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salvadoredelle is right on, you are looking to Eq your monitor system not your DAW. I'm not sure what the IK thing is all about, but if the ARC is intended for room tuning, and you are inserting it on the master bus for your mix - you are really shooting yourself in the foot. Like salvadorelle says, you don't want the room Eq to have an affect on the mix - you want what comes out of the DAW to be reproduced on your monitor system, which hopefully you've selected because you trust the monitors that you are using to accurately represent your mix.

Room treatment is really what you are after, and should be put in higher consideration than Eq, especially in a studio environment where you have total control over speaker placement, and what goes into the room. The goal is a very clean impulse response yielding that oh-so-sought-after magical sounding stereo image. A reputable pair of reference monitors are generally factory tuned to perform as intended in a treated studio environment. Think of the NS10 - by all accounts it is reasonable to say the NS10 is a terrible sounding speaker. However, there are hundreds(thousands?) of professionals that absolutely swear by them - I rarely see an Eq on a pair of NS10's in the studios I see/hear them - this is because the studio was treated and the NS10's sound exactly as they are intended to. This is achieved by maximizing the direct to reverberant ratio of the sound coming out of the monitor system to the late arriving energy that is being thrown back at you by the room. Once you've got your room under control, the next step is to make the monitors exactly the same SPL at the listening position. Once you've got these things under control, you may or may not need to attenuate for some room loading with an Eq.

Another school of thought is having a totally flat studio environment (FantomFocus anyone) form 20Hz-20kHz where a colorful speaker like the NS10 would be a terrible choice - they just impart a certain character that would be counter productive to having a transparent sounding room. Both approaches are fine and are capable of fantastic mixes - however in either case room treatment is crucial. (beating the horse I know).

Relying on Eq for your studio monitors to sound accurate before considering treatment options (I'm not assuming you haven't, just sayin') is really putting the 'cart before the horse' as far as achieving the results that you have in mind. Contractors need hammers and saws, but don't reach for a saw when they need a hammer.

As far as Smaart in the DAW - Perhaps PreSonus may find it valuable at some point, however from what I understand they already have an RTA of some sort in the plugin sweet, or perhaps as a function of one of their plugins. I know this misses the transfer function, which is what you are after. The wizards were designed specifically for the SL line of digi consoles, and would take considerable re-programming as well as other financial/legal considerations that would require meetings, and probably jambalaya...and definitely a beer or two.
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Phew! No problem. I'm so glad I could help!
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FYI the cable you are referring to is Speakon (one word) and the cable is not what you make bridge mono, it's the amp. The video you linked is specific to the output section of the SVT4-Pro, which is a musical instrument amplifier, not a pro audio amplifier, and requires slightly different connections.

AFAIK, the xti4k uses neutrik connectors only for stereo mode, and you are required to use banana or bare end for Bridged Mono operation. If the subs accept the Neutrik Speakon style connector, then simple plug one end of the Speakon to the sub, and cut the other end off and connect one lead to Positive output 1, and the other to positive output 2.

Then daisy chain the second sub off of the thru output of the sub which is connected to the amp.

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Running an amp bridge mono means that you are sending one signal (input A) to both 'sides' of the amplifier. Then you take the leads from a speaker cable and run one to the positive output of one side of the amp, and the other to the positive output of the 2nd side of the amp - thus "bridging" the amplifier. If there is not a dedicated Speakon output for bridge mode you will need a banana style or just bare wire connected to the two RED POSITIVE outputs of the amp. This is a simple cable to make by just cutting off the end of your Speakon cable and twisting the bare wire into the proper terminals.

A used MacroTech 2400 (2070W @ 4Ohm BM) may be just what the doctor ordered, like gadget is saying - as long as you aren't sustaining high output rock and roll or EDM type playback then the XTi4k should be just fine for you guys.
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To me it sounds like you would benefit from a more involved FFT application. The Smaart wizards don't show any information regarding the time domain, and the resolution given is better suited for quick and easy corrections, not fine tuning or aligning. So, just keep in mind - the wizards are a tool like a hammer or wrench - but if you need a wrench don't reach for a hammer first. This is analogous as the wizards are more blunt, whereas you seem to be looking for something more detailed.

Good Luck and Cheers!

- C
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I wouldn't run the subs off the control room output. If the subs have a crossover built in, just run main left to one, and right to the other. Take the x/o output from the active subs and use that for the input on the power amp, connect mains to power amp and adjust levels to match - with the SRA wizard, this should be no problem at all. Also, this way you have the subs and mains as one system.
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No inconvenience here - quite the opposite. Mono nailed the answer, so I felt no reason to add to his. I would think it would take you longer to create a post and wait for replies, rather then grabbing the answers and being done with it, at least that's been my experience with forums.

Here are a few forums with info about saving traces:

Those are just a few, there are plenty more.

Here are some posts about SMAART tools with the ipad:

A little knowledge never hurt anybody. It took me less then 3 mins to look through all of these threads, and compile this reply to you. Hardly a days work I'd say. I am trying to help you be a more efficient user of these forums. I'm sorry if my suggestion bothered you, please forgive me for being short.


- C

24.4.2 » smaart settings 2 questions » Go to message
right on Mono!

to the OP, next time you may want to do a quick 'topic search' before you create a new thread

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The Smaart wizards and RTA/Spect functions are only available in VSL for the SL consoles. The FiresStudio Project does not support the Smaart implementations.


- C
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In 99% of the cases the room is the room and you'll have to deal with it. You're already lucky when you're allowed to move your speakers around. On the other end of the spectrum there are music halls, purpose built with all the acoustics knowledge they could muster, and they still got it wrong. Just to illustrate how complicated room acoustics really are.

The Smaart tools will help you deal with a given situation, making the best of what you are facing. And getting a better result might well be by opening a door or closing a curtain instead of tweaking the PEQs. Just try and watch the curves.

+ 1 !

Most times we don't have control over the room, it's configuration, or sound treatment. What we can do is better marry the sound system you are using to the room you are using it in; by reducing (attenuating) the energy in the system that has a tendency to build up over time (reverberation).

Have phun! Cheers,

- C

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You got to get into the manual bro..... And watch all the videos.... There is so much to learn but it is all worth it. Have fun!

+ 1
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Excellent decision with the JoeCo, that is a fantastic piece of gear! I used one as a backup for the Louis C.K. gig at the Beacon Theater a couple years back. Used a 24.4 and capture to record 2 vocal mics, one as a backup, and 22 tracks of surround sound spot mics for his DVD. Very Slick!
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At a resent session with my 16.4.2, everything would start off fine, but gradually start to distort. When I restarted my machine it would all be back to normal. I changed the 'Safe Mode' to "Safe Mode 2" and everything seems to be working fine now, and the tracks that I thought where distorted played back with no issue. I'm not sure if this will help you, but at least it's something to consider in the future :/ sorry to hear about your session!


- C
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Thanks Jon!
StudioLive General Discussion » Save EQ after SMAART Room Analysis? » Go to message

which set of PEQs would you use for the room correction? The pre-monitor FAT channel ones or the post-everything from the menu ones?

At this point in the signal chain we are talking about a bus, the eq's in question are in series, so using one or the other doesn't have a positive or negative effect on what you are trying to achieve; it's an 'all roads lead to Rome' situation.

I think I understand why RA rather not have the GEQs associated with the room correction wizard. The temptation to treat each of the 31 controls individually will be too great for those with insight in many things but not GEQs. And RA has a reputation to uphold too. Wouldn't it be a pity to see a great tool used to achieve a poor result?

Some folks choose to read the documentation or otherwise take the time to learn about the tools they are using, others don't. Regardless, as I said previously in this thread -
You can use whatever Eq you wish to for your show, no one will scold you and if it works it works. However, what we are trying to do is encourage a work flow

But room tuning requires expertise and should be buried somewhere in a menu, right where the GEQs are too.

From the way that the GEq's are implemented, it would seem to me that ipad or computer based control was planned from the beginning as the go-to control surface for quickly navigating and changing the parameters of these new, software based features. With the VSL control application being so robust, it really is a shame that you are not taking advantage of its remote capabilities. Forgive my rambling - but I think I'm missing something entirely. If you have a computer connected to run the Smaart Wizards, can you not have the same computer open on the GEQ screen during the show and make your adjustments quickly on the computer rather then the control surface?

With the Smaart Platform, we provide a tool for audio professionals and amateurs alike to help make their work more consistent, and higher quality through informed decisions and educational support. Our users cross the entire spectrum (hehe) of the audio industry, not everyone works at the same level, and we recognize this community as a burgeoning one. I've been trying to offer you support, advice, and insight into how you might take advantage of this free tool. It seems to me however, that I cannot satisfy your issue which specifically regards the programming of the 16.4.2. as I'm not a programmer, or an employee of PreSonus. Perhaps you can submit a feature request as a different thread. FWIW I have never had any issues achieving satisfactory results with the way the console is currently programmed, and it has never struck me as awkward. I'm sorry that you are not having a similar user experience.



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