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replaced drumsounds or programmed? With real drums it would be killer!
Digital Audio Recording » Free Eventide UltraChannel Plugin!! » Go to message
Quite a cpu-consumer on x64. And it does not sound better than the fat-channel, when you use it for normal Channel-strip purposes. But it has way more possibilities than that. So it will for sue have it's place, once I get a stronger computer
FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » OSX 10.9 - UC 1.7.2 - Firestudio Project sends rubbish only, when daisy chained to other device » Go to message
OK - here it goes again - after the update to OSX 10.9.2 did not help, I left it alone - used the Device alone under 10.9.3 again and gave it a try recently to daisy chain it to the Firestudio Tube once again - but also using 10.9.3 it does not work - there is only noise and crackling coming from the Firestudio Projects Mic-Inputs (Firewire-Inputstream1 in the OSX Audio-Midi-Setup),

Is there a new driver on the way??? What else can I do???
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have you ever tried copy?
Listen to this! » Fresh off the press a song written, produced, recorded in Studio One 2.6 » Go to message
very nice music!
Made in Studio One » Songs I've Made (SoundCloud)! » Go to message
Skinny Jeans is a cool tune!
StudioLive General Discussion » How do I do "Voice Ducking" like a radio show? Automatically reduce music when I speak? » Go to message
Sidechain is right - but not delay. You have to route all "background" audio sources on one bus, having a Compressor on it - that Compressor uses a send of your voice-channel as a sidechain - so it is compressing as soon as you speak. Just tweak as you need.

Actually I don't know if VSL in the universal control lets you sidechain the compressor.
Listen to this! » Written, Recorded, Mixed, Pre-Mastered all in S1 » Go to message
Wow, that's a very nice tune!
Studio One General Discussion » Free to Artist upgrade problem » Go to message
Never mind, Keith Johnston. Nö One in here came to the idea, telling you about activation.
Studio One Forum Community Support » Studio One Pro Digital Release Creates WAV, Not MP3 » Go to message
There seems to be something odd - if you specify MP3 on digital release, it should make MP3s.

What are your system specs?
FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » Firestudio Project Daisy Chain Problem » Go to message
Which OS are you using? There are daisy-chaining-issues with Mavericks.
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Studio One General Discussion » Studio One Tracks Moved To Pro Tools » Go to message
Look that all tracks get a correct starting point - at least one of them - grab the tracks with your mouse in the arrange window and move them to a destination folder in the browser and watch the computer doing bounces of each track. That folder goes to the pro-tools user. The tracks should all be bounced to the same length - so the earliest starting point of any of these tracks and the latest ending point will determine the track length (definitely it only works that way, if all tracks are bounced in one run - to be sure, you can also mark them all and press ctrl+B first.
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16.0.2 » MacBook Pro Retina and Virtual StudioLive » Go to message
Have you updated MacOS to 10.9.2 already?
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