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So as I look at all the stuff, I actually think I am finally all in alignment. My iPad and Iphone seem to see the VSL and forwarding to the mixer....

In the end guys, this stuff is killer for us hobby musicians and there is no bigger fan that me....when I get it all working

We are a 9 piece horn band that does this for yucks but we like to think we are ok

go to "audio tracks" then "Live and Alive" to hear 11 tracks recorded live in small clubs with the Studio Live 16:4 and mid range mics.

No overdubs (listen close and you can tell) no pitch tuning or fake stuff like that (though I could use the help).

Remixes with Logic as I cannot afford both that and Presonus Software...

Really, guys, when it all really lead the industry in driving innovation at how we approach this...IE no live soundman other than me the lead male vocalist and owner of gear. And great sound without a huge rack.

Requests for the next version:

Would like to see meter selections on iPAd (switch to GR mode or OutPut Mode on iPad)

Labels for EQ's (once labels change on Aux's confusing to some to have to then match up EQ's

Next step is EQ in iPhone app so my drummer and female vocalist can tune their own in-ears

My Other the male vocalist and sound geek.. - ..EV FOH speakers, Mackie and QSC (wish they tilted better) for Monitors
Shure PSM600 and SLC4 (tried 5 series, preferred the 4) and I prefer analog in-ears
Shure ULX Wireless Mic with SM97C head

Let's all make live music that makes them forget the DJ's


PS - As a web strategist in the daytime, kind of kills me that the Rich Text Editor for this support forum seems to think common sound terms like Mackie and QSC are misspelled. I guess I get it on competitors, but not when it thinks Presonus is misspelled on their own forum. Not sure what it uses, but the <$100 version of FCK or MCE would allow you to tune these words.....just sayin....from a brand perspective....just sayin...

16.4.2 » So frustrating with the firmware and VSL versions and updates » Go to message
So I had so much trouble with trying to move from MAC to windows 7, I bought a used MacBook pro JUST to run the board.

I have downloaded the latest 1.5.3 Universal Control and installed it and it says the Mixer firmware is up to date, but when I look at the system settings on the board, I see 1.50A

What the heck....two weeks i have been battling this....
16.4.2 » New Universal Control 1.5.3 does not install right on Win 7 64 bit » Go to message
Have tried numerous methods, install, uninstall methods....two different PC based laptops...nada....nothing but a lot of wasted time.

Yet, I can hook it up to my wifes mac in about 5 minutes clean as a whistle. Undated the firmware nicely etc...

PC...nothing. Can't get it to work with 1.5.2 which I can get to start without the mixer, but as soon as I hook up the mixer and the rest of the drivers install, I get nothing. the EXE will no longer execute. It tries and fails. If you go ahead and do the install to upgrade to 1.5.3, then nothing runs, regardless of if the mixer is hooked up or turned on.

This is crazy guys...don't you QA this stuff?????
16.4.2 » New Universal Control 1.5.3 does not install right on Win 7 64 bit » Go to message
First off, thanks for all the great feedback.

One thing I noticed in the proposed solution is that it assumes I had an earlier version on my machine. Maybe part of my problem is that it is going on a brand new laptap and I was trying to install 1.5.3 as the only version.

It is late and I am tired so I will try it tomorrow.

To the guys who said he does not know where that older version is, it is still in the downloads area.

16.4.2 » New Universal Control 1.5.3 does not install right on Win 7 64 bit » Go to message
Kind of sucks that I sold my Mac, got a tablet PC so I could swivel the screen towards me more when gigging and now I cannot load the damn software. Unless this is resolved, I basically cannot use it this weekend.....and that will really suck...
16.4.2 » New Universal Control 1.5.3 does not install right on Win 7 64 bit » Go to message
Says DLL's missing.....left message but no call back. I just moved to PC and tried to install this as part of I the only one with this issue? Brand New Laptop Win 7 premium
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Thanks everyone....yes when I did P2P last night it did keep a router seems to be the case.....not logical, but logic is sometimes not reality.

Hey tysonviolin or do not have to be a dick about are the kind of smart assed clown that I would like to meet in person if you know what I mean. Or maybe I should bow down and shine your shoes because you passed along some advice. Notice how EVERYONE else in the forum was able to do that without being condescending or demeaning...makes you wonder eh....

To everyone else...thanks again for the tips....

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I guess I can see the logic that putting a wifi router in at more mid point in a room would give you more range because it then kind of acts like a repeater....but I guess I am not in that big of rooms. And I wonder how practical that would be as the people enter the room. I personally am only trying to get 50 feet or so in front of the mixer to do some mix changes out front and then make monitor mix changes because we have the mixer on stage with us. If FOH was 200 feet away and I was using it back on stage for monitor adjustments, then maybe a router or repeater might be worth it.

AdHoc / Peer-to-peer are the same thing. Just terminolgy across different manufacturers and Mac vs Microsoft.

Range ultimately will be based upon the quality of the indiviudal items. You computer could have G - G+ - N - N+ and all the rest of the manufacturers unique little names addtional names to the true approved tiers of wireless networking... (got to keep that marketing spin alive) and that will ultimately determine the range between the Ipad and the Computer.

It will be interesting to see what the stability is, but in my simple head, the less devices involved the better. But maybe I will be wrong...

Anyone else have any expereince in the two methods.

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Great stuff guys...I really like the chill pill must lead a very zen like life up there in your ivory tower...

That being said, I do appreciate all the comments.... (and yes I searched quite hard on the forum using the key term iPad which basically returned 75 radom threads, how silly of me to have not read thru all of them. What with me having a job and all that)

There were some actual constructive comments and do appreciate them. I would offer to Presonus that a 'Top Issues" area might be helpful for building out the brand. I know these things are time consuming and hard to get the discipline to maintain, but the brand value is really high. This coming from a guy who consults for global CE brands on user experience and brand optimization.

I also offer back to the community the following. The most stable connection is peer-to-peer. There used to be a video on this site that talked about how to do that pre-ipad app. And I was going to include a link, but after searching the site for 15 minutes I can no longer find it. This is the most secure and requires no WIFI router or device at all. Just create a peer network on you computer with security password. Then join that network with your ipad. All the other network noise goes away. Do you lose some capabilities for things like email and surfing.....yes, but come on...if you are doing a show I would not want that stuff running on the same network as my mix management system any way. I for one have an ipad that is for nothing but this. No email accounts, no other apps...nada...

For those with positive comments and suggestions, I thank you...for the people who only took this as an opportunity to nit pick at the request...get a life....or a job or something.

StudioLive General Discussion » IPAD App » Go to message
Apparently I have to do this here because even after registering on the support site, I still do not see how I submit a simple support request. I just got my 16.4.2. got everything all downloaded and installed. Finally got the ipad to connect...but if I scroll right and try to do something on channel 14 for example, as soon as a touch the channel, it automatically scrolls back all the way to the left so I no longer see the channel...WTF guys...this is biggest reason I purchased this.....REALLY hard sometimes to get it to connect and when I do, I cannot even scroll around correctly. Funny that the demo profile works peachy....but not the one that connects to the real device.

Am I the only guy who is seeing this....
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