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Not defending...seeking the truth. It irritates me when people make unjustified claims for no reason other than to be negative. I would react the same for a Presonus product...or any other.
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I asked Ryan at Front End Audio to take a closer look as well. He assures me the tube is the light LED. He's a distributor...that's two pretty reliable folks I'd say.

I always wondered why people couldn't understand the difference between a Chinese designed product...and a western design manufactured in China. Particularly given that Lewitt owns the factory. I'd say they have a lot of control over the process. Chinese manufacturing is in many ways surpassing western capabilities these days...If a pattern sucks it's the design...there's not a whole lot a manufacturer can do to mess up a well designed capsule. I suspect the ones you're complaining about are mass produced...There are a collection of higher end companies that manufacture in China...and those that don't often are using Chinese parts in the design...hard to avoid these days.
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My brand allegiance if anything would be with Audio Technica...but I've used the Lewitt LCT 640 and 840 several times. Both are excellent both in build quality and in result. And I didn't imply any kick from a glowing tube...nor did imply that I didn't use my ears...what I did imply was that it seems that people often feel the need to make very declarative statements about very subjective things. Why bother except to feel superior?
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Beauvais wrote:
Gizzmo0815 wrote:As for the comment about "no good sounding Chinese capsules...I disagree, I've heard many. But what does that prove exactly? That we both have an opinion?

Sorry if this comes across as harsh or patronizing, I don't mean it this way. But it proves you've never heard these Chinese capsules next to a Neumann or AKG, or you're basically deaf. Seriously, I've done a lot of building and modding Chinese mics and their weakest spot was always the capsule, none of them could hold a candle against the classics, not by a hundred miles. Once you upgrade such mics with a good capsule, some of them are quite usable.

Maybe Lewitt have pulled it off, I don't know. I'm just saying I've never heard one, but then it's probably just a matter of time, until something usable comes along..

No...not it doesn't prove that at all.

It proves that you have an opinion...that's it. It doesn't actually say anything about my hearing. I've done a lot of recording with LOTS of microphones from the Neumans to the MXLs...there's a wide variety and a lot of subjectivity. I suspect your brand allegiences are as strong as your sense of hearing.
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66d35 wrote:I had one here for a day. There is something very strange going on with that 'tube glow'. It is highly abnormal. It appeared to me to be semi-backlit and far brighter than that tube would normally run at. I did not take it apart to find out, as it did not belong to me, but I have been around microphones for 40 years, and I know something odd when I see it. This was distinctly odd. Furthermore, doing a search, I found another (German) magazine review that also stated quite unequivocally that a LED was involved.

If it is not a LED, it is certainly not a 'normal' amount of visible light output from that tube. Are they over-running the heaters? No idea... but it is very strange indeed. There is a good photo here....see how most of the light is around the top of the tube?

I'd like to know what is really going on....

I'd like to know why you claimed to know what was really going on already? You either do or don't know that it's fake...from your statement's clear that you don't. Which is partially what you based your initial judgement that the microphone was "unprofessional" on.

Either way it doesn't really matter, specs indicate that in fact the tube is an important design element in the microphone. I suspect any LED use would be to ensure that the glow doesn't disappear when the tube circut isn't being used...which would likely ruin the asthetic effect they were trying to achieve.

Either way...unprofessional...Lewitt audio? Right.

As for the comment about "no good sounding Chinese capsules...I disagree, I've heard many. But what does that prove?

I'll tell you what it doesn't doesn't prove that either of us has a better sense of audio doesn't prove that Chinese capsules are bad or good. It also doesn't prove that if this particular microphone is made in China...that it sounds bad.

My point is that there seems to be a lot of grandstanding going on here. Something that's pretty common in audio forums. I just wonder why so many feel the need to appear to have the "best" opinion on these things...
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See my edit above...I contacted Lewitt...the "LED" you're talking about, according to them, is not present, the tube is the source. My previous assertion that it was present was from a Sound on Sound article. I've quoted the article to them, they've responded that it's not accurate.
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66d35 wrote:You are assuming that I was assuming. I wasn't. I've handled one and tried one. It is an yellow-orange LED that is giving that 'glow' not the tube.

The microphone sounds quite nice. I would not call it up there with the best established brands (Lewitt has only been around since 2009), but it is a respectable sounding microphone. I would say not vastly dissimilar to the SE Electronics tube mics when in that mode - and those can be very good indeed. The FET mode is also entirely workable. Personally, I did not think it stacked up too well against the U87 I tried it with, and in tube mode I thought Brauner, Neumann (M-147) and BeesNeez all had it beat, but it certainly was not bad. There were a few things turned me right off it, however.

1) Unnecessarily complex (and long-term, untried) circuitry and multiple switches of a rather sensitive nature (illuminated, push type)
2) Very unusual 11-pin XLR/Cable. Looked quite fragile to me. Very thin pins. Easy to bend.
3) Styling. Trying too hard to look 'vintage' and using cheap fakery to do it (just like Behringer have on occasions).
4) Again, complex and unnecessary 'auto' controls for pads, clipping. Given the specified headroom, it is hardly required (unless you are going to record gunshots at close range, possibly). Seems to be there for marketing reasons...

As I said, decent, good sounding microphone. Designed by ex-AKG guy (hence the Austrian connection), but built in China. Clearly they must have identified a market for something like this... but it isn't me. Might appeal to the kinds of studio where impressing clients is important, does look kind of nice with the room lights turned down.

To be clear it's designed in Austria, manufactured in China at a factory owned by Lewitt...which, these days doesn't mean much since Chinese manufacturing has long since surpassed the place where quality wasn't equal to western manufacturers. As if there weren't U.S. or German made products that aren't good quality.

And there's nothing complex looking about the controls. It's quite simple really. Not all that different from any other multi-pattern microphone.

11 pin cables aren't all that unusual for tube designs. I've got several.

According to Lewitt themselves there is no LED. I sent them an e-mail directly so the tube itself does in fact "glow".

From: mike van der logt
7:37 PM (27 minutes ago)
To: me

Hi Nate,

Thanks for your email and interest in our Lewitt products.

The Tube in the LCT940 lights up the window and so it is the actual glow of the tube and not some other source

Let me know where you are from if you need help in finding this microphone

Best regards,


Which may not be important to you, but it doesn't mean the product is bad. It just means that you don't consider asthetics important in a microphone...or that your personal tastes disagree. It doesn't, however, make the microphone unprofessional either.

Styling is completely subjective, so your "trying to hard" is my "looks fantastic". Reviews from multiple sources all seem to agree though that it's an excellent sounding microphone.

One thing, however, that I do find to be potentially very useful is the ability to combine the two types of microphones at the source...something I do very often post production after having used two microphones to record. It's a unique idea which I applaud. Price...high...looks debateable...but unprofessional? I don't understand that judgement.
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66d35 wrote:The fake 'Tube Glow' is ridiculous. Worthy of a bling-covered toy, not a professional tool.

Why are you assuming it's fake? It just looks like window that allows the tube to be visible to me. Gimicky maybe, but it doesn't make it unprofessional. What would make it unprofessional is a lack of quality, something which Lewitt isn't known for. I'm not sure I understand why you would make such a judgement without ever having tried the microphone in question...seems unprofessional.
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I'm currently overseas for a time (military) and wanted a smaller guitar to take with me so I could have something to practice with. So I picked up a Taylor GS-Mini. It's what people might term a "parlour guitar". Small, concert shaped body. I'll get back to the guitar in a second.

I wanted to have a way to record ideas and things while I was out here but I obviously didn't want to have to bring along a ton of recording gear. So...I brought my iPad, a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, USB hub, small desktop mic stand, my AT2020 microphone and an Arturia Minilab keyboard. All of that fit inside a medium sized backpack.

I had my wife ship me the guitar, not because I couldn't have traveled with it it's small enough that I could, but I just didn't want to haul it halfway around the world.

So I have my little mini-recording rig and it works well. A few iPad apps for things like drums and a little background stuff...a perfectly usable sketchpad.

The guitar though!! As small as it is I was thinking the sound would be compromised. And perhaps for a live performance it would be a little lackluster (although I wouldn't say that it's unusable by any means). However, recorded it sounds phenomenal! I've found in the past that smaller bodied guitars often sound quite good when recorded. The bass isn't as present and doesn't overload the microphone, so the highs are actually very crisp. As a studio guitar it may actually sound better than my Martin, or my full sized Taylor.

I was impressed to say the least. It really is a magical little acoustic. If anyone is looking for a guitar to travel with, or a campfire guitar, or really a fantastic sounding studio guitar, I'd highly recommend the GS-Mini. I'm having a blast with it.
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All for the low low price of $1500!

Just kidding...good quality costs money...can't wait to see more reviews.
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A free alternative to a lot of the relatively expensive noise removal tools is ReaFir. It's a plug that comes with Reaper, but you can go to the Cockos site and download VST versions of the plugins. It's basically a multiband gate with infinte bands...extremely powerful. But is has a noise removal capability, simply turn on "build noise profile" during the quiet bits in your song and "record" the room noise. The plug will build a profile of the sound and then once you turn it on will subtract it from the track. Used VERY carefully it's as good as any of the for-pay plugs out there, and is completely free.

Be cautious though, it can also seriously mess up your tracks if used too heavily...

Not the prettiest plug in the world, but quite powerful.
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FyLe ForMatz wrote:

it's kinda crazy how Izotope gives you a linear phase EQ with OZONE...but NOT with ALLOY.

Not when you think about what the two were designed for.

Ozone is billed as a mastering suite. Generally linear phase EQs are somewhat more resource intensive, so using a single one in order to fix very specific problems in a mix is a more common use of them in mastering. Or...possibly on a mix bus.

Alloy is pitched as a mixing tool, so a non-linear phase EQ is more often used in this case, and the effects in Alloy are all designed to be less resource intensive in order to allow for more instances of the plug without dogging your system.

Generally I think "scalpel" when I think linear phase. It's a tool that I use to fix very specific problems, most often for correction rather than sound shaping. But as with hard and fast rules...use whatever you need to achieve what you envision
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So I've been around here pretty much since day 1. A few changes might have altered some of the mood here.

1) Studio One is pretty popular now.

Presonus has more work to do to keep up, so the forum has had to shift slightly. It's a company forum first and foremost so the main effort by any of the Presonus folks will be to keep the forum on topic, I.E. mostly it's for Presonus stuff. Earlier on with no/few mods the forum was a much more organic place where topics ranged from Presonus stuff to politics. While a pleasant place to chat with friends, the intent of the forum is to provide an outlet and inlet to the public to Presonus, and for users to discuss Presonus stuff.'s not unreasonable to see a little more of a straightforward approach to what gets answered by the Presonus folks and the regulars. This doesn't mean they don't care or don't want us to have fun, just that they need it to serve the purpose they intended it for.

2) Studio One is not "new news" anymore.

Less hype, more steady info, which always comes at a slower pace. You'll see the forum flare up again when the next release comes about.

3) The regulars are still here, but their lives have changed a lot over the years!

Some got new jobs, some developed new sources of income that took more time. Some have personal things that take them away for long times. I'm here when able but I also have my day job which is currently demanding a lot of my time (I.E. just about all of it!). So I'm around much less than I used o be. As life ebbs and flows I come back for more activity during some times. It doesn't mean I like the place any less. This is true for a lot of the old regulars...but they're here...

Don't stress about it too much. Those who are cool here will be cool, and those who are not, usually don't hang around for very long. The forum still has it's old pizazz, just a little more mature these days.
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overcoat wrote:
Gizzmo0815 wrote:Not really. You won't likely see much of a difference from what you have now. In that $200-$300 range there really isn't a whole lot you can do to drastically improve sound quality. Most mics at that price point will be pretty transparent, often a little bit harsh in the high ranges, an the AKG perception line doesn't really change that much.

In order to truly notice a drastic difference you'd have to bump up to a significantly higher price range. And really what you're paying for at that point is uniqueness. This is why the Neuman high end mics are so famous. Not because they're "transparent" but quite the opposite. And you pay for that sound.

At the $300-$400 price point you can get excellent QUALITY meaning built well and long lasting with a generally similar sound to those you'd pay $200 for so I like to recommend some of those. ADK makes excellent microphones in this price range. The A6 in particular is one that you'd never get sick of, and it's very versatile. For slightly different colors the Vienna and Hamburg are excellent also.

Mics are an area where you get what you pay for. Often I've found that the cheaper the mic, the cheaper the build quality. They may sound fine, but might not be very durable or might not last.

I'd say stop spending at this point and save up for two or three high end pieces of gear for your setup. Drop a grand or so on a nice preamp and another $800-1000 on a mic. Then you'll stop worrying about always upgrading to the next best thing. You'll spend less in the long run and you'll stop looking for more gear. Note, of course, that recording space will always be the thing that MOST affects your sound. So if you're recording in a bathroom...expect it to sound like it was recorded in a bathroom. It's often better to spend money to use a nicer space like a hall somewhere or something like that.

My rambling $0.02 on the matter

I had my eye on the A6 for a while. I'm still gonna pick one up, but i found a great local deal on a Blue Reactor mic. I love it. it sounds awesome on acoustic guitar and vocals so far. I also picked up a GAP pre-73 and had it modded from the guys at ZenPro. I knew i wasn't gonna be able to afford a $1000 mic and a $1000 pre. I'm pretty happy with what i have for now. I always want more though It never ends. what an expensive addiction!

I really can't say enough about ADK's mics. Their higher end ones are great creations that have lots of different flavors/colors. But their basic line are some of the most flexible, and useful ones I've ever come across. Built well...and the company is great to deal with as well if you have questions or issues.
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crow wrote:Thanks gizzmo i am going to kick this very very bad habbit and except that i need a 1000 mic and 1000 pre to get that pro sound so do u think with my setup i can achieve a radio ready cd?

You don't NEED a $1000 mic and a $1000 pre. That's not really what I meant. BUT, if you save up and make sure that the equipment you're buying is good quality (and that might mean $500 for you, it really does depend a bit) and has a good reputation. Then you'll stop worrying about it and won't have to keep wondering if you should get that next thing to make your sound better or whatever. If your gear is top notch...then you can be assured that the weakness is YOU and your skills I don't mean that you aren't skilled I just mean that you can stop thinking about gear and start focusing on your art.

Radio-ready? Not in the way you're thinking I suspect. But a good track is a good track is a good track. Honestly anything you make in your home studio in your bedroom isn't going to end up on the radio anyhow (unless maybe it's a college or local station or something like that). The industry that controls major radio play is still very much alive and well, you would almost certainly have to get your music through a label to get onto mainstream radio. But best thing would probably be to just not worry about that. Just make it off where and when you can to people that might be able to increase visibility, and if it happens for you then the "radio" thing will work itself out in the end. Or continue down the independent route like you did with your last album. There's plenty of room in that market for gathering a following.
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