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Hey Guys,

Thanks all. Yep I tried these tests too (I used to have an SL24.4.2 before I sold it to get my GLD80).
Yesterday before I even used the desk I had updated the firmware.

So I called my mate from whom I bought the desk - he'd never experiences any such problems
Do you know what though - I opened up the universal control today and did a full factory reset.

Mysteriously - it just started working again after the full reflash - it works now again on gating as well as the compression, and without any such strange conditions like I mentioned already.

All is good again!!
Thanks guys for all the help!

16.4.2 » Gain reduction LED's are not working... » Go to message
Yep - just right to ask the question.

I have checked with the gates on to check the Gain Reduction LED's.
the strange thing is that the gate DOES trigger the LED's, when it is set to the maximum threshold setting - but this is the only circumstance under which I can get any activity from the GR meters.

Its very strange. I have tested it with an acoustic guitar, and various vocals.
You're right - most of the biggest solutions come from asking the most basic of questions.


16.4.2 » Gain reduction LED's are not working... » Go to message
Gain reduction LED's are not working...

Hey guys,

Last night I checked out my SL16.4.2 that I just bought second hand.
Strangely the Gain reduction LED's on the right hand side of the board are not operating.

Anyone else experienced this at all?

Thanks guys
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The QU16 is undoubtedly the more professional mixer - absolutely no doubt - it does EVERYTHING that the SL1642 does,
I don't really think its a fair comparison to be honest.

Plus it allows EITHER use of Analogue inputs OR use of the AR2412 / AR804 inputs via a digital snake.

I have the GLD80 with a Dante card, and am getting a QU16 also in October, as it suits me - (I already own 2 AR2412 input racks and 2 cables from the GLD) The architecture and useability of the QU16 and layout is similar to that of Roland, Midas, Yamaha and nearly every other digi manufacturer. You could walk off that desk and go on to any other and it'd be more or less second nature.

The presonus is unique because it was made to be simple, for less experienced users in the likes of churches public venues etc as well as for engineers. Its workflow is almost unique and ridiculously simple to use.

However with the use of other desks its what you are used to and how prepared you are to adapt.

Put it this way - any user who knows what they are doing in the foundational principles of audio (Gain Structure, EQ, Dynamics etc) will have zero difficulty in using pretty any digital desk (apart from the X32 cause its a pain in the ass and just pure laborious).
i.e. if you want to set your compression you look for your threshold, attack, make up gain etc
ALL compression / EQ gain structure etc works the same in principle and the controls all reflect as such.

Up until today I had resigned to not ever using an analogue snake again, as for the last 9 months I have been using CAT5, but I just picked up a super cheap £400 SL1642, that I can use a small venue mixer, and leave it on stage side of acoustic venues or in weird places and just mix from the iPad. (Also I missed not being a part of the community after I sold the SL24.4.2 to get the GLD80 LOL)
24.4.2 » Presonus 24.4.2 For sale : £2000 » Go to message
Thanks man,

Yep - I have been using a GLD80 quite a bit recently - I am fortunate to be a UK product trainer for D&M audiovisual, who own Allen and Heath, so do gain quite a lot of exposure to their boards.

The GLD is just joyous to work on, and has features that I now just need in order to keep up with the big boys..
Don't get me wrong - I'd be holding on to my 24.4.2 if I could, but you know how it is LOL!! Recession and all that ha ha!

Again thanks guys for all the help and blessings y'all have been to me.
It really has been phenomenal, and were it to be that presonus did another bigger brother of the SL24 with all that I needed... then I'd be all over it like a rash!

Cheers M, thanks Boys, I owe Rick and the team a stack of drinks for the fun and pure enjoyment I have had from my board!
Again - thanks

24.4.2 » Presonus 24.4.2 For sale : £2000 » Go to message
Hey Guys,

Sorry to say it - but i really have outgrown my 24.4.2 on various occasions whilst doing larger venues of sound, where not just a pair of delays are required, but various matrixes of audio sent to other rooms and numerous outputs required for press staff's personal recorders - and so have really no choice now but to sell the wee desk on, so I can contribute to my Allen and Heath GLD80/Dante Card combo (A significantly much more expensive desk )

As much as I so SEVERELY love my 24.4.2 personally - the benefits of the GLD80 (Cat5 multicore, up to 40 outputs) outweigh the losses (iPad app, & brilliant VSL software with system tuning)

Hopefully soon, come the summer again when I start getting busy I'll be able to buy the baby 1602 for little gigs - hopefully it too will have the system tuning - always handy!

So if anyone is interested I am selling for £2000 and will do free post to UK mainland, or anywhere in Northern Ireland.
It does have the original box, but its a little tatty if I am honest.

Guys, its been an awesome ride with the rpesonus team, hopefully will see y'all again soon!!
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Awesome.... actually I had not even thought that the impedances would be 75ohm on both ends, so hats good news, thank you very much.
My original train of thought was that it was maybe 110ohm at AES/EBU end, and 75ohm at the spdif end.

I actually already have loads of RCA to BNC cables made up. I use them for connecting sd analogue cameras to my old Panasonic MX12 video mixer. I usually make up my own using compression fit RCA and BNC connectors.

I am so glad I posted the question, thanks guys.

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Hey guys,

So here's what it is - I am in the middle of upgrading my live video mixing gear to the blackmagic TV studio.

I have an issue - it claims that it requires an "AES/EBU. Unbalanced via BNC connector audio input"
I know the SL24.4.2 has a digital audio out, and that this is likely to be SPDIF.

Is there an inexpensive way for me to convert from SPDIF to AES/EBU, or do I have to buy the behringer SRC2496 to run into from the desk first of all. (I'd prefer to take a stereo matrix from subgroups anyway to be honest - but there ony are 4 subgroups on the 2442 and I use them for other stuff)

Any ideas guys?

Listen to this! » Local Artist : Acoustic Gig in Northern Ireland » Go to message
Hi there,

Thanks very much.

That night I just used a shure SM58 on vocals. Actually I very much like the SM58 and also sometimes the Beta 57, particularly on female vocals.

24.4.2 » High Pass Filter and other observations » Go to message
I agree - an 18db would b a better lpf for sure.
Listen to this! » Local Artist : Acoustic Gig in Northern Ireland » Go to message
Hey Guys,

I'd appreciate the thoughts regarding this acoustic gig that I was called for a few weeks ago, up in a local theatre's "studio" seating about 100 or so.

The artist is fantastic, and I really did very little to the track, just light compression and very little EQ, with a small about of reverb.

I just recorded pre-eq& dynamics signal straight from the SL24.4.2 into Capture in multitrack - then bounced through the SL24.4.2 back into capture recording Post Fat channel to a stereo track.

Let me know what y'all think!

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well... the company that I work with the most own a fleet of various desks:

M480, Digi Profile, M7CL, PM5, 01V96i, iLive 144

All of these desks have moto faders - and other guys on team with me have been doing sound for many years on digital desks with moto's. I have been introducing them to the Presonus.

Generally they keep forgetting about fader locate and having to use it after having gotten used to years of moto fader - its a strange concept to them to have to come back to a desk after iPad adjustment, to start pushing faders - and wondering why stuff is getting messed up when they don't do fader locate.

So as there is normally a three man team on, they decided that rather than having my desk cause arguments... that it is better to leave mine at home and bring the M480 instead when available and not already in use.

They love everything else on the desk, as much as I do - but hate fader locate and lack of CAT 5 too (whiney little girls!! LOL)

StudioLive General Discussion » How to calibrate the PA mains With integranted rta SL? » Go to message
Sidhu is right.

Smaart RTA is not for calibration of speakers - its for ringing out problematic frequencies both in monitors and in fronts.

If you want something to help "Tune" your front's then I suggest something like the DBX Driverack PX/PA. I use one and its flipping awesome. It operates mostly from a predetermined frequency curve (if your speakers are listed) and also acts as a feedback suppressor (not that you'll have any after ringing out

My GEQ/RTA on the Presonus is purely now for ringing out monitors - and having used it once now - it is pure awesomeness!

StudioLive General Discussion » Thank you presonus » Go to message
Awww man.... and I guessed last week that adding this very feature of "Fader Locate" activate would be introduced!! AWESOME!

Trouble is - my desk is now banned from use at the main vendor for whom I operate - unless its a solo gig where purely only I work!

Going to try and convince them, LOL!

StudioLive General Discussion » UC 1.6 with Smaart Measurement Technology™ announced (but not released?) AND NOW RELEASED!!! » Go to message
No mic needed. This release of Smaart for VSL just uses the AUX busses. Whatever goes to the AUX bus goes to Smaart.

Actually I thought that Smaart was running on anything that could have a GEQ running... which includes the mains (2 out of the 8 GEQ's in the desk).

Do you mean to say that because talkback input is limited to being sent through to
  • Aux 1/2

  • Aux 3-6

  • Aux 7-10

  • that in this instance a mic could only be used with the auxes buses??

    I have now completed a gig with this software running and I personally just was pushing each wedge till it started feeding back, then GEQ'd as normal, but just using the live mics that are on stage.
    The Smaart software makes this a lot easier now.

    Think about it - calibration of front of house with an RTA mic is cool yes, and I dedicate my old DBX rta mic on channel 24 to this purpose now - but the real benefit of this software is that you can ring out whatever wedges you are using per mic position on stage.

    Works for me, and hey I sure for one can't complain about receiving such a huuuuuge benefit to the desk for free of charge... it's crazy to complain about something that you really did not pay for!

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