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Yes, you are absolutely right, without a doubt. How stupid of me.

Now please, let go of my arm. :p

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Hey Mike. Not sure if I'm supposed to say "You're welcome" to your "thanks."

I did get a bit of a dismissive vibe from your post, although I'm sure that was unintentional. But sometimes it's good to be clear the first time around rather than needing to explain it in a subsequent post.

Anyway, I'm sure we're all looking forward to the update, not matter who wins the pool as to the release date.

All the best.
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LMike wrote:Afaik, there's only ever been one official comment about 2.6, from the guy who does the live streams, who said "soon", some weeks ago. He's the only person employed by PreSonus who I've ever heard mention anything about it publicly.

How that turned into an "end of June" rumor I have no clue.

With NAMM being next week I think there's a - chance - it may release around that time, if they attend, and I have no clue if they will or not but I think they do all the trade shows.

On this forum, some months ago, a person said their friend was a developer waiting for a fix from Presonus for his software. They told him, according to this poster, "end of june" (ish).

In one of the presonus videos I watched, one of the employees here said "Just around the corner." It MAY have been "steadyb" on Presonus Live.

I may have a creative mind, but I'm definitely not making this stuff up as I go along. However, if the earth must remain flat. So be it.

I'll walk off the edge now.
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On one of the live shows, it was supposed to be "just around the corner." Too many pages in this thread to keep pace with other info.

It could also be counterintelligence - an evil plot by rival software companies to fool the faithful S1 masses.

C'mon, it's possible.
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My anticipation is based on excitement, not frustration with S1 or any lack of features. I think if some very successful industry people are using Studio One in a high pressure commercial environment, then my own needs at home are also probably manageable.

I just know there are a couple of new "features" in this update, which was rumored for release "end of June."

C'mon Santa!
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This morning I placed an online bet that the "Second Coming" would be first, followed by the 2.6 update.

[Wait! What's that rustling sound? It sounds like the footfall of NIKE sandals...]
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Sure, we laugh it off - until someone actually dies as they're waiting for S1 to launch. It could happen, especially if the guy has an anxiety problem. Then S1 would be AN ACCESSORY to murder. [cue dramatic swell]

But seriously...

Yes, it's slower than Reaper, but once it's running, I can work on it faster to make up for lost time. More intuitive GUI.
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re; Graphic card: again - why only Impact?

Also, the Impact interface is never open, nor are any other windows but the main workspace when this high CPU occurs. It's obviously just a bug or some glitch in the installation that affected my computer - and perhaps others.

The CPU meters readouts also flicker like mad constantly - Reaper doesn't do this, nor does Digital Performer or any DAW I've used. I know there were some issues with GUI lag in this install. So again, I assume that Presonus will eventually fix whatever is MY fault for now.

[Retail 101: We are always the first to experience this particular problem. Management has never heard of it before, but they'll look into it.]

Anyway, that's enough typing for me on this topic. I'll just use another drum sampler for now. It's not a big deal for me.

Thanks guys. Good luck, Philip.
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Hey there. Me again.

My concern is why is ONLY Impact being affected and not every other plugin or VSTi? It points a finger at Impact, not a particular setting.

It seems logical to me that if no other plugins are hogging power, then neither should Impact. And if it is a setting, then all plugins, or at least some that are similar in nature (using multi samples and being polyphonic) should also be red lining.

I checked my performance, changed it from balanced to high. Impact still wanted 1/2 my CPU power. So I changed it back. I have lots of drum plugins to choose from (BFD2, Battery, etc.) so I don't need Impact. But I thought for convenience I'd use it in scratching out the arrangement for a new song. Pity I can't use it as advertised.

Again, if it's a computer setting/audio card setting, why is only Impact affected? I think BFD2, fully loaded, uses up to 5%.

Just sayin'.
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Hi there. FIrst post. Hello fellow S1 enthusiasts.

re; IMPACT CPU usage.

Ironically, I took a shot of the CPU usage on my own machine 2 days ago; I'm running S1 2.51 on a quad PC I built 3 years ago to specifically run Reaper - now I use S1 mostly.

Anyway, long story short, the buffer on my RME HDSP card is set at 128 - not ridiculously low for a decent machine. Also noteworthy is that NOTHING is hitting past 10% CPU usage, most at 1%-2% range, as the pic shows, except IMPACT which wants to eat my computer and any food nearby - even my cat has an unexplained scratch. IMPACT? Perhaps.

Also notice, there are a few VSTis in that list that have plenty of samples. However, their CPU usage is minimal. IMPACT? It wants 110% plus interest.

The OP, Philip's machine, is an i-7 and therefore more powerful than mine. That's why I do not believe that any setting would affect only this one VSTi when all the others are playing nice with S1. To me, I smell a conspiracy. [cue mystery theme]

Anyway, that's what I believe. However, I am willing to convert to a new religion if necessary—if the afterlife plan is lucractive.
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