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I hope this does not confuse things more but I wonder about a correlation.
I have had a FP 10 for years and the reverse happens with mine. When it is cold I turn it on and hear terrible break-up of signal that comes in way too hot (loud). It takes some warming up for the sound to correct itself. Also, there have been sound dropouts as well meaning all of the sudden there is no output. Turing the Presonus off and back on will always fix it but as you know there is little to save face when your sound goes out. This has been going on for years now and I just never did anything about it. I surmised that it has something to do with the internal routing. I make a point to NOT have a computer hooked up to it in a live situation for the very reason that I don't trust a computer for a whole show.

Stuart Smith
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ACH! I need to know this too. Except, for years I am a Presonus FP10 user and before that a Firebox user. I just got off the phone with a tech at Muse Research who helped me run down the signal chain for UniWire through S1. Everything was positive as far as routing goes. The reason I called and the issue that was not resolved with their help was that whenever I engaged the Uniwire plug-in through a channel insert it would stop all audio going out.

The setup:
Guitar into Audiobox 1818
Audiobox 1818 into MacBook OS10.6 via USB
Signal routed through VSL insert from channel into Muse Receptor Trio via Uniwire direct ethernet cable.

The action:
Follow the signal chain with Muse tech and verify all settings are approriate. Result: confirmed but still no audio out.
Next, ask CEO Brian Lanser. Result: a shrug and recommendation to contact Presonus support concerning why S1 recognizes Uniwire when plugged in but does not pass audio through to Receptor. VOLLEY!!

Again, audio passes through the channel and routes to all sends I have set up until I engage the Uniwire plug-in. The plug-in UI which leads to the mixer view does not show audio coming in to the Receptor.

Stuart Smith
Receptor Trio
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