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Based on the following equation:

f(x+y) = F (x) g (y) + (y) g (x) = S1 (3)

I believe that the answer you are looking for is "soon."

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Is this where I go to discuss my athletes foot problem?

[Have logged in and submitted a ticket, it seems that no tech support person wants to touch this one.]

Happy Saturday, ya'll.

And hurry up with S1 3.
Studio One General Discussion » apologies » Go to message
Would have been a better day for mourning than posting, it seems.

On the bright side, you may see them again. No one seems able to prove it one or the other way.
Studio One General Discussion » Common shortcuts: S1 and Reaper » Go to message
Once I started using S1, I actually altered some of Reaper's key commands to reflect those in S1 (stuff like the "W" and "E" size functions, etc. I don't use Reaper that much anymore because S1 feels more intuitive - to my mind, anyway. It also has a better default toolbar.

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It is a simple fact of nature that beauty makes you want to look and that such looking arouses our senses...and a few other things.

Yes, add more color options to arouse me.
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Have a look at Nektar Impact LX49 / or Panorama P4!!!

Also the Berringer Motor 49 (due in July)

I did a bit of research myself today—looking for a newer controller—and found these the most impressive, after reading reviews about key response, pad response, ease of configuration, etc.

The Berringer is the unknown here, but it has aftertouch (not common for $250) and 9 motorized faders, etc. Looks pretty cool.

Studio One General Discussion » The ONE thing I hate about Studio One 2! » Go to message
I definitely struggle trying to keep not only names synced but also track orders between the ordinary tracks and the console when using folders. Sometimes it just gets ape-sh** confusing when I move things around and it winds up in other folders or in some far end of the mixer.

Intuitive elegance—a worthy goal. S1 is already a great DAW, it could just use some greatening up.
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No one can mix pink noise quite the way Bob Katz can, although I've heard some of his white noise mixes that suggest he's not perfect at everything. But he's close.

[Brought to you by the makers of Audio Humor products. Batteries and sense of humor not included. ]
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[[[{{{{ CLANG!!! }}}}]]]]

[AKA Xanadu by Rush]

Whatever you use it for, just make sure it's at least as good as that song.... Otherwise, an Accordion will do fine.
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You, young man, are staying put. That's right. You're not going to sell anything. Now let's hear some output, not just grumbling.


A) Music is not a game. Super Mario, that's a game. Music is a craft. Deal with it. :p

B) What're ya, crazy? This is what happens when you leave cough medicine lying around without adult supervision.

Now go back to your room, and let's hear some HITS!!!

[Hitting my fist on boardroom desk inside swanky corporate office, where I work after giving up the music game. NOT! ]

Studio One General Discussion » Ok, here's the beef on studio one V3 » Go to message
^^^ That episode in TZ is an allegory for God. My personal take on it, anyway. I just watched it last week, actually.

In the meantime, don't think "bad" thoughts.
Studio One General Discussion » selling my studio! » Go to message
My work is done here. On to the next lost soul...
Studio One General Discussion » selling my studio! » Go to message
A musician must die onstage—or trying to book a gig. It's one of the decrees of our scripture. Do not leave our inner circle. Repent, brother, and turn back from the unsavory ways of the (admittedly more financially stable, yet) wicked outer world.

But truly, good luck to you.
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Personally, I create music because it feeds my spirit. I don't understand how a life in politics or academia can replace that—unless you have a specific and burning passion for some future path in life.

Good luck though. And when you return to your senses, I'm sure there'll be lots of new gear around.
Studio One General Discussion » NOT Done with it! (Studio One, that is) » Go to message
Dear Idol...

I've left several DAWs behind without making a big, dramatic public exit so that I could get the last word in and feel that I was right in leaving.

To each his own. But there are many of us here who have crawled through the labyrinth of audio recording apps over the years and have happily chosen Studio One - including paid audio professionals who have worked in and owned commercial recording studios that demand more than the "audio box" level of sound quality. I think you're telling those of us with such credentials that we have poor decision making skills and low expectations.

Why not just wave bye bye and say hello to your new DAW for me and the rest of us. Thanks.
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