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Right here:
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That's the great thing about opinions. Everyone can have one

And you don't even have to apologize for having it!

I think the real money is in the integration changes. You're talking about physical changes to the board (of which there are many) over the previous models. Those changes come at a cost though. With a well established user base that have all gotten used to the StudioLive workflow its it a better tactical choice NOT to change those things too much in my opinion. However the additional integration options the new line offers you've got the ability to put together a kit for either live or studio that's REALLY tight and simple to use, but without the same kinds of restrictions that used to be standard with some of their competitors like Avid's old paradigm around Pro Tools.

And, as you've pointed out, there are so many other options that are out there, you can truly pick your poison
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mwright137 wrote:Actually Gizzmo, Rick said in one of the videos today that the AI mixers have new, better AD/DA converters in them and remarked that beta testers unanimously stated that the new boards sound better than the old ones. Just sayin...

Eh...the specs are the same for the digital audio components. If the specs are the same, then it's likely no human ear could tell the difference. And I would be shocked if a company representative for a company that sold two more expensive than the other...DIDN'T try to push sales towards the more expensive, new product.

Blind tests would be the only true proof on this. And from what I've seen, discussed and read, the vast majority of the difference ISN'T hardware, it's workflow, software and integration. My point still remains...the board he bought is a great quality board.
StudioLive General Discussion » A month after I buy my second Studiolive 24...... It's out of date » Go to message
Most of the improvements (according to the tech specs) made to the AI line are workflow and integration. So audio-wise your board is just as good.

For me, the sound quality comes first and the workflow things come second, so if you look at it that way you still have a fantastic piece of kit.

I do, however, absolutely know how you feel. I've had similar purchasing experiences in the past which are always a little painful. But your board is still awesome...and at least from an audio quality standpoint, just as awesome as the upgrade when you can, but don't feel bad about your purchase
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I don't have one but multiple reports from users here who do confirm that it does in fact work well with the new 2.6 improvements.
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I'll second the Native Instruments products. Specifically their "Komplete" package. It comes in two varieties: Standard and Ultimate. Ultimate basically comes with everyting in the Komplete line. Important inclusions in the package are Kontakt, Massive, FM8, Absynth, Battery and a host of libraries and patches for all of them.

If you're looking for a one stop shop for just about any sound you need, I'd start there. Kontakt in particular, as was mentioned, has a MASSIVE list of third party libraries that can be loaded and used in addition to the stock.

It might seem like a high entry price for a piece of software, but frankly you could go an entire musical career and not really NEED anything else.
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hibidy wrote:

gizmo is going to hate me but......

Why would I hate a link to one of the best songs evar!!

As for the rest of this thread. I giggled. I've been using Studio One since it came out, and export stems is still easy.

Don't bash the buy though, he's just a grumpy bear who's apparently gone into hibernation.
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I've got one and it works fine here. I've been using Windows 8 x64 for a while now, but I did use it successfully on Win7 with no problems. The CPU usage is quite low with it actually, so I'm not exactly sure why it might cause problems.

What model computer do you have? It's likely something to do with your setup as I do know that there are lots of folks who use the Scarlett interfaces with Studio One just fine. If you post your specs maybe we can help narrow down the problem.
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The only effects you can record in S1 are the fat channel effects through the digital out (firewire). The reverb/delay effects can't be recorded through the dig out link. You'd have to run a line our of the main outs of the mixer and into the line IN on either another interface, or you could route the output into a channel on the mixer and record that through the dig out.
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hibidy wrote:I'm having a tough time with these threads lately. Seems you:

-can't joke
-can't say anything that is different from what someone else says
-can't anticipate 2.6
-can't be upset at the flyer that shows they obviously have 2.6 but didn't announce it EVEN THOUGH it was a namm show
-can't enjoy the show (no popcorn or soda)

Honestly. So much harmless stuff being said, but so much tension. Time for a massage! Or cat pics, I can't decide which.

The joking isn't the problem. Everyone here knows when a joke is a harmless joke, and when a joke comes at someone else's expense. Those are the times that it needs to end.

Saying something that's different is perfectly acceptable also. And all of us here should respect that, as long as "saying something different" isn't something like "that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, you're an idiot" because that does nothing good, ever.

Everyone anticipate's 2.6, that you didn't learn anything about it on a specific livestream is at most a minor irritation.

Be problem. You can even voice it...just keep things civil. There's too much pointed discussion around here...too much implication that people are incompetent/stupid/idiots/not working hard enough, and it's all worthless internet belligerence. We ALL have to make this a nice place to hang out, so be considerate with your posts, especially when you're addressing others, or the people that work hard to bring you a nice product, even if you disagree with something they've done.

I don't care if you eat popcorn or soda...but posting "bring your popcorn and soda" or "*gets out popcorn and soda*" does nothing more than egg on a bad situation. It implies that the behavior is acceptable, and even entertaining, thus increasing the likelihood that bad behavior will continue...pointless.
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tarsonis wrote:Anybody who request an arpeggiator is not a musician? o_O Can we stop insulting each other here. Same stuff going on in the logic x topic... getting really boring. Its like the ableton forum nr 2 in here.

I like where your head's at. Good suggestion.
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JDENT wrote:In my opinion a musician, somebody who can actually play a musical instrument, should be able to create reasonable music on any DAW platform. Unfortunately a lot of people who buy into a DAW think by learning how to use it makes them into musicians. They are the people who keep asking for all the extras like arpeggiators, step sequencers, intelligent drum machines etc. to help them realise their dream. I'm not against the use of such tools to give inspiration to the song writing process but I would never knock a DAW for not having them. I think Studio One has the balance right between functionality and workflow.

When I first started learning to play the guitar over 35 years ago I bought hundreds of books on the subject. Why?. Each book I bought didn't take me to were I wanted to be, so I kept buying them hoping that the next one I bought would be the one that unlocked my dream of being the next Jimi Hendrix, they never did. I think the same happens with DAW's , the next one will be the one that takes you there.

What I have learnt is use what you have got to its full potential the next version is, in most cases not going help you make any better music than you are making now regardless of how many new Gizmos it has.

I have been listening to a lot or UK garage psychedelia recently that was recorded in the early sixties. What they managed to create with the most basic of equipment, 4 track consoles, tape splicing, rudimentary effects etc. is amazing. Even the functionality of Studio One Free would have appeared to them as science fiction.

All well and good...but do we really think that any of these trends are going to stop? And is it the responsibility of Presonus to determine what anyone using a DAW should want to use it for? Or, since they're trying to sell a product, should they try to provide people with the tools they want. I wouldn't call someone who writes music in a DAW with an arpeggiator and chord builder a non-musician, they're making music using a method that suits them. I would agree they aren't using the traditional methods when learning to create music...but I don't consider it a good idea to tell them that's the wrong way to go about it either. I think it would be an equally bad business idea for any DAW developer to assume it was their job to tell their users what the "correct" way to use produce music was.

And so you find that most work to balance the needs of the professionals, the traditionalists, the avant-guarde, the non-conformists and the fundamentalists...What a monumental task for any company right? This causes a near constant ebb and flow of feature requests and "trends" that come and go. It's truly impossible to accomplish "complete customer satisfaction" in this regard. So you find that each company develops a "vision" that's guided by the input from their users. This leads to products like Ableton Live which serves some unique purposes that Studio One, or Cubase might not...but then you have the Studio One's the Logic's and the Pro Tools to serve others.

2.6 will likely iterate on both some ideas presented by users (dug out from the feature requests submitted on the forums and elsewhere), and some ideas dredged up from the minds of the developers, through their desire to make the product in their own unique fashion. If it doesn't address the individual needs of ME, or YOU. Find that company that did what you want, or suggest a new feature to the S1 dev team!
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5Lives wrote:We should also stop the blind fanboyism as well. I've been an S1 Pro user for a long time. I've done a number of commercial productions with it. I've also been a Logic and PT user for many years. I'm just calling it like it is. Most of the "my opinion is more valid that yours" arguments come from people who've never experienced working with other DAWs in professional environments.

Just because we love S1 (and we do - and I do just to be clear) doesn't mean it is the holy grail and doesn't mean we shouldn't push Presonus to continue to progress. That hurts nobody but us, the users.

You want some features / qualities?
- Better UI - this has been voiced by a large percentage of the user base, here and elsewhere.
- Better MIDI editing functions - pales in comparison to Logic, Cubase, and...*gasp* even PT.
- EuCon support - Logic, PT, and Cubase all have this
- Better Sampler (SampleOne is a joke) and improved convert to sampler

And these are all features Logic 9 already had before X. Now, OF COURSE S1 has features Logic doesn't have - otherwise, there wouldn't be any point in highlighting the benefits of Logic. But this is more about, hey, Logic is doing some interesting stuff and is super useful, hopefully Presonus can take a look...even if they are years late.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your position, in today's audio world, "professional environments" aren't the only target market anymore. All of the developers need to consider that when developing their products.

No blind fanboyism on my part, I made it clear I appreciate the advances made by Logic X in my last post.. I'm a happy user of 3 of the DAW's that many consider to be competitors to Studio One. I just have a vested interest in keeping the threads here civil. To include reducing, if possible, the use of terms like "fanboy" as they serve no purpose other than to incite negative reactions.

The best way to push Presonus to progress is to utilize the tools they've given us to do so. Including the feature request threads, which I assure you the developers track on a regular basis. Discussion is fine, even discussion about the competitor products are all welcome here. Just keep it civil...that's my only goal.
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hibidy wrote:I've noticed that it's best to have popcorn and a soda handy in these threads.

No I disagree. I think it's best not to even poke the proverbial bear with comments like this either.

Let's not worry about whether you need popcorn and soda. In fact, let's just not assume the thread is going to be entertaining for any other reason than the fact that it's friendly and informational. In fact, I can assure you it won't become a place for popcorn eating "trainwreck watchers".

Just don't participate unless you have something to discuss in a friendly manner without insinuating anything about anyone's lack of ability, the relative stupidity or "naievete" of one's opinion, and without insulting any one PERSON that participates or any one COMPANY that puts hard work into developing products for us to use.

To get back on track:

Logic X was released! Lots of new features for that DAW, including some great enhancements, like the iPad integration and a GUI overhaul. Congratulations to Apple for their hard work, they truly make the rest of the field work hard at continuing to develop excellent products. There are some great iterations on some ideas there that I think might make great additional features in Studio One, I think I'll go make a feature request about them.
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5Lives wrote:Nope. You actually use S1, Logic, PT, etc. for real work? Pretty self-evident if so.

Let's stop the condescension. Stop the bickering. Stop the USELESS "my opinion is more valid than yours because I do real work" or "my DAW selection is better than yours" because of whatever single feature makes it so.

If you want to have a discussion on FEATURES and why you like dislike them (in a pleasant manner), that's perfectly acceptable, and I'd recommend you follow it up with a feature request in the proper place here on the forums. If you want to argue about which DAW is best / is more full-featured, or what company sucks more / doesn't work hard enough, this thread won't last long as that argument won't be won, and doesn't belong here in the Studio One forum.
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