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I never did get that one figured out. I'm not sure if it was corrected in later firmware releases and I don't have my mixer in front of me to try.
When I get it in front of me, I'll give it a shot and report back.
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Pretty clever!
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nickmorgan19457 wrote:Did you mean Aurisonics? I couldn't find anything about Aurasonics besides a mobile recording truck.

Sorry. Typo. Should've been Aurisonics. Here's the link:
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I don't want to hijack this thread but I feel compelled to throw a little tidbit into the mix on IEM's. I've spent a ton of money trying different IEM's until I finally ponied up and had the custom molds done and ordered a set of UE 11's from Ultimate Ears. It's been a couple years now and I can't remember exactly what they cost me but it seems like it was around $1,100 bucks. They sound great and I've got no complaints.

A couple months ago, a very good friend of mine, who also went through a boatload of buds, ended up with a pair that he just raved about. So I decided to read up on them. They're the Aurisonic AS-2's. These are available in many different options (including custom molds) but the basic entry level setup are a universal fit and they retail for about $799. The interesting thing is that the universal type fits inside your ear like a custom mold would so they don't slip out.

Anyway, I shopped them on the web and didn't find too many places selling them. I eventually stumbled upon Very nice folks, non-commission sales people who are very knowledgable. It's worth calling them if your interested because of the drastic discounts they offer. Couldn't find a better price anywhere.

But more importantly, I ordered a set of these for the lead singer in our band based on a review I read about a musician using Ultimate Ears customs, who was given a pair of AS-2's to try and according to the story, the guy was so impressed he didn't want to give them back. When the order arrived, rather than give them to our singer right away, I had to try them out. Man was I impressed. Now granted, IEM's are very personal....different strokes for different folks. But I have to admit, I think they sound better than my UE-11's and at almost a 1/3 the cost. It was with some reluctance that I handed them over to our lead singer.

So at the end of the day..... if I had it to do over again, I buy the Aurasonic AS-2's in a heartbeat. There's nothing better than a great stereo in-ears monitor mix to improve your performance and really let you hear the details of the rest of the band. It's a tough road to make the switch. It didn't happen overnight. But now that we're there, we'll never go back to wedges. Just my two pennies worth. Your mileage may vary.
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Yea, Steve's right. That feature can sometimes be a little tough to find in VSL. As I recall, you have to scroll to the right side of the screen in VSL before you can see that option. The scroll bar is rather small and positioned about a 1/3 of the way down the screen so you'll have to look close to see it.
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As others mentioned, it may very well be the gate. Suggest checking that first by merely turning it off.
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This is super helpful. Now I'm off to see how I can match it up with a US vendor. Go Canada!
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I'm curious what you're using for a light truss. It looks pretty big. Really nice job. Looks fantastic.
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The HP60 is a very nice piece of equipment with all sorts of options. We run an HP60 with our 5-piece band. We are all on in-ears. Our lead singer is wireless but the rest of us are all wired using a Jump Audio setup. Here's the link:

The Jump Audio rig is very simple and clean. I get better audio quality from the wired setup than I did with a wireless unit. I'm too old to be jumping around on stage anyway, so the wired arrangement suits me just fine.
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Anxious to hear your feedback on those after you get them up and running. Please keep us posted.
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Lovely. +++++
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Here's a rough video of our drum rig that a few folks asked about.
Yea, I know, George Lucas' job is secure with guys like me making videos.
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I've got an assortment of QSC speakers (K10's, K12's, K Subs, and Kw181's) and like them a lot. They're light, powerful, and versatile. I've used them for FOH, monitor wedges, and FRFR speaker for the Axe FX guitar processor.

FWIW, I like the K12's when running them stand-alone. But I prefer the K10's when paired with a sub.
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Monolithent wrote:Sweet setup brother!!

I live for the day when the only stage noise is the vocalist.

It's pretty weird at first. I've popped my in-ears out on occasion just to sample the room sound while we're playing. As you might expect, it's pretty quiet on stage. The most prominent noise coming from the stage is the ticking of the drum sticks hitting the Smartrigger cymbals.

The hardest part has been getting to trust that the audio at FOH is right. Our singer is wireless so we'll send him out front from time to time just to check. Every time, without exception, he always reports that it sounds great. Running wedges doesn't offer any advantages for us. They just mask the FOH sound and muddy things up. I guess if you're playing a big venue where the house mix is always a lot louder than the wedges then it wouldn't matter. But we're playing beer bars, wedding receptions, and barn parties.

All in all, it's darn clean out front. And that's what's most important to us.
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twostone wrote:Pretty cool but how do you monitor what's actually coming out of your FOH speakers if everybody got IEMs on ?
Also does your e-drummer have his own computer he's using for the e-kit and Superior Drummer ?

Just like any other band mixing from the stage, we can't monitor the FOH speakers whether we're on wedges or in-ears. So we do a sound check using the iPad and StudioLive Remote. Since we've already got the mix dialed in from rehearsals, we just set the overall level. Sometimes, if we have time, we'll run a SMAART room analysis and tweak the EQ as needed. After that, it's just crank it up and play!

As for the drummer, he doesn't have his own computer. Everything is run by the Macbook Pro connected to the StudioLive. I'll do another video when I get a chance that shows the whole rig. We get a lot of folks checking out our rig when we play. They're often puzzled because they can't see any amps and they can't figure out why the drums sound so good.
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