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My speculation;

With their software commitment, the next logical product will be control surfaces for Studio One. Motorised faders, midi etc. They already have history with faderport. I predict this will be an entirly new product instead of a 1642 mkII. The 1642 and 2442 still have a lot of life span (sales) left in them before it worth putting money into launching the mkII. We may even see mics and monitors to complement the software and interfaces first.

In fact i reckon a smaller format desk say 8 ch will be launched with new chip then the mkII 1642 and 2442 will be out with a option to go motorised fader.

Hmm who knows, wait and see. There will always be new advancements but i think PreSonus will continue to amaze us with fabulous product at a great price.
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Ok forum techs/mods, this is still not working.

I'm trying to change my forum user profile email so all my forum "new post, PM, etc" alerts arrive at my new email address.

In the forums "My Profile" I notice in the change password/email area you have created a link to the hardware/software registration.

I had actually ALREADY updated my info in the "Update Customer Profile" section of my Account.

In fact; every time I open that page, my new email address is there but my postal address vanishes and my date of birth gets scrambled.

Yet I am still getting the alert emails in my old email address, nothing in my new one.

I just opened "My Profile" in the forum and told it to display my email address in my posts. Sure enough it comes up with my old email address.

Why is it so complex/impossible to simply change my account details?

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Thankyou Brad, PM sent back. Will leave this thread be and continue conversation in PM land.

For the record viewers I am not having any troubles with my PreSonus gear. Just having troubles updating my email address in my forum user profile.
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kibo wrote: if i have an ipad do i still have to pay for the iteleport that i had purchase for my iphone. just asking!

If you open itunes, down the left hand side under "library" click the "app" section. iTeleport is listed as an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad App.
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nopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedjfckgvkjbklhuhlbclas xALKHGKLJB

Just kidding. Seriously i haven't worried about it. But with apple reaching 10-12% of the market share, the day will eventually come that it will be required.
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Sorry for posting here guys, just spent 20,ins trying to find where/how to contact forum tech support.
Running into problems when trying to update my user profile.
Had to resort to this.
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Anyone ever get hold of one of the PreSonus made dustcovers for the StudioLive?

Wondering if it is a long shot calling the Australian distributor.
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There is no way i would place this desk in an install even for one day if i had smelt "burning plastic" coming from the unit. If anything were to happen, you would be liable. Maybe me but I wouldn't risk a law suit.
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i always keep my desks covered when not in use. I also vacuum the loose dust n grime from my desks instead of moving it around with a leaf blower.
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There are also stand alone drivers to enable macs to read NTFS formatted drives. Such as Macfuse or tuxera's NTFS-3G. An option instead of installing all (or parts of) Bootcamp. There are also drivers that enable Windows PC's to read MAC OS extended formatted drives.

I partitioned and formatted a 1tb drive:

500gig Mac os extended (journaled) as a backup clone of my internal.
500gig NTFS for my itunes library.

with the NTFS driver on my mac, it can read the itunes. If I take my itunes library to play on a friends WinPC, it's in the native format and ready to play. Avoids having to download drivers on every WinPC i plug into.
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Might just point out if you use capture and "arm all record", you will be tracking the main outs as well. So 18 tracks.

The above calcs are based on the StudioLives bit depth of 24.
The option of changing the sample rate down from 48 kHz to 44.1 kHz will use 454MB per track per hour instead of 494MB.

So 18 tracks at 44.1 = 7GB 1007MB per hour (4 hours = 31GB 0959MB)
Or 18 tracks at 48.0 = 8GB 0706MB per hour (4 hours = 34GB 0779MB)

CD is of course 16 bit depth 44.1 kHz sample rate.

If you're wanting to sync your recording up to video of the event, 48 kHz is the way to go.
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rickhebert wrote:

Is it possible to record the band's sound check, use the firewire re-routing to edit the mix by applying FAT channel settings, then apply those settings to the live mix?

Welcome, Yep entirely possible. Easiest to use the Capture program as the recorded tracks are hard wired to the corresponding channels on the StudioLive. So record the sound check, then play back the recording and engage each channel's firewire return button. Fat channel it up to your hearts content, mix and if you dare let the band listen out front.

As far as applying it to the live mix when the band jumps back up, you can either:
Leave the desk running to be able to take off from were you left it, or
Switch it off and when you switch it back on the desk should start up from where you left it. This is a feature for when you unexpectedly loose power.
Or save each Fat channel setting if you want to be able to recall them individually for future gigs, or
Save the entire desk "Scene"

Just dont forget that when you mix off a recording, you wont be hearing any of the usual acoustic and amp stage bleed.

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Use a capture recording and the channel firewire returns on the desk to do a soundcheck. Only problem is because your channels are playing back tracks instead of being open mics, you wont find the feedback limits associated with compression and make up gain.
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PhilG wrote:nothing at the moment apart form wireless gear, looking at buying a dual 31 band though not sure where to start looking for something good - music shops in Brisbane are crap

What about Musiclab 34 Campbell St
Bowen Hills QLD 4006

(07) 3332 8188

dbx 231 good starting point if your looking for a dual 31

my outboard varies on setting/application.
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forgot step 9: Donate to Bombich Software as a thanks for the handy CCC.

But yeah, this is the way to go. Both CCC and Shirt Pocket's "Super Duper" are easy to use and are a great alternative to Time Machine when doing regular timed backups of your internal. They copy 100% in a block by block fashion and can actually free up some space due to the defrag-ing this method produces.
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