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After doing a few festivals using VSL my Ipad and my SL24 I have found one thing that would be really nice to have, an off line editor for VSL. On more than a few occasions I have had two techs working the shows and one could have been programing the next bands preset while the band before them is up. Has anyone heard if this option is in the works?
24.4.2 » Confirmation option for the recall button on SL 24 » Go to message
I have something to say about this. LOL

I was do a small show with a cover band a few weeks ago, and I did do this with the opener.

I was showing one of the band members the desk and did not mean to recall the starting template but I did. I was going for the locate button and hit recall, oops. I did remember most if the setting that I had off the top of my head but it sucked. I am thinking about making my own cover for it so that does not happen again.
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For me it was the price to feature ratio.

for the price of the comps, and gates alone I bought a whole console. I love the on board interface and VSL is good as well. The real kicker is how good the iPad app is. The iPad app may crash and drop wifi once in a while, but it is the best remote app for a console I have seen yet.

I bought mine for a few smaller bands that I work with that do privet shows for the most part. but then I really got into it and I used it for a three week fair here that I would normally use a 40 channel Soundcraft venue 2(It's older then me and sounds great) and the SL performed Great. Right after the three week fair I did an Oktober fest with her and it was fine there too.

the only things I would like different are; the gains! Recall on the gains would be the only real thing this desk needs. flying faders, as nice as they would be, are not as necessary as allot of people say.

As for the software side;

I would like to see an offline editor, a prevue, and RECALL SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have a MC up on a mic and you are doing set changes with him speaking this is needed.

What else would I buy? you might ask.

I hate the LS9 so that's out, O1V92 is trash in my mind, M7CL's are good but pricy, and I don't really like the way they sound. I like the interface but think they are harsh on the ears.

the other desk I have spend allot of time on is the SC48, and I loved the thing. For the price though, it's not in the same world as the Studiolive you can buy two studio lives and still be less then a M7CL 32.

I am willing to say that this is the best value for money out there today. is it perfect? No but you're going to spent allot more to find something that looks like it is, and then you'll find out it's not and be pissed.
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I am having a similar issue.

When I recall a scene only from VSL the auxes and GEQ do not recall the way I saved them

Aux 1/2 does come up with Geq 1/2. But 3/4 also gets GEQ 1/2 and 5/6 will end up with Geq 3/4. and the mains do keep their GEQs with 7/8.

Does anyone know if this has a fix in the works?

It is really a pain when doing fast festivals when your mind is not on the GEQ or Where they are assigned.
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scottmckenna wrote:Even more importantly, I'm really frustrated to see that only the main GEQ shows up on my iPad as well. No aux's. On the offline demo mixer all the geqs show up but when I connect it my 16.42 that is all updated with most recent firmware, I only see the main.

This is very frustrating. Are we going to be getting an update soon? Please.

The 1642 only has 31 band EQs on the mains. Unless you are running the Bata software.
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I have had a problem with the aux master digi-pots from the time I got my SL1642 and I don't know if I have it on my 24 yet also.

The problem with no sound from the aux is that the master does not pass audio without exercising the knob fully around the range(best to mute all the channels first) after I recall anything.

But I don't know if my 2442 does the same thing or not I have only done one show with it and there was no recalling for it.

24.4.2 » Is there a way to route the Tape In? » Go to message
I don't think I have ever used the tape ins. I've always used the aux ins for the comp.
24.4.2 » How to get GEQ in a pre-fader AUX SOLO mix » Go to message
i did not know this. I'm looking forward to the response.
24.4.2 » Need a 24.4.2 rental with iPad in LA » Go to message
Too bad you're so far away. I'm up in Seattle and I got everything you need. Hope you find one down there.
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