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Howdy y'all,

Our new album came out in May.. we just put up our video for 'Flares':

I used my trusty Firestudio and Digimax FS on this album, especially for the drums. Recorded, mixed, mastered all in my home studio.

hope you enjoy the video! would love to hear what anyone thinks of the sound.. (and the video)

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Howdy y'all.. its been awhile since i've posted anything.. i'm really proud of how this one turned out.. we're calling it a drum duel but we're not really trying to out-drum each other.. we're just winging it, having a blast!

Recorded through my good ol' Firestudio/DigimaxFS units (without an input to spare) ... interfaces are still working perfectly, after many many hours for these past many years.. scrambled together whatever mics i could find for Jordan's kit.. we just let loose and starting jamming our brains out...

thanks Presonus!

Starfish Prime Studios
FireStudio Forum Community Support » Nice new Windows7 PC, but no Universal Control?? » Go to message
found the solution after all...

used old XP system to upgrade the firmware (twice) with older drivers... that did the trick!

thanks to 'jabtel '

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jabtel wrote:I have a Firestudio 26x26. I have Windows 7 64 Pro. Here is what fixed it.

You need the v3.0.108 driver which is here;

You need an XP computer with firewire. Disconnect the Firestudio. Uninstall the older presonus driver from XP.
Install v3.0.108.
When finished installing Connect the Firestudio.
Let XP install the Firestudio.
v3.0.108 will then tell you that you need to upgrade firware. You may need to start the Firestudio software first.
Do the upgrade using v3.0.108.
It will reboot the firestudion and the firmware will be upgraded,
turn off the fire studio.
Uninstall v3.0.108 from the XP
install the universal control ver 1_2 on the xp.
When finished turn the firestudio on.
Let XP install the drivers
When finished start the Universal control software
Right click the icon in the system tray to "show launcher"
on launcher go to settings - check firmware
it will want to upgrade the firmware, let it do so
when finished it will tell you that firestudio firmware upgrade is complete when you powercycle the firestudio.
Close the Universal control software and powercycle the firestudio.

On Win7 computer, remove Presonus software (if present) and reboot.
Install Universal control
connect firestudio.

thank you sooo much for figuring this out and posting it... i thought i was screwed but i followed your instructions and now my firestudio is working with windows7... phew!! really appreciate the help!

FireStudio Forum Community Support » Nice new Windows7 PC, but no Universal Control?? » Go to message
Hey peeps,

I've been a happy firestudio/digimax user for a number years, running a dual core intel chip (windows XP, 3GB ram)... i've just recently decided to buy a new PC with Windows 7, more ram, faster chip etc so i can run all these fancy new plugins I have now...

I've read through the forums many times, googled my brains out... and I can't seem to get anywhere.. here is my problem...

i've installed the "PreSonus-Universal-Control-Installer-ver 1_2" downloaeded from the product page... it installs just fine... my firestudio/digimax sync up just fine (blue lights all around..)

when i try to open up the control panel it won't open.. well, it's trying to... the window opens but it's just a blank white window...

i was able to get cubase6 to use presonus inputs and outputs... but i can't get a control panel to come up for the firestudio/digimax...

any help would be greatly appreciated... i just spent a lot of dough to upgrade my studio, not cripple it...

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interesting thing about these videos is that Geoff (bass) and I have never actually met the singer (Ravi).. he lives in a different country and we do all of this stuff long-distance style... so in the shot where we're standing together, Geoff and I are rocking out in my garage, and the singer (Ravi) is rocking out by himself at his place about 7 hours away.. we plan out all the angles and try to get similar lighting etc... we comp it all together and there ya go!

so here is our version of Spoonman, by Soundgarden.. complete with spoons!! hehe

track recorded thru my Firestudio/Digimax FS

guitars are Line6 Vetta


Listen to this! » Man In The Box by AIC cover.. recorded with Firestudio » Go to message
hey peeps,

Here is my latest YouTube cover tune, "Man In The Box" by Alice In Chains. This time something a little different than my other videos... a collaboration with Geoff on bass from my band, Suns Of Static.. and Ravi, a solo artist from Pennsylvania, on vocals.

Drums, bass, guitars, pots n pans and my vocals were recorded in my studio here in Ontario, Canada through Presonus Firestudio and Digimax FS into Cubase 4. Ravi recorded his vocal track at his home in Pennsylvania and sent me some video of him singing. I edited it all together and this is how it turned out, check it out:

if you dig it, please feel free to share it on Facebook and what not.

Uploading another video later today.

I've been using these Presonus units for years now and they still work great... no problems!


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nice job man! i like it!
Where y'at? » Hello new presonus forum! » Go to message
well, the digs are definitely darker and shinier!! that's always a good thing...

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Hey everybody,

Just re-registered under my band's name... I was formerly registered as 'Cassidy'.. anyhoo.. i'm excited to share the final result from toiling away in my studio for over 18 months... tweakin, recording, re-recording, re-writing, remixing, starting over with a new singer, remixing, re-recording... sheesh it was starting to turn into Chinese Democracy 2 LOL..

anyhoo, the final result sounds pretty huge if I do say so... would love to get some ears on it if you have the time to check it out...

just to make things interesting, I've created 12 YouTube videos, one per track on the album... featuring my super hot friend Julie... she's just sitting there listening to the tracks and no she doesn't take her shirt off.. hehe so don't ask (people have been asking ...)

as far as gear goes, most of the album was recorded through my Firestudio with a Digimax FS lightpiped together... into my PC running winXP and Cubase4.5something or other..

also recorded all the vocals with a Shure SMb7 (love that thing..) thru a Presonus TubePRE... snare was SM57 through the TubePRE

more details on the recording techniques are available if anyone is interested... let me know!

check it out..

(the videos have annotation links that take you to the next track...)

our band site is here: (if you're into that whole buying music thing... feel free to order an actual CD or check out the iTunes link... <--- shameless plug alert!!)

and the whole album is streaming on mySpace if you don't want to go through all the YouTube videos... if hot blondes aren't your thing...

hope you enjoy!
excited to finally share it with y'all!

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Howdy folks,

Been awhile since I've logged in... was wondering where all my old posts went! Now I get it... new forum... cool.

Hey, my name is BiL (old forum username: 'Cassidy') from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I've been a happy Presonus customer for many years now. My firestudio/digimax combo is still working great in my little home studio setup.

Just wanted to re-introduce myself, this time I'm posting under my band's name. (Suns Of Static.) We've just released our debut rock album, Begin Again. Most of the tracks were recorded fully through Presonus gear (Firestudio, Digimax, TubePre) all into Cubase on my PC.

I'll post some samples of the final product in the 'Listen to this' section... just wanted to say hey!

Glad to be back!

cheers, kind regards from Canada.

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