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Welcome Danny, from Central VA
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I also use the iPad or the Computer for GEQ modification exclusively. Mostly because that's where I have the spectrograph and/or I'm mobile and the board is sitting on top of the amp rack.
16.4.2AI » GEQ with actual level meters in background? the color visual thing is cool but..I would prefer.. » Go to message
In case you want to, though, there is a second option in the GEQ section that is just RTA. This gives you the standard bar style overlay instead of the spectrograph.
StudioLive General Discussion » Wifi with no Internet/APs available at a gig. How are you doing it? (Android and Win7) » Go to message
Ok, so I am going to preface this with I have an apple laptop and of course an iPad (mini) plus iPhones. I'm going to include my experience and hopefully it'll help. I definitely experience the issue of no internet with my iPad and iPhones.

-I've read you can sometimes get an app that helps with this for Android, but have yet to find it. Are there any agreed upon solutions?

-I've been reading up and had high hopes for Wi-Fi direct, but seems it's not supported on Windows7 (yet?).

-I haven't found any soft AP programs for Win 7 that seem like it will play nice. Know of any?

I can't answer these... sorry :-/

-If I need to get a dedicated AP/Router, that's fine. Which kind(s) are you using? I don't need a long range (We do our own sound). The Asus WL-330N and WL-330NUL look compact and interesting. Would either of these work?

I have a Buffalo N600 high-power dual band wireless router. It's done me well without internet connections. There are some even bigger models that even off range extending antennae if you ever find a need to run from an FOH position instead of on stage

-If a separate router AP, how are you setting it up? As a Router? an AP? What settings?

Mine is set up as a router so it dishes out IP addresses. It currently only has a basic WEP2 password. I have not experimented with the hidden SSID settings yet but may do so in the near future. If you want to hide the SSID, they say you have to unhide it long enough to connect the board (AI series) and then hide it again.

-Basically I'm looking for something that can be independent so I'm not at the mercy of a venue to remote to my laptop to control things.

I always carry my own AP with me. Even in buildings that have full wifi capabilities, they may have a v-lan set up to keep you from seeing any other devices on the network... including your SL. If you need internet for streaming audio etc, maybe see if they have a port you can plug into and then turn off DHCP on the router.

Please don't suggest to just get an AI or Apple product. Thanks in Advance!

I think you should just get an apple... I mean.. wait.. you said not to...

Kidding aside, that's what I do. On the iPhones and iPads, it usually warns me that there is no internet connection and asks if I want to join the network anyway. I have never had an issue with losing connection UNLESS I lock the iphone/ipad screen. So that's where that issue comes in. I've done this with both my own router I carry as well as turning the wireless card in my MBP around and creating an adhoc network.

I hope that has helped
16.4.2AI » Upgrade to AI make sense with older MB Pro? » Go to message
I am fortunate that I have the latest 15" MBP and I was able to purchase a 16.4.2AI outright in addition to still having my 24.4.2 classic...

My 16.4.2AI is making it's debut at a show tonight but in my playing with it and the VSL-AI and UC-AI... It's by and far worth it. I'm looking forward to mixing with it for the first time tonight (from the iPad while the console sits in a monitor position even though there is no monitor engineer).

It may be best/easiest for you to take the upgrade in steps.. (MBP first, not necessarily the massively priced 15" 2.6Ghz Core i7, 16 GB of ram, SSD... but at least the 13" models. Then, hopefully, they offer the trade up again or at least extend this one.

I'm tapped out as far as purchases this year but I would LOVE to be able to trade my 24.4.2 classic up to a 32.4.2AI...
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Which I totally get...

There is a case made by L&M Engineering that has casters on it and I think a few others do as well... so that can help. But even on top of that... I save heavy lifting by the lack of FOH racks that I normally brought along to supplement the analogue console. If you think about it, you've got 41 (or more) parametric EQs, Gates, Limiters, Compressors, Hi Pass Filters... You've got (on the non AI version) 8 Graphic EQs, two FX processors, and 32 channels of Recording interface.

While the Console is heavy, that's a LOT less gear that I am lifting.
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That's correct, the console is quite a beast... with case, my 24.4.2 is a whopping 98 Lbs. But I LOVE the console and it's sturdiness.

The auxes are switchable. two ways. There is a POST button for each aux master which is pre or post fader but always post dynamics (EQ included). There is also an option in the system menu where you can switch from PRE1 to PRE2. More detailed info can be found in the PDF manual on page 48 (marked page 44).

you can download it at:
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Welcome to the fold! I've had my 24.4.2 for 2.5 years now and have loved every minute on every gig with it. It's been super reliable and has wowed many a client and audiophile.

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In Universal control, you need to go to the "setup" tab at the top of the window, and then there should be a place where you can route the FX. I do not own a 16.0.2 but I own a 24.4.2

The default is routing the main outs to all of the software outs. for your instance, I think you can assign 17/18 or 19/20 to FX and then in your DAW you can add those tracks in your I/O setup menu and then into your song.

Sorry It's not more descriptive than that.
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Just a couple of ground based questions:

1. Where is the board and airport extreme in relation to the stage and iOS devices?

2. Are you loading the scenes on the board or in VSL and are the scribble strips showing up in VSL?

3. What year and specs on the MacBook (pro?)?
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Very interesting points.

1. I've not liked that as well but I've just gotten used to it. Also toyed with putting a headphone amp in the case with the SL already hooked up.

2. The program is call "StudioLive Offline Editor" available here: The software is very useful and I can do about 70% of my prep with this. I do still have to hook to the console to get a few of my final tweaks done (but some of that may just be learning/figuring out where things are in the program). It's saved my rear end on a last minute "I need to prep for tomorrow's gig!" "no, you need to watch your daughter while I run to the store for dinner"

3. I agree with SwitchBack.
24.4.2 » Got a 24.4.2! Aux sends question... » Go to message
fredy2 wrote:Just buy XLR to TRS adapters. You will want female XLR to 1/4 inch TRS, Readily available in quanity from Ebay.

You'll actually want Male XLRs. Snake returns are Female, so you'd want a Male XLR on the end of this.

Hosa does make a cheap cable but in a pinch, they've been fine for me... I'd much prefer to have Whirlwind or Canare but short on cash sometimes wins out.
24.4.2 » MAKE CHENNALS PRE &POST IN THE SAME AUX!!!!???? » Go to message
Here is another question... do your musicians primarily use Wedges for monitors or IEM?

You could use the direct out DB25 connectors OR a splitter snake and run two consoles parallel. Then you could have one of them running pre one of them running post and combine the signals at the amp for wedges. Or you could use two auxes, one pre and one post. Most IEMs will do a blend of the two signals into one belt pack and a lot of newer amps will do a stereo y to mono signal.

You would have to work out quite a few logistics before implimenting this and obviously expensive if you do something like a second console.

Just thoughts, not necessarily good ones
24.4.2 » MAKE CHENNALS PRE &POST IN THE SAME AUX!!!!???? » Go to message
in my discation with presonus team they tell me that ?? doesn't make a lot of sense too
and that why they did PRE / POST on the AUX channel becouse most do not use POSTon the channels
in my opinionit it does make a lot of sense to put pre/post selection on a couple of channels
becouse we need all the time put them on playbacks devices(1-3) like :comp/cd/and others on the same aux who need some mics on pre
one option to put post/pre on AUX A/B inputs -it will be very fine to me at least
what do u think

I can definitely see your point on the Aux A/B or the Tape In or things like that... For my purposes as a FOH engineer, It's never been a problem. I also think that if you can get musicians who know how to use Q-Mix to control their own monitors, they can adjust as needed anyway.

I agree it'd be nice. The reason why I state that I'd rather have it on all or nothing is that I have two or three VERY specific ways that I set up my console with channel/instrument configurations. I'd rather not have to adjust/change that just because channels 1-3 are the only ones that I can toggle pre/post on. Does that make sense?
24.4.2 » MAKE CHENNALS PRE &POST IN THE SAME AUX!!!!???? » Go to message
look -really we need 1-3 chenalls with post selections and not all 24-32 chenals
so i dont think that it could make problem of DSP

The problem with this statement is that it doesn't make a lot of sense to only put pre/post selection on a couple of channels. If it's possible with the DSP, then it only makes sense to do it to all of the channels. Otherwise you have to start re-patching channels based on if you want it pre/post not based on instrument group or however else you set up your console
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