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jBranam wrote:...... one question... what does OP stand for? i see it alot...

Original Poster. In this thread, that would be you.
Studio One General Discussion » not real happy now » Go to message
To the OP,

Cancel your order, then order it from one of the many other retailers who can ship it right away (or allow you to download the software!)

Like this place...

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overcoat wrote:Ya, no worries... but can i ask, how could it possibly be the interface? seems like if S1 was gonna take video the interface really has nothing to do with that except for playback of the audio. just a question..

Agreed. To the OP -- What kind of video are you trying to play?

Right-click on the video file and choose "Open with". It should show you the compatible player(s) you have installed.

It's possible you lost your original video player during an upgrade - or it simply needs reinstalling.
LMike wrote: I suppose "Craig's List" means "Craig Anderton's List" being that he's so closely associated with that mag?

I believe so, seeing that he was the co-founder of the magazine.

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Wow, bizarre.

Though it might explain why a few weeks ago the forums suddenly refused to recognize my login Dijon (hence the Dijon2 I use now). Oddly, enough, I just tried to login under the old name, and whaddaya know - it works fine now!

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Another excellent job, Bill (with the v2 tutorial)!

I've been watching these "on the go" with my new tablet, and it amazes me how much I've picked up with barely a a glance at the user manual (No offense to Presonus, as I do like the new manual a lot over the old one).

I can't recommend these highly enough - especially for newbs who might not want to spend their time poring over the rather large manual. By watching a few (short) vids a day, you can be a S1 whiz in just a week or two!

Best $20 I've spent in a long time!

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Flandersh wrote:For some unknown reason the 2.0.3 patch seemed to fix the issues

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No, it appears you are correct.

I found the review in question and it refers to an update made to Sonar X1 (that improved OC's performance)... Not to the OC drivers.

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reginaldec wrote:..... I've been checking for driver updates (which was the main reason for my switching from E-MU) since version 1 and there haven't been any, but it works well with the current version.

I don't think the former statement is true -- there has been at least one driver update since the initial release. I've seen a couple of references to it in a review of the Octa-Capture (I think it was in Craig Anderton's long review over at harmony central. I'll try and find it), where mention was made of an update that improved low latency performance.

Of course, there may not have been a driver update since you got the unit - depending on when that was - but that's not the same thing as saying there hasn't been a release after 1.0 (Because there has been).

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How did I miss this earlier?!

Sorry, skiltrip, but there's no deleting here. Only unlimited levels of undo!
Studio One General Discussion » PRESONUS EUREKA MODD? SETTINGS FOR HIPHOP VOCALS!! » Go to message
I don't have the Eureka anymore. But I didn't use it for hiphop, so can't give you any settings.

Besides, it doesn't matter what "type" of music you're making, you should be able to get a strong signal with your mics -- if you have everything hooked up and set correctly. There are five impedance settings for your mic. If you're getting a weak signal, have you tried a different impedance setting?

I would start by bypassing all compression and EQ, and focusing on just getting a clear strong signal first.

If you haven't already, you really should read the manual:

(BTW, there are some "suggested"settings in the back of the manual). Good luck.

Studio One General Discussion » PRESONUS EUREKA MODD? SETTINGS FOR HIPHOP VOCALS!! » Go to message
The Eureka op-amp swap is simple. No soldering, just remove the old opamps with your hand (or tweezers), and pop the new ones in. Just make sure you're static-free when you do it

What kind of microphone are you using? If condenser, is the phantom power on?

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You don't mention it, but you'll need a 64 bit OS to take advantage of more than (about) 3.5GB of ram. (You may already know this, but just thought I'd throw it out there just in case you didn't).

Also, one area where people tend to not use multi-timbral VSTi's properly is the loading of instruments. I don't know about Omnisphere, but Kontakt can handle 32 channels/outputs per instance. You say you're running 3-5 instances of Kontakt... Did you mean to say 3-5 instruments within Kontakt? If not, you should be using just one instance of Kontakt for all of your instruments (At least, all the ones you mentioned).

The same could be true of your other multi-timbral VSTi's/ as well...

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Gizzmo0815 wrote:

... I simply suggest that if something bothers you...don't read it.

Odd comment, since this forum is called Studio One General Discussion. Is it appropriate that I start a thread here about rebuiding car engines? Why have categories at all if you feel like you can say anything on any subject, and I'm supposed to just ignore it if I don't think it's on topic?

I believe the best option is to have a subforum for ROT (Really off topic) subjects. Better that those of us who don't want to read it can just skip the ROT entirely. As far as your comment, it's disingenuous IMO to think that even if we don't read the arguments, the bad feelings from them won't spill over into the rest of the forum.

I do agree that if you want to speak your mind about something, you should be able to do so -- but if it's politics, religion, or whatever (that isn't Presonus related), then, frankly, it doesn't belong in any of the existing categories. So I vote that they create a new one for R.O.T . (It obviously doesn't have to be called that, but I wouldn't be offended if the mods used my idea. ).

Studio One General Discussion » OT: Awesome job!!! We're all a bunch of terrorist's now... » Go to message
Sorry to hijack this thread (not)... But what do you guys think of Studio One,v2?

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