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Item not as described. Return for refund.
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The speakers have all the crossover and protective filters and limiters that they need.

The mixer has everything you need to tune the speakers to taste and/or for room problems.

There is nothing to be gained by adding any additional gear between the mixer and the speakers. If you want better sound, start with better microphones.
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Reverb and delay may make the your vocals stand out, but they will sound less clear.

You need to compensate for the proximity boost of the microphone (commonly about 10dB up, centered around 200Hz), and for occlusion (how you sound to yourself when your ears are plugged. As was mentioned, running Pre2 may be a good option. Sometimes it helps (or hinders) if the polarity of your vocal channel is reversed (though that may have a detrimental effect in the house and in other folks IEMs).
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There is a program that will do such things, though the name escapes me. It is or used to be popular on broadway shows.

The tracks also have the sheet music on the computer for one of the instruments - which must be an instrument that has MIDI out. The musician (usually a keyboardist) plays to the sheet music that's on the computer screen, and the tracks playback uses the MIDI out of the instrument as its time code.
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The dbx will do nothing for you. I recommend that you return it.
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I see this as an arrangement problem, not a recording problem.
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The more you ask of a piece of software, the more likely it will be problematic. Best to keep things simple.
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I've had an iPad/Macbook network perform flawlessly indoors - but the distances were short.

I've had a MacbookPro/MacbookPro network make me want to smash things when used outdoors unless I was both line-of-site and within 30'. It wasn't great inside, either.
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Some of the Allen & Heath digital mixers can record straight to an external hard drive - no computer required. That's the simplest setup I know of.

At the opposite end, the top end Midas has separate boxes for the surface, DSP, signal router, I/O, and recorder.

If your console does it all, that's nice - until some part of it fails, and no one around has the same model to rent to you while yours is being repaired. You then have to rent alternatives for everything, and learn how it all works in a big hurry.
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1) Model dependent - some SDCs have a very "loose" pickup pattern as well.

3) Not likely, especially if the source is more than a foot or two away.

4) Perhaps - situationally dependent.

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I think I tried that, but I will make sure next time. Thanks.

Also hope to see if my early 2008 Macbook will handle recording w/o an external drive. (I stuck in the bar's Capture CD and the drive spun up but nothing happened.)
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A bar at which I mix just got a 16.0.2 (used, mint, for $630 with tax and shipping). It sure beats the Behringer SX they had!

This is my first go on the little SL (which in a couple of ways I like better than the bigger ones). My question (that the manual does not address): How does one get it to display the L/R gain reduction?
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Limiter: Maximum level 0dBFS with no clipping.

Off: Maximum level 0dBFS with nasty sounding clipping.
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Gain (how loud one thing is compared to another with a "nominal" input signal) and power (how loud it will be when it's giving all it's got) are not at all related. I'm seeing in this thread the assumption that they are.

Make certain that the tops are set to Line (button out) and not Mic (button in), and that the high pass filters are on (manual says button in, but the pic looks like a slide switch - ?).
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