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Studio One General Discussion » Fabfilter saturn its ace » Go to message
I know I'm only scratching the surface of what Saturn can do, but it already is not only my go to distortion/warmer/tape/saturation plugin, it also is my go to bass amp. And it has multiband!, and envelopes! and lfos!
Studio One General Discussion » Microphone suggestions in the $200 range » Go to message
I d go for 57/58 aswell:

They are still very useful, no matter how many expensive mics you get along the way.
They are extremely durable.
They hold their value (if you buy used - you can resell them for the same price - be careful of copies as above poster noted though).
Studio One Feature Requests » Musical Typing » Go to message
Yup, it is there.
I would not mind it being a bit easily accessible though, like a keyboard shortcut or smthing.
Studio One Feature Requests » SampleOne: Better Looping & Editor Display » Go to message

for samplers getting some love in general.
Studio One General Discussion » Good efx plugins to compliment studio one » Go to message
Valhalla room definately ended my search for reverbs.

And I m really digging Fabfilter stuff ( I wish I could afford more of them
Studio One General Discussion » Good Subtractive synth » Go to message
After reading some other threads here, I got me Camel Audio's Alchemy.
It rocks as subtractive imho, but by no means stops there. Absolute beast!
And price is nice too.
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One (are We yet?) » Go to message
i would not be all that suprised if the troll was one of the devs too. April fools approaching!
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One v2 - BAD iDEAS. » Go to message
Uuh, this is going to be good

-gets some chips and beer and watches the thread-
Studio One Feature Requests » Layers icon (button) » Go to message
Yeah, some sort of indication that track has multiple layers is badly needed.
Studio One General Discussion » Export raw audio possible? » Go to message
absolutely awesome, thanks man
Studio One Feature Requests » ctrl-Z » Go to message
for both, I keep pulling my hair when undo doenst work, or when i notice a problem with the mixdown and cant
go back insta and fix it with undo.

Studio One Feature Requests » Full Screen View » Go to message
A tiny bump. It cant be that hard? Can it?
Studio One General Discussion » Sweetest Software Reverb? » Go to message
Whatever you decide, try Valhalla Room first.
Studio One General Discussion » Special Deals and Freebies » Go to message
One more thumbs up for scitscat. Thanks guys.
Studio One Feature Requests » Full Screen View » Go to message

I keep hitting f11 in S1 and getting confused why it doesnt go fullscreen.
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