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Yes Studio One Artist comes with the SL16. If it's not in the box, it is available as a download once you register your studiolive. Also it is best to ignore the driver/capture disc in the box and download the latest release of capture from your user account. Same with the Universal Control/VSL - this is the "driver + user interface".
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You can of course save and recall the scenes you create, where do you want to "copy" them to? Are you wanting to load to another desk?

With the driverack PX; over on the QSC forums Bob Lee et al consider the unit unnecessary. Considering the KW's have their own crossovers, inbuilt limiting tuned to and by the speaker/amp manufacturer (try and better them), and advanced DSP to tune what is already a well behaved speaker when it comes to frequency response. Then of course your studiolive has tools such as the graphic eq.

For now save the PX money to help with the move to the KW181's. Hire or borrow a PX later if you want to see if it's worth putting one in your system.

BTW how do you find the KW122's? Happen to hear the KW153's over the KW181's?
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And I handle all the booking for the band free of charge. Because I book a local venue's gigs and handle bookings for my sound company, it is easier for me to know when my band is/is not available and my pa is/is not available.
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Being the band member with the pa, this is how i work it:

I own and run a company that hires out equipment/sound services to whoever calls. If I join a band it is either as the drummer, or the drummer + sound guy/pa.

A lot of bands just expect me as the drummer to "bring along" all my sound gear. From the start i say this: I've spent over $30,000 on gear which needs to make ROI. I'm not going to "bring it along" when i could be hiring it out to other bands/venues/events for $200-$800 a night. This BAND does not own a pa I do. So this BAND has to hire one. Here is x, y, and z systems available about town for hire, z being my system at a "mates rates" price.

If the band democratically decides to hire x system, I dont mind paying $50 or so out of my pay for someone to provide the gear as i can claim it back on tax and meanwhile my gear can be out earning $200+ elsewhere. But i usually still end up lugging x system and doing sound same as if they hired my system. Most of the time the band will hire my system as it just makes sense to do so. So I am not the drummer who happens to have a pa. I am:

A drummer..................................and..................................A sound company.

hire me as one or both. Just dont expect two for the price of one!

So here's how a split may work:

NO PA required: $1000 gig divided by 5 members = $200 each.
PA required: $1000 gig minus say $150 for pa = $850 left for band. Five members =$170 each.

So in effect every member (including me) is paying $30 each to hire a system+sound man for the gig.
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This is a known bug. I emailed them about it the day 1.13 came out. I have heard that it will be fixed in next firmware update.
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I reckon any resigning by email is BS. He's tryin to be all "rock" by saying lets just plug in an kick out the jams, yet he can't face upto his fellow band mates to leave. Besides band wants to improve their sound but he's not paying for the gear to achieve this. Whats the issue?
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I've just spent the last two days at probably Australia's biggest professional AV conference/trade show. I spent the first day in the main presentation room for infoComm. Mix position featuring loads of gear and computers feeding one of the new mid sized eaw line array flown in a cushy acoustic environment and 100ppl. All for two wireless lapel mics and the odd laptop. Yet the audience endured a thin edgy sound with aprox 10 instances of mid/high feedback. There was a palpable nervousness in the crowd with people cupping their heads in hands fingers ready. Mics were hissy and having connection crackles, occasionally dropping out.

Second day featured Bruce Jackson. Think founder of Jands, Apogee, Dolby Lake Processor. Think Elvis, Springsteen, Olympics, World Expo. I thought with this guy presenting, surely they'll have sorted things by now. Sound had improved a bit, but 2/3rds of the way in batteries in wireless pack give out. Two minutes later second pack goes out. Room full of audio guys laughing at the irony with a pinch of "how embarrassment" cringe thrown in.

Now not saying i would know how to rig, route or run it. Just thought i'd share an experience.
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thanks for the input jeff. think i'll wait to see an official post on this before ordering. I would have to get it shipped interstate (over water) so i need to be sure.
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Im currently using Shure's new SRH-440. Fitted with a set of the SRH-840 pads for better comfort and isolation. The 440's are cheaper than the 840's but actually have a flatter response.

I plan to also get a set of Sen HD 280 PRO and at a later date get them fitted with the optional talkback mic. Very handy for talking to onstage talent from FOH. I think you can get them with the mic already fitted as HMD 280 PRO (from memory)
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jeffbfb wrote:

Aux 1-6 TRS to TRS HP60 Aux Inputs 1-6 (Mono Signal w/ mono pressed)

Also we only use mono signals to the HP60 for the More Me inputs. Press the mono button and you're golden.

So you are using TRS to TRS, how does the "ext in" appear in your phones when you press "mono"? In left ear only, or dual mono with same signal in both left and right? Or is it sounding wrong?

Other users were saying TRS to TRS was causing phasing/cancellation issues because the "ext in" is an unbalanced stereo input. It even states in the manual that pressing "mono" sums the tip and ring together. Fine if you want to combine left and right from a stereo input, not so good when combining the +'ve and -'ve of a balanced mono input.

Presonus; official word please? Has the HP60 had some technical changes that contradict the manual, or is the manual worded wrong?

Prospective buyer asking.

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I'm after some user experiences from those combining the two products.

Currently I'm using the Behringer HA4700 with my SL. I simply run a TRS to TRS from the SL's balanced aux out to the handy front panel aux in on the HA4700. Run it in 2 ch mode and it presents as dual mono in the headphones. All good but the HA4700 seems to be having noisy grounding issues whenever anything is connected to it and the power outlet.

Seeing as my band has 5 members and the SL has six auxes, the HP60 seems like an option.

The old forum had threads on how you need to use stereo/mono adapters on the end of a trs to trs to get them to play nice. But then post # 35 suggested there was a problem with early HP60's and that his replacement acted differently.

I have heard different reports on how the "MONO" button affects the unbalanced stereo "external in".

Has the HP60 undergone some technical changes?

How does yours integrate/ wire up with the SL?
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how do i spot new posts to a thread in this new forum setup? For example; the StudioLive page will show a little blue light next to any topic/thread that has received a new post, but opening the thread i cant see any indicator showing posts i haven't read yet. Makes it hard to start reading from where i left off. Find myself re reading older posts. Old forum would show a little orange page from memory.

Am i just not noticing, or have a setting wrong?
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for Studio Six Digital's Audio Tools. I've had it since it came out and they keep improving it. It's been helpful training my ear too.

BTW Using FFT or RTA? I know in RTA if you select "show min and max bars" It leaves a little blue bar at peak levels.
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Rich G. wrote:Q: Where are the channel input pad switches?
A: There aren't any.

Q: How should I set the trim level?
A: (There are several pages on this in the archived forum)

Q: Where should I set the output level knob?
A: (not sure of a correct answer to this one)

Q: What's the difference between dbFS and dbU?
A: (See the wiki on dbFS here:

I think Rich G has some good suggestions for the FAQ page, particularly the last three as they seem to come up regularly
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