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Welcome jealousblues. Sorry, but you can't do that on the SL16 and 24. Not sure why they didn't add it to the first two boards, but my guess is they just had enough to worry about when designing them, but by the time the 16.0.2 came around, they were at a place where they felt comfortable adding it. Plus, they were reaching a different market where MIDI may be more prevalent.

At any rate, if you are running a DAW for your tracks anyway, you could setup an aux on your StudioLive to run through a plugin on your computer which you could then automate.
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federalhog wrote:Anybody else using the Jangus WI wireless system for an IEM solution. I have a set, my bass player has a set and we rehearsed and had nothing but problems with them disconnecting.

I picked up a set, but I haven't messed with them too much. I think the main issue you'll have with them, provided you cane keep them connected, is latency. Most people that have tried them for IEMs have reported the delay is just too much too ignore.

I would try just one set and see if you can get it stable. Make sure to rule out any other radio frequencies that may be floating around.

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HI Gerry. Don't have much to say about the Faderport. I would contact tech support on that one.
Regarding Studio One, if you register your 16.4.2s at then contact support and explain the situation, I wouldn't be surprised if they give you a code for Studio One Artist.
Good luck,
StudioLive General Discussion » Does anyone have a Musician's Friend SKU for the Gator PRE242-DH? » Go to message
Thanks for the input, Andrew. I might have to look at them. Comes to about $460 for me, but still decent.
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bdunn829 wrote:As a fall back, you can use a dual 1/4 TS to 1/8" TRS and come out of the main outs into the mic in on your MacBook. It does kill a little bit of quality but it is usable.

Definitely a viable option, and you're not really going to notice a difference once it gets compressed to go across the inter webs.
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Yeah, I'm thinking the hardware insert makes the most sense. Well, plugging straight into the POD makes the most sense, probably, but I would like to be wireless to make it a little easier to run out and check our sound. Not to mention, rock star poses are much easier when you don't have to worry about getting tangled in the cord. lol

Plenty of gain options on the POD, so I shouldn't have an issue there.

Thanks again for the input. I have issues making things more complicated than they need to be, just to see if I can do it! lol

StudioLive General Discussion » connecting studiolive 24.4.2 to a pc without firewire input » Go to message
If you have a PCMCIA or express card slot on your computer, you can get a firewire card to put in the slot. You would want to find one with a Texas Instruments chipset.
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Thanks, mwright, I will have to consider that as well. I could get a two way snake and still only have one cord running to the mixer. I could even throw it on the insert so I wouldn't lose an aux. Actually, regarding the cable, couldn't I just get a stereo cable with the proper "Y" at the POD?
StudioLive General Discussion » Does anyone have a Musician's Friend SKU for the Gator PRE242-DH? » Go to message
Trying to order (backorder, actually) the Gator doghouse road case for the SL24, but they seem to be playing games at guitar center, MF, Music 123, etc. The titles for all the cases are generic, and there are no pictures.
So, if anyone can lookup their past order and give me the SKU for the PRE242-DH, I would greatly appreciate it. I called guitar center and, before I go into a rant, let me just say, it wasn't productive.
Thanks in advance.
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Just wanted to add something that I think will help. I just remembered about creating "aggregate" audio interfaces in the Audio/Midi app in OSX. That should make the inputs/outputs available in S1. Just need to figure out the patching.

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Hello all. I'm using S1-2 artist and have concocted an idea that may be more trouble than it's worth, but I'd like to know if it's possible.
Essentially, I want to use my POD HD500 as a plugin over its USB connection, however, I would be running my SL24 at the same time, and I fear that will be an issue, and I can see you can run two audio interfaces at the same time.

This would be in a live situation. My main objective is I want to run my guitar wirelessly to my rack mounted receiver, then into my SL, into the Macbook via FW, then through an insert loop of some sort in Studio One that would send it to my POD and back over USB. Kind of "Rube Goldberg," I know.

I realize the simpler solution would be to just run Ampire and control it with my POD, as it's a very capable MIDI controller as well, but I would certainly prefer the POD do the processing. I also thought about controlling Ampire wirelessly with my iPad, which might be pretty slick too.

Any thoughts?
Thanks, in advance.
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gadget69 wrote:
Here is a link:
There is a 125 liter (15") and 200 liter (18") version, with little or no difference in performance using the FANE colossus drivers...
Our own JerryD built 4 on my recommendation and he was more than pleased with their performance. In all I have assisted a dozen or so folks the world over and never had anyone that didn't think they were the BOMB!

Very interesting; thanks for the link. Do you know how much each version weighs?

To the OP, and I'm sure I'll get admonished for this, but have you tried or looked into the EV ELX118p? Reviews seem mixed, but it could be worth checking out. You could get two for the price of one 181. Yes, you get what you pay for, etc, and I hate to say it, having a K12/Ksub rig, but a lot of what you're paying for with the "Ks" is the "K".

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A little late to the party, but maybe I can add something. Are you mobile? If not, could you save some money by going with iMacs or mac minis? Beyond that, the requirements for running Capture and UC are not so great that you'd need a monster of a computer to run it. Maybe you could scale that back a bit and have a little more leeway in the budget for a second computer. However, if you're planning on running a bunch of plugins in S1, then yeah, the bigger the better.
Studio One Forum Community Support » S1 crashed, lost presets, etc. » Go to message
I just installed S1-2 on an older computer, and it choked when I tried to load an instrument. I forced a restart and it looks like all the presets are gone. Any easy way to replace those without downloading everything? I did the internet install and don't already them sitting on the computer.

Thanks a lot.
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If 50ft is enough, check this one out.
I've been very happy with it. It has combo inputs, so you can skip the DI boxes, for line level sources, at least. It has TRS returns, and you can always use adapters for XLR as well.

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