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Studio One General Discussion » Changing all of the Automation on a track without editing each individual change. » Go to message
It's something I miss from using Logic. He wants to be able to select all the automation points, then just click and drag up to raise the overall volume. I haven't found a way to do this as of yet in S1.

A quick option would be to route the channel to a bus and then just adjust your volume there?
Studio One Forum Community Support » Studio One won't open.... grr!!!! » Go to message
Hmmm none I'm afraid. Unless anyone else has a few ideas, wait a couple of days, if not you'll prob have to format.

To format you'll need to make sure your boot device in the bios is set to your cd/dvd-rom. When you insert your XP install disc it'll take you through the format process. Obviously make sure you back up all your audio, song files, vst and plugin presets and any other stuff you don't want to lose, net passwords, registration keys, email etc.

But in any case treat the format as your absolute last option, cause it's a pain in the ass to do.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Good luck.
Studio One General Discussion » Shutting down services in Studio One » Go to message
Cool, will give it a try.
Studio One Forum Community Support » Studio One won't open.... grr!!!! » Go to message
Can you restore to a earlier date? Try that. If not, you might have a virus? You may have to format.

I've had so many problems over the years that I had formatting and re-installing everything down to a fine art. I could install XP, audio card, drivers, DAW, VST's and then copy audio files back over in about 2 hrs.
Studio One General Discussion » Opinion: Which USB controller has been working perfectly in S1 » Go to message
Hey guys,

Need to buy a 2-3 Octave USB Midi keyboard, can everyone chime in on which one your using that's been problem free with S1 Pro.

Studio One General Discussion » I'M DONE WITH STUDIO ONE!... » Go to message
I agree with bm3w.

From using other DAW's over the years, I have learnt and put into practice the concept of regular saves. Every time I have an idea or write a new section on a track, it gets a 'save as'. So in the end I will end up with 10-15-20+ versions like v1.2,1.3,1.4 etc Then my audio drive is backed up onto a external drive about once a week, in case my laptop goes down.

I sympathize with highmarcs, but I think all musicians should adopt this approach, no matter what DAW they're using.

Studio One General Discussion » File Management » Go to message
S1 is setup so it organizes it for you. For eg.

My Documents/Studio One/Songs/Your Song Name

When you create a mixdown, S1 will automatically create a 'Mixdown' folder within 'Your Song Name' folder. Same goes for exporting stems etc.

Hope that helps.
Studio One Forum Community Support » Loops, I cannot get the loops to install » Go to message
Have you logged into your Presonus account on the website, downloaded the loop files and then just dragged them into your Studio One/Sound Sets folder?
Studio One General Discussion » In support of Studio One » Go to message
I'm still loving S1 and I agree it's time for a re-injection of positive support.

Getting a little tired of 'Why doesn't it have this or that, such and such DAW does'... It's v1 people, and it wipes the floor with many other DAW's when THEY were at v1.

The way I write tunes in S1 is completely different to how I wrote in Logic or Ableton, isn't that the point of changing to a new DAW?

All hail S1
Studio One General Discussion » Upgrade from Artist to Pro » Go to message
When you log into your Presonus account on the website, is S1 Pro listed under 'My Software'?

All you should need to do is select the install file from the Pro list for your OS and download it. Then install and it will install over the top of Artist, or rather I believe it adds all the additional features to your original install. And then you should be good to go.

Hope that helps.
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One (Artist) Question » Go to message
No you shouldn't need to update to Pro for what your wanting to do.

So if you re-export the recording out of S1 with no plugins on the master, it's as quiet as when you listen directly from Capture?

If so, not sure why it should be doing that. I'm not using your rig so someone else will need to chime in to offer some other ideas.
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One (Artist) Question » Go to message
So do you mean when you import your recording into S1 and then apply a volume plugin on the master channel it peaks?

You could always just export your recording back out of S1 if your happy with the level. I did find that recordings I had made in Ableton, when imported into S1 were louder in general.
Studio One General Discussion » Multiple activations for studio one » Go to message
@ Motoko - Great, thanks for clarifying.
@ AudioCave - Phew, you worried me for a sec
Studio One General Discussion » Multiple activations for studio one » Go to message
I was able to install S1 Pro onto my mates machine using the S1 Artist discs that I purchased. It logged my friends computer name and automatically updated it to Pro.

So now in my account it shows both my computer and hers, implying to me that I used 2 of my 5 licenses.

Can anyone else verify that they've been successful in this too? This was my understanding on how Presonus have set up the 5 licenses.
Studio One General Discussion » MIDI Beat / Tempo Mapping in S1? » Go to message
Not sure. My way is probably the long way, but I'll record in a midi performance, then go in and move all the notes so they all snap onto 16th's or 64th's etc. Then I'll change the groove setting or use the 'humanize' setting until it sounds natural again.
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