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After being in here all this time, its weird with all the furniture gone.
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bassbyrdtx wrote:I am considering upgrading from Studio One Artist v. 1 to v. 2, or some other product from Studio One. The main thing I need that's not in my current version is pitch adjustment, a feature that was standard on an old DAW from another company that is now my ex's. I emailed the company 2x and have received no reply. Any guidance out there in forum land?

Melodyne, through ARA integration in S1, is the only 3rd party software you can use with Artist. I think Melodyne Essentials is $99, so that would be the baseline DAW with pitch correction.

Full blown Pro comes with a license for Melodyne Essentials, so look at that upgrade path also, since you are saving the cost of Melodyne with Pro.
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Well, maybe the issue you are having is Protools? If Protools is crashing, best to figure out why that is before you spend money on a solution that isnt a solution.

If the FSP can handle the number of inputs you need, then you will probably be ok with that (although you still want to make sure the exact model of firewire chip is ok). The FSP comes with S1 Artist software, so you may be able to ditch Protools. If you are intending to capture live recordings with this rig, and protools is crashing alot, it may not be the best idea. Free software or not, if it isn't working then what's the point (maybe thats why it was gifted to you?)

On the other side are the SL boards. One of the benefits to them is all mixing and live recording through one piece of hardware. Also, the SL series comes with Capture software. Capture is a very light on resources recording software that acts as a digital tape machine. One button press will configure all inputs and set to record, and can be more reliable in a live setting than using a full DAW that takes more resources to run. The cost of a 1602 is roughly 2x's the cost of an FSP, but may be more reliable for you. The SL boards also come with S1 artist
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The 1394 chip is a compatible match according to the "list".

What chip is it? There are some chips on the list that have proven a little "quirkey" best to know for sure you are good.

FWIW, why not look at the Studio Live boards. reduce the amount of gear needed for the show. Unless of course its a fixed installation and you dont have control over gear purchased.
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rickhebert wrote:Thanks for the replies.
I've been looking at the M-Audio line.
My next question is would these work on a 64bit Win 8.1 workstation?
I am looking at the following controller, but delivery will be 1-3 months as per Amazon. Im wondering if it worth the wait.

FWIW, I have the Maudio keystation which fills the need for the modest midi work I do. I think it still retails for around $70 USD
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What effects are in that chain and in what order?
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milesnorwood wrote:I am also in this predicament. I would like the option of ADAT so I can link non presonus equipment together for more versatility. What does it mean when the 2626 is not supported? Will I still be able to link it to a studio live or a project? Should I just stick with the project because they are supported?

Not supported in this case means driver development has stopped. Read the compatibility statement on the product page. You will find the product under discontinued.

You can link then with an SL and a project, but all units need to be on the same version of UC. Meaning that if the SL and Project are newer, you may have to downgrade the UC driver to make it happen.

As always, make sure to scan the knowledge base and product page for the latest information.
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cristofe wrote:


Funny story. So you know how sometimes you listen to crappy songs just so you can be reminded of why they are crappy? So Final Countdown comes on the radio, and my windows were down so I had to turn it up to hear the crappiness over the wind noise. It was about 2-3 minutes until I realized that I was sitting at a traffic light with final countdown blaring for all to hear.

Not my finest hour. I had to mainline some social distortion to get my manhood back.
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You know, if the developers see this thread, and remove the solo button from the outputs, well.......I can't be held responsible for what I do next.........and me and you........we're gonna have some words..........

Honestly, I don't know what the purpose of the solo button on the outputs is for, but I do know that I wouldn't spend 5 weeks on it, and I do mean that tongue in cheek. I feel your pain, but I think we both realize that the solution you want isn't around the corner.

Go grab that beer you mentioned, drink it don't cry in it, and get back to making some music. I hear that's very therapeutic.

Good luck.
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Not being a jerk, just frustrated. I see that, and get it. The only thing I can add is its hardware holding you back, not software. If the software did exactly what you want, I can see a few problems that would result.

If you could dynamically switch cue mix 1 to output to the main, the performer would lose signal. If you could route cue mix 1 to share the main,l now you have 2 mixes to one output, and all the mixing joy that would bring. Just imagine trying to adjust the guitar fader, and there is no volume change because you also have cue mix 1 coming through the mains also.

So after all that amazing power... you claim it would be too expensive to route a solo to the CR? I don't believe it. But we might just have to disagree on that one.

Not sure of the cost, maybe not that much at all. That is why we have a feature request section. As a developer they can'y possibly think of every potential scenario, and suggestions from the user base helps to fill in the gaps. I think this is a good one personally.

I just don't know which Twilight Zone episode this is.

Its the one where Phil Spector gets transported 100 years to the future to avoid being in the same room with a gun and his girlfriend, and has to rebuild his career, all on the advice of OJ and Robert Blake.

In all seriousness, I think in this case you need to become one with the intricacies and anomalies of the analog to digital conversion. By all means come back if you need any help. There is always someone awake and willing to help around here. I think if you and I continue down this path, the frustration may overtake everything and we won't really get anywhere.
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Interesting observation, and I'm wondering if you have any old-school audio experience (analog consoles), or have you always used DAWs?. I do take (respectful) exception to your claim that the software is performing as expected. I disagree strongly, in fact. I'm only "external from the software" because of a bug in S1 that forces me to be.

I do have analog experience. My foray into DAWs maybe covers the last 4 years or so. However, my analog experience was as an artist, not an engineer, so I really can only speak to the "surface" of your problem, maybe not the in depth view that some other can provide.

Its quite alright to disagree, and we may come to discover that I am wrong. If you speak to my wife, it happens quite often, although not with the regularity that she would suggest. When I say that S1 is working properly, its within this context. You have the routing completed for your needs. If you had 5 sets of speakers, and soloed cue mix 1, thats all you would hear. You are only missing the 5 sets of speakers. I can understand that the perception is that soloing output 3-4 should solo that signal in the control room. But output 3-4 is going to the performers, and we can't change that. Analog consoles have this feature wired into the hardware. DAWS do not. You have to get the hardware to do that. One of the reasons for that is cost. A typical home studio does not need 5 different mixes. Most times you don't have enough inputs to record that many instruments at once. A larger studio is using the DAW as a tape machine, has everything coming in through the console, where this type of routing is inherent to the board.

This link is the only product I have seen that can come close to addressing your application. Note the first bullet point for the product. Sorry about the cost.

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Klypeman wrote::Matt "In Phase" what does it do ?

Real time phase and time alignment. I noticed the difference immediately when I used it on an old 2' project I recently converted to digital. 2 mics on a guitar cabinet, and drum bus was the most notable differences. When I say the guitars exploded out of the speakers, it would not be an exaggeration. Same with top/bottom snare mic'ing.

My new favorite plug....until it gets replaced by my next favorite plug.
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Sounds like it. I would wager a guess that your mixdown option is set Between Marker x and Marker x. In that scenario, it will name the mixdown after the name of the first marker. The assumption on S1's part is that you will have multiple mixdowns for multiple markers, so it is keeping track of them for you.

Just use Between start and end marker to avoid.
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Also an option is the discontinued FireStudio Tube, which has a tube pre in addition to 8 xmax pre's. Can't buy them new, but they are still serviced through Presonus.
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The units have to be on the same version of UC, IIRC. You probably won't be able to sync the 2626 with the current version of UC for the mobile. The mobile should work with the old version of UC needed for the 2626.
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