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brent may be right about a few things, but i can assure you that he's also wrong about a few other things.

first off - they are brand new speakers and many places don't have them yet. it's one thing to look at a Sweetwater or Amazon, versus a brick-and-morter store like Guitar Center which has 200+ stores of varying sizes, not to mention their "traditional" warehouse for shipping (just like sweetwater, amazon, etc) so I'm sure distribution is a lot more work.

second - JBL speakers that sound like junk are the cheap ones. you can't compare a 250$ passive speaker to a $1200 powered speaker - OF COURSE one will sound better than the other. Why not take a listen to the premium offerings from JBL and compare that to premium offerings from another company. You're equating a cheap Kia to a premium Lexus. JBL is known for their high-end stuff - Vertec, VRX, even SR/SRX/STX series. Frankly, I do think that JBL is probably hurting themselves by keeping stuff like JRX around.

i do agree that magazine reviews tend to ALWAYS come up with a positive result (because of advertising revenue; could you imagine a magazine giving product X a lousy write up and then ask the manufacturer to advertise??). magazine reviews are for product awareness - not critical / clinical analysis.

oh, and here's what you need to know about box houses. It is certainly not there because palms have been greased. the name of the game is sales, NOT returns. people give stores (NOT limited to MI Retail) a hard time about high pressure sales , bullying , and aggressive tactics. BUT EVERYONE OF THOSE STORES OFFERS RETURN POLICIES. so for anyone who is more than a "try to get rich quick" type (which, you'll quickly find would take a lot of knowledge in product awareness, as well as sales knowledge, as well as having a mass of contacts and clients in the music industry - and none of that is QUICKLY gained), the end result matters; that is to say that when I buy a piece of equipment that is not what I want, I am 100% free to return it for my money back. suddenly it doesn't matter about high pressure sales because in the end - i'll just return the piece. Consequently - box stores like GC (or best buy, or sears, or home depot, or ANYONE) are more interested in having you KEEP your purchase. And if you're into high tech stuff - like Presonus - with digital mixers that require time with the unit before a gig, with studio monitors that you want to hear before you buy, with live PA speakers that function with a custom App - you absolutely want prospective customers to be able to demo and hear things ahead of time. So if I were presonus, one of my primary marketing strategies would be to GET IT INTO STORES - mom and pop , guitar center , whatever - for those exact purposes. Because once you have it in Guitar Center, you have it in 200+ stores in every major market (plus Buffalo) in the US.

In fact, Brent completely contradicted himself - from "Because it is there doesn't mean the product is good" to "MI stores are going to stock what walks". Which one is it??

Anyways, I'd agree that they stock what walks because - as I mentioned - they want you to buy and KEEP your purchase. why stock the garbage if you'll just return it and order a K12 somewhere else, ya know?

oh, and Third point - I don't think that places like GC are going anywhere yet - they lost behringer (or did behringer lose GC?). If you keep up, you'll read that GC just reduced something like 30 million in debt and has lots of liquid assets now. for better or worse, depending on your point of view.

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^^ thats how we know that you have poor taste.
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according to the QSC pdf - they are not supposed to be arrayed except to give additional coverage AREA (different from additional coverage VOLUME).

so if you need it louder, you should look at a different speaker. in practice - i've done it and it sounds ok. -> page 7
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i know your problem. those Eons sound like garbage.

good luck
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check the Yamaha DXR10 / DXR12. very similar appearance and sound to K10/k12 speakers, but "brighter" so they cut through stage volume really well.

two thumbs up!
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gadget69 wrote:Imagine a circuit board with a heavy transformer hanging off of it...and then imagine a hard hit on a pothole or something in the road. If the mixer is flat the force is on the board in it's strongest configuration On end there are shear forces at work...

bingo. which is also why i would never use a non-shock rackcase for a mixer.
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chrisatrational wrote:I'm planing on implementing an end-fire sub array for the fest. I'm sick of putting 12 double 18" subs in a dumb l/r or mono cluster. If everything works out pics will follow!

pics or it didnt happen !
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nice truss !!

what kind of lifts are supporting it???
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for about half the price of the ELX, they sound about half as good.

more designed to compete with the Alto / Behringer speakers than semi-pro / weekend warrior market.

neat LCD menu features too !
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i've spent hours playing around with an x32. never at a gig, but i've built entire scenes, maniuplated processing, etc.

i've also, more recently, taken the new soundcraft expression out for gigs. i gotta say - that soundcraft board is so much more elegant. it takes the ease-of-use that the studiolive offers, and makes it a bit more "professional" and even easier to use. for anyone interested in taking the next step up from the SL - those Expression mixers are where its at. on the flip-side, the soundcraft offers NO recording capabilities without spending extra loot on the recording card (which isn't available yet).

the x32 seems unnecessarily complex. the SL is similar but much easier. the soundcraft is fast and easiest.
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eh... not really.

to do a real digital snake you need to have remote control of preamps, which should be on stage.
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That's the beauty of a good set of powered speakers. They should, when done right, be a self-contained "system".

In my experience (which is a lot with powered qsc), subs are 3 notches higher than tops. So if main speakers are set to 12 o'clock, subs will be around 2 or 3 o'clock. Go with what works for you, but those qsc boxes are pretty good as is.

FYI - with my qsc system (2 subs / 1 top per side), I find 100hz usually needs to be brought down with my studiolives. Other boards are different.
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An auto mechanic needs his tools. A carpenter needs his tools. An electrician needs his tools. A plumber needs his tools.

See where I'm going with this? Finance it maybe, or show her numbers on how quick you will be a me to recoup. After you get your return on investment, everything else is gravy.
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Do yourself a favor and get a real mixer. Your AB is designed for recording and NOT live use.

It's like taking a motorcycle up a flight of stairs - you COULD do it, technically - but it's more of a pain than its worth.

Go buy a small mackie / Allen + Heath / Presonus / or whatever mixer fits your budget. Try not to skimp or you'll just have to upgrade in a few months anyways. Buy the best you can afford. I promise it'll be worth it.
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Uh- TONS of people use qsc. Nearly every DJ in town has k12 boxes.

As for live bands- there's no money in bar gigs so its a certain level of gigs that afford decent speakers. As for me and my team- we have 8 kw181 subs and 4 kw153 boxes. I know a few others who use 2 181s and a 153 per side.

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