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Digital Audio Recording » Bought Studio one pro 2 and now cannot play capture or studio one sessions back through 16:4:2 » Go to message
My guess is that your in/out matrix settings need attention. (Studio One>>Preferences>>Song Setup>>Audio I/O Setup.) Make sure your input/output routing is all setup correctly.

Part of the reason for lack of responses to your post might be minimal information about the nature of your problem, things you have tried, specifics about your setup, etc. It is also a weekend, and a lot of people are out jobbing. When people think they may be able to help, they'll chime in, but sometimes that can take a while, so be patient.
StudioLive General Discussion » Studiolive Power Up worth it? » Go to message
I sold mine on eBay and got more than I would have with the trade-up program, FWIW. YMMV.
Studio One General Discussion » delete me » Go to message
I thought I'd just mention quitely that I've reached my 3,000th post.

Live Sound » Splitting audio signal into two mixers? » Go to message
Check with the house sound person. If their board has direct outs or unused insert points, you can use those to feed your SL for recording. Then all you need to do is get the appropriate cables/adapters to get the job done.
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Aaah! Next to bacon (literally, and figuratively), my favorite food -- some say the perfect food.

Where y'at? » hello to everyone » Go to message
Welcome aboard, Steve -- we're glad to have you here!
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Scratch and sniff -- my favorite!
16.4.2AI » Upgrade » Go to message
Don't have the AI, but I have heard many reports that the audio quality is noticably better with the AIs (which amazes me, as I was always pretty floored by the quality of the original).
StudioLive Forum Community Support » help!! » Go to message
Do you have "FireStudio" selected as the audio device in both programs? In S1 is your I/O setup configured properly? Are the tracks armed to record? (Forgive me for asking some of the most obvious, but sometimes newcomers aren't well versed in getting things setup to go with their systems.)
Studio One General Discussion » Should I get a faderport? » Go to message
Love mine. Does a lot, very compact. I've tried using larger control surfaces, but I always wind up going back to the faderport because it takes up so little space, and I don't really need to control a lot of tracks simultaneously.
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That's a guitar orgy!
24.4.2 » Long Distance Firewire recording with Capture » Go to message
I think the above solution is the best way to go, but, at least in theory, several of these strung together will do it. The unknown is whether the FW buss would supply enough power for 6 of those in-line repeaters, or whether it would fail because of that. At least on paper, a series of repeaters should make it work. No guarantees from me, though. YMMV.
Studio One General Discussion » Special Deals and Freebies » Go to message
That looks like a pretty useful channel strip. I'll definitely try it out!
Digital Audio Recording » Recording our first live show on a 24.4.2. Looking for advice on the DigOut selection? » Go to message
Yeah, Matt is one of the good guys -- and I see, Matt, that you've crossed the 3K mark just ahead of me (not that it was a contest, mind you). Congrats!
16.4.2 » our church 16.4.2 is locking » Go to message
And, again, more info about your system, what you've tried, etc. is helpful. Also, did you try changing the FW ID?
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