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AudioBox VSL 1818 » No output on Presonus AB 1818VSL » Go to message
24.4.2 » VSL SL control issue - iPad sees device and UC sees Ipad, but connection can not complete » Go to message
You have to give it permissions in VSL.
StudioLive Forum Community Support » Building scenes from home? » Go to message
With the Ai boards you can do it in demo mode.

The classic mixers it is not possible anymore since no longer sells the offline editor.
Pre-Sales Questions » Questions about 32.4.2 » Go to message
It should still work just fine. Though you made need to do a partial OS upgrade (don't go past 10.8.x, Mavericks still needs some work.

The iPad does not connect directly to the mixer. You need a wireless router to connect them.

RTA, Spectrograph and Smaart are audio functions and will require firewire connection to the computer. They still do not appear on the iPad app in any way.

Some scrolling may be needed to get them all on your screen. But I doubt it.
16.0.2 » PreSonus 16.0.2 Problems - Major Noise over speakers » Go to message
This sounds like interference of some sort.

The only suggestion I have is to keep testing it at low volume levels to avoid damage. When it happens instead of a full shutdown. Try killing off one thing at a time to help figure out what piece is actually causing the interference.

How are you routing the audio to the studiolive?
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The new facility has all the critical pieces functioning and they've done a complete move in.

The studio room isn't finished and there is some landscaping that likely still needs to be done. Overall, it's alive and just needs a bit of tweaking here and there.

I'm told there's an alligator that has been seen in the swamp outside. I think they should name him Reverb for Fat Channel.
Live Sound » 16.0.2 live streaming from a gig? » Go to message
Sign yourself up for the Presonus email newsletter and that'll get you links to Presonus Live.

They use livestream for their broadcast. See what you think of it.
Pre-Sales Questions » A pre-PreSonus Question or Application verification, LOL » Go to message
I still use LAtencyMon on my Win 8 rigs. Even though they don't mention it's compatibility (or at least didn't the last I looked) it works.

As a general thought, if it ain't broke it don't need fixin' If you're getting everything you want out of the rig then there's no need to dig much further. My new ASUS laptop has had very little configuration work done to it. Just the basics and it performs very well.

Got some new toys coming for it and once I get it assembled I'll post some pics and data.

I understand your woes when dealing with DIs. As a sound guy for part of my living I understand how difficult getting the artist's tone can be. If there is time I usually will just do a recording of them and bring them back to the board to dial it in to their ear. Works well. If not then I just do the best I can to what sounds pleasing to my ear.

Glad you're happy with the purchase and the experience thus far. I would very highly recommend running that working laptop into the ground. Once something works it is generally recommended to let it keep working until you just can't anymore.

We've noticed that folks aren't coming back to post successes to their issues as well so we are looking into methods of addressing it. More to come on that.

Can't wait to hear some recordings!!
Pre-Sales Questions » 32.4.2 AI Scene Recall Question » Go to message
Thanks Sal,

You are correct. I think I wrote that at about 3AM. My facts tend to be quite wrong after 2:45.
16.4.2AI » My 16.4.2 ai won't join any network » Go to message
Unless I'm mistaken, which has already happened once today, WPA only allows a password up to 14 characters.
Pre-Sales Questions » ADL 700 input meters!? » Go to message
Weird, there should be some indication of overload in there. I don't have one so I can't really steer you in the right direction with much other than guesses that work for most devices.

Figured it'd be the meter. I'm wrong again.
FireStudio Forum Community Support » Phantom Power Problem » Go to message
Submit a tech support request. Might be an internal failure.
FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » iPhone 5 to Presonus Firestudio Mobile » Go to message
There's no phantom on them. You'll be fine.

Ya might need some type of signal boost or increase the volume of the files on your phone.
FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » Firestudio Mobile freezes during playback » Go to message
O2Micro firewire drivers are not fully compatible. If you have an expresscard port on your dell you can go with that to install a confirmed good card and that should solve all of your woes.
AudioBox VSL 44 » Ribbon and condenser mics, together » Go to message
Good thinking Switch. A bit of advice as well on that note. Make sure of your cables if you can run phantom into the ribbon. a failed cable will kill the mic.
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