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kolshak wrote:Never had any problems with it being USB 11.1 though I worried about that a bit at first, it's no problem in terms of the amount of data passing through the unit. I assume the heavy lifting is done by chips in the Abox.

Right, there's no reason to use 2.0 when 1.1 has enough bandwidth for the job.
The AudioBox 22VSL is USB 2.0 if you're concerned, and for $50 you're also getting the realtime dynamics/effects for monitoring/performance.
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gadget69 wrote:mwright137 Wrote:
Does anybody build LABSUBs and sell them? Lol

Sorry man... the license agreement specifies that you can build them for yourself, but they cannot be manufactured for sale...

HOWEVER, you CAN take the plans to a cabinet maker, have them cut the pieces out, you assemble them and add the hardware and drivers...Still a bugger of a job though, but the end result is AWESOME!

Just curious; couldn't you contract someone to build the LAB subs for you? The contractor would be selling their service, not the sub.

Live Sound » Sanity Check - 2x153 and 1x181? » Go to message
Live Sound » Sanity Check - 2x153 and 1x181? » Go to message
lostinsound wrote:
Here's a link to QSC's K-family application guide. Page 24 has the KW152's woofer-to-woofer, the horns being as far as possible from each other.

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Regarding the crossover feature, someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm guessing that the mono output is not a descreet digital output, but just a feed from the main outs that's summed in the analog domain. Would be cool if they figured something out, though.
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Hi all. Probably not even worth bumping this, but I said I'd give an update, and I'm happy to report no issues with the mics. They are like new, actually. Didn't exactly steal these, at $150, but considering the condition, I am very pleased. Thanks again for the input.
Live Sound » Channel strip plus PA stack for backline bass rig? » Go to message Eden has a nice little preamp pedal I've been intrigued with. It's only $150, or less if you shop around. Doubles as your DI box, too.

Not sure if you're running any plugins, but you could also run it through Vampire in S1. Giving the bassist the pedal still wouldn't hurt, though, so they have something to tinker with. Maybe in that case, you could just use the cabinet emulation in Vampire. So, you'd go from the DI --> Mixer--> Vampire--> out an Aux with his bass signal and whatever else he/she/it wants. I would think someone would have to be pretty whinny to balk too much at that.
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Just double checked, and yes, you can. You have to first click the triangle (near the FX auxes) to drop down the aux controls, then you have the chain icon to link or unlink the auxes. I didn't, however, see a way to do it within SL-Remote (although the icon shows up when they are linked).
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Thanks for the input folks. When I get them we'll see. Regardless of the outcome, I'll continue to troll ebay/craigslist for deals. I was inventorying my gear last week, and was happy to see I've saved thousands just by being patient and waiting for the right deal. I think if someone understands the risks and does their homework, they can easily come out on top. And while I think ebay is a horrible place to sell most things, their policies really do favor the buyer, and the risk is mitigated quite a bit.
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Hi all, won these in an auction yesterday, and feel pretty good about it, based on all the info I could find, but one thing still bothered me a little; the pouch. It just doesn't look like any I've seen that are known to be genuine. I have heard that the Shure pouches are coming from china now; maybe that's it? Probably just paranoid, but I've been lucky way too long, and am probably due. . . lol And yes, I know evil-bay is not the best place to buy certain mics; it was a calculated risk, and I'm more than prepared to handle whatever outcome.
What do you all think? It's a pretty high resolution file, so it might be worth downloading to get a better look.
Thanks a lot,
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smpzpirate wrote:I found the android version of Splashtop and I'm impressed. Much faster than the other apps I tried before. Will have to try it but this could be useable with UC except for the fact you have to double click etc so maybe not practical using faders easily.

Great suggestion though.

In splashtop I don't have to double click to grab faders, so you might have a setting you can change to fix that. I think you may be using "mouse mode" or whatever it's called. There is another mode, at least on the iPad, that functions more like a touch screen.
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lostinsound wrote:For a smaller act like that, where you won't be using all of the channels or auxes on your console, there are workarounds to be able to use Q-mix for almost full functionality. For starters:

-Use a pair of auxes, stereo-linked, for your main outs
-Route effect returns to subgroup(s) and use a 1/4" patch cable from the sub out(s) to a channel or stereo return (controllable form auxes)

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Definitely worth a second look. Splash Top has some secret sauce that really helps in the responsiveness. In fact, one of their selling points is being able to play flash based or other games on the host computer.

That said, I have to agree that the iPad is a huge improvement, and you can probably find one for $300. There are refurbs with warrantee for $350 right now on Apple's website. These are first generation, but will do the trick, for sure. If you could squeeze out another $50, the iPad 2 refurbs are a pretty significant upgrade, and the models listed at that price now have the 3G capabilities.

Also there are rumors of a smaller iPad coming that should be cheaper.
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I see. Yeah, guess you're looking at a rack mount, which you're probably doing already, or going to the computer.
I can understand your concern, but from what I've seen/experienced, they can be very stable. I would say it's becoming extremely common. It's slick to stream the individual tracks directly to the mixer, too.
StudioLive General Discussion » Does anyone have a Musician's Friend SKU for the Gator PRE242-DH? » Go to message
Thanks Skaught, I appreciate your offer. I have to confess I ended up using your sister company, GC, because of their $100 off promo. With enough digging, I was finally able to cross reference the SKU on another of the sister company's sites, though they are all fairly nondescript on those listings. The SKUs were all the same, but no descriptions or pictures or even model names. A couple sites didn't quite get the model name wiped everywhere, so I am pretty confident I got the right one, but I guess we'll see. It would certainly suck to get the wrong one, but I doubt I would get hurt too badly.
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