finally ready to ditch this snake and go the iPad route.

My first dilemma is that I've never owned an Apple/Mac product in my life so I am totally clueless about anything with an "I" in front of it, but I will need to purchase an iPad of some sort to make this work. The iPad purchase will be used strictly for controlling the StudioLive, nothing more so I don't need or want the latest greatest version of an iPad.

My laptop is a 7 year old Windows Toshiba Satellite. The firewire connection works great with my 16.4.2. I've recorded live bands with it many times. It works great. So I just would like some help picking out a suitable iPad and a suitable router for my 16.4.2.

Can anyone help me or steer me in the right direction? I have some sound gigs this weekend and I would like to make these purchases and get up and running remotely before then.

Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks!
16.0.2 » Sending mirror of Main Outputs to Aux 1? » Go to message
SUCCESS!!! I experimented with the effects at home while not in a rush and so far, at home I am getting the results I was hoping for! Effects sound great! I hope they sound good at my next gig too. I really don't see why they won't, now that I know what I'm doing.

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It worked perfectly!!! Thanks again salvadoredelle!!! I am in love with this mixer! The way it performed at my gig tonight surpassed my expectations. It is such a huge gigantic step up from my previous karaoke mixer. The sound was sooooo good and I was able to get such a great vocal mix in the mains and monitors that people just couldn't get enough of singing tonight.

The only thing that didn't meet my expectations was the effects. They didn't sound good, but before I blame the mixer, I am going to experiment with the effects more at home. I did a rush job with the effects at the gig. That's really not fair to the mixer. I get great results with the effects on my 16.4.2, so I am hoping I can achieve the same results with it's little brother.

Right now, I am just stoked to have this awesome machine for my karaoke business. Even without effects, everything sounded sooooo good tonight.

This mixer is a KEEPER!
16.0.2 » Sending mirror of Main Outputs to Aux 1? » Go to message
salvadoredelle wrote:FX to monitors is really simple on the 1602... look at the FX A/B send knobs and notice there is a button for AUX1-4 under each one... you don't get to mix you get an overall send to all 4 aux same volume as your mains... not perfect but it works!

Ahhhhh okay. I don't think I tried that last night. I'm on my way out of town to my karaoke gig. I will be sure to try this at the gig. Thanks so much!!!
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Never mind. I know what you meant now. You meant just add my effects to the mix as usual.

Anyway, I've been experimenting with this in my house and I got everything working perfectly! I can't get the effects in the monitors, but that's fine. I didn't have them in the monitors with my Behringer board either. If I could get them in the monitors, that would be cool (an added plus) but not necessary.

I'm just glad I got everything working how I wanted it. Can't wait to try this out on a real gig tomorrow!
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Nevermind, I just did a search on the internet and found the answer.

Press and hold the Select button and then press the Link button. Yay, it worked!
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