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Studio One General Discussion » 50 percent off? » Go to message
I seen B&H selling it for $149 .... Thats a steal ... I guess this is now thru march 31 st
Studio One General Discussion » Preamps. Your input please... » Go to message
Some cool pres. that are popular over at TapeOp are the Hamptone , tube or jfet. 2 channels , diy or buy it assembled and also the seventhcicleaudio pres , diy or assembled , they have the API , Neve ,and John Hardy clones or circuits . I have the Hamptone Tube it is a really nice sounding and solid built pre , I got it assmebled alot of pre s in these classes go for $1000 a channel. So I feel these two companies are your best bet for a solid pre .
Studio One General Discussion » V3? » Go to message
I want some color and cpu optimazation . And a low upgrade price like they did for Black Friday / Cyber Monday ... Oh and a loop launcher trimmer type thing simular to Live or Mashine ....
Studio One General Discussion » I've been a bad boy (song location.....) » Go to message
Just make sure you back up your projects , before you go moving stuff around . Either back em up to a thumb drive , Cd or DVD or another HDD ...
Studio One General Discussion » DAAADguum you Presonus!!!! » Go to message
yep musicians friend. is doing some pre xmas pre black friday thingy .
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One and OSX Mavericks » Go to message
" Talk to me Goose " Maverick .
Studio One General Discussion » Why do you have multiple DAWs? » Go to message
Its like a change of pace , do you write songs in the same room of your house everyday ? Or do you take a notepad with you when your out and about ? DAWs are the same thing its like going to the beach , pool , movies , but some times its like going to the store , $ money spent $$$$ . My 1st host was Tracktion NFR , ive usd Reaper , Ardour , Live , StudioOne , tried Podium , Logic express , mulab . etc . Here as of late its Tracktion 4 beta 4.4.10 . They all do the same thing really . I also had 3 different bbq grills that I used to use too .
Studio One General Discussion » Will we have verison 3.0 this year ? » Go to message
Why the rush ? Other than CPU optimization and color tweaks , themes to the GUI , what new features are you looking for ?
Studio One General Discussion » HUGE: Presonus acquires Notion Music Software! » Go to message
I haven't any use for it , I hope they'll leave it out of " Producer " . Other than that i think its a good idea if they want to compete with the Big Boys . Its also attractive to students , colleges , schools , etc etc . Maybe they'll do a good job of integrating it into S1 ?
Studio One General Discussion » Skins for Studio One? » Go to message
I dont care about skinning I guess , its more of being able to change the colors to the GUI . Some of us work in low lighted areas and that light blue , grey can be depressing and boring and to bright . I want some creamsicle , white ice and some vanilla ice while im at it , word to ya motha .....
Studio One General Discussion » Skins for Studio One? » Go to message
No to skinning it , Really ? Most VST hosts have themes and skins , how about StudioOne2 as well and make a special "Dark Knight " theme for you .
Studio One General Discussion » Oh no, not this again........2.7 coming? » Go to message
Id like for the mixer order to mirror the arrange view order of tracks that is , it amazes me it doesnt match up right ? Better cpu optimization , themes for the gui , we need some colors ...... Other than that 2.6 is great .....
Studio One General Discussion » dont jump ship » Go to message
People DAW hop everyday . I have licenses for several , its a big waste of money . I rather buy a plugin effect , instrument , or sample set add on than a new host though . Looking at a computer screen can be uninspiring at times there are no perfect hosts . The perfect host is one you make the most music with .
Studio One General Discussion » Where's the OpenAir Reverb plugin » Go to message
Open Air is not in the " Producer " version check out these
Studio One General Discussion » Fav day of the week » Go to message
Sunday , you can rest or work on the yard or house or car or bbq or church or stay in bed . But then there is the anticipation of Monday coming . I hate Monday .
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