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24.4.2 » Feature Request: Lowcut with higher slew rate on 24.4.2 » Go to message
Thank you!
I will send it up to google translate
slew rate or crossover slope - both to low on SL
24.4.2 » Feature Request: Lowcut with higher slew rate on 24.4.2 » Go to message
please, please, please: bring a lowcut with a higher slew rate.
6dB is not enough. 18, or better 24 dB. Or bring a selectable Slew Rate in the Menu
Most of the time i use the parametric EQ instead of the LC to cut things out - but thats not the general Idea....
24.4.2 » SMAART - Feature Request » Go to message
Hi Folks!

Updated my SL24 today and messing around with "Smaart". Nice Tool!
One thing: Please let Smaart deactivate the routing for the Talkback mic. Wow, what a feedback! One of the last Gigs it was nessecary to route the Talkback Mic on Main PA. Smaart takes over the Control of my SL and turn on the "Talk Button" -with the MessureMic in Front of the PA. Strike. *g*
My ears are still ringing. I´m sure i know this the next time. But in a busy situation (and in our business there are many such situations) i might forget to deselect the routing of the Talkback mic.
It might be also not very helpfull when the talkback is routet to monitors. There will be no feedback, but when the pinknoise crying out on Stage it´s perhaps not the best for the Room Analysis.

All the best
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Im from Europe/Austria .. Didn´t find a correct word for "Lager"
I use my Sl24 very often - it´s not often in"storage"
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I know how to ringing out a PA... thanks for the tip
Limiter in Aux Cannel should would solve the problem - that´s correct.
24.4.2 » Bugs in Firmware 1.0 Build 188 ? » Go to message

Messing around with the SL 24.4.2 with new firmware.
i think i´ve found some bugs

1. After updating the board (and Universal Control of course) , restarting board and Mac all seems to work perfect. My scenes, my effects all seems to be there. But after a while Virtual Control get´s extremly slow until it freezes completely. Shut Virtual Control down, restarting Board and Mac and all my Scenes on the Board are gone. Effects still there. Of Course i had made a backup so this its not a bigger problem. But what went wrong?
Hardware: iMac, early 2008, 4GB RAM, OS X Lion (10.7.2)

2. Lock out the Board (in this Case Faders & Masters). When the Board is locked, i moved the Faders. Unlocking the Board, pressing "Locate" all Faders seems to be in the right position - (only 1 LED is on) But they are not the same as in VSL! but when you move the Fader (the one you think it was moved ) the LED appears and show the right position. I hope, you know what i mean. You have to move the Fader to get the right position indicated. But when moving faders in VSL while the Board is locked, the Locate Mode works correct.

3. "Auxiliary Inputs Router on VSL - Setup. When i try to route e.g. the Sub 1/2 to S/PDIF (31/32) it seems to work on VSL, but in the System Menu of the Board nothing changed. pare this two settings the same? Must they be the same on board and VSL, no matter where i change settings (VSL or SL24)?


24.4.2 » Firmware 1.0 Build 188 - Routing Aux 9/10 to S/PDIF not possible » Go to message

Updated to new firmware - Build 188
It´s not possible to route Aux 9/10 to S/PDIF (System Menu - Page 3 - Digital)
Only Aux 1-8 are listed there.
Someone else got this issue?
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Hey Guys!

Got my SL 24.4.2 out of my storeroom, updated the firmware, and tested the new "wheel of me" (QMix) on my iPhone
It´s awesome! It works great!
It´s really plug and play. The iPhone get´s detected automatically. Only thing you have to do is making settings (with Aux can be changed, wheel only) and go on stage.
The only thing is: i give this option only Musicians with inEar Monitoring. A Wedge and the "wheel of me" is too risky -> feedback.

Thank you!

StudioLive Forum Community Support » Bug Report: VSL/GEQ quirk » Go to message
Same issue with Channel Faders.. Not when recaling a Scene via VSL, but when recalling a scene on the Board itself, some Faders (most the time 1-12) go to 100%... when recalling samew scene via VSL, Faders are on correct position....
24.4.2 » Headphones from aux sends on StudioLive » Go to message
Better using a Headphone Amp.... An Aux is not build to powering a headphone.
StudioLive Forum Community Support » How many days/weeks/months does it take for technical support to respond » Go to message
how many days, weeks & months.....ok

I know its hard to wait for an answer when having a problem.
But posting this after a "few days"? i cant understand.
Support of Presonus is excellent!
You have a lot of Presonus Guys here in the forum, helping you with any issues
And belive me, Presonus is trying to make every (!) User happy!

Dont loose patience, everthing will be fine!
24.4.2 » hdd space for recording » Go to message

2 1/2 Hours of recording 24 Tracks + Main Mix (48khz) about 30 GB
24.4.2 » GEQ questions... » Go to message
Press "GEQ" Button
With the"prev / next" buttons go to "assign" and then choose with the "value" knob on wich Aux or Main Out GEQ 1 should be assigned.
With the Button "PG Down" you can go to GEQ 2 and so on
Linking 2 EQ is not possible. (Only in VSL the 2 GEQs assigned to the Main Out are linked)
The only way on the Board itself is to set (in your case) GEQ 7 first, then go to GEQ 8 and press "recall" all the settings from GEQ 7 would be copied to GEQ8
This works with the other GEQs as well.

Hope I could help you....

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When using a delay and tapping the time with the tap button, it would be great if the Button flashes the tapped time. So you can see with a quick look, wich time set.
Like a TC D-Two....

The HPF (low Cut) should (in some cases) cut off a bit harder. now it´s set to , i guess 6dB. If i could change this in the Menu how hard the Low Cut is working, it would be great (e.g. 6db, 12db, 18, db, 24 db,)

When linking two 24.4.2 via firewire ist would be cool to be able controlling both with universal control. recording is not possible, i know. but controlling them with a Laptop would make some things easier(or just use the universal control as information of the settings)

StudioLive Forum Community Support » routing question » Go to message

I´m not sure, if i understand your problem 100%, but if you route the guitar & the bass signal to a subgroup (eg.: sub 1 = bass, sub 2 = guitar) connecting the Sub Outs to the amps. Make sure, that sub´s 1 & 2 are not routed to main. In this case you can control each channel (Bass, Guitar, Main) seperatly.
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