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I agree a good stereo mix that you keep an eye on would be ideal, but if he wants some control, how about sending him two different aux mixes, one with "me" and one with everything else (or some other combination thereof).

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Just came across this on ebay while looking for smaller usb monitors to perhaps put on my doghouse without blocking line of sight too badly. This really caught my eye. Don't know how robust it would be, however.
So, what do you think? Anyone try one or see it in person?

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Sorry, it looks like I'm a little late, but for future reference, Apple has their own remote app, cleverly named, "Remote," that can control iTunes. You can control stop, start, next, previous, volume, and even build your playlist. It talks to iTunes directly, so there's no need to even have iTunes at the forefront of your PC.

Here's a link to it in the appstore.

This app will also let others with remote installed on their phones to request songs in your library.

You'll have to check it out, but I don't see why it wouldn't work for you.
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I've tried them all, as far as I know, but I think I'm trying to get 44.1Khz and about 256 samples to work (lower buffer would, of course, be better). If I get up to around 512 the pop become a little less evident, but any are too many. Plus, it's just not usable live, which is the whole point, for me. All I really want to do is add a bass amp and maybe a guitar amp. Doesn't look very promising at the moment.

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Just got another reply from tech support (after a few troubleshooting attempts) who said, "This is an issue we have been working on." Which is fine, really; I rather not keep beating a dead horse if it's a known issue.
Also said to try the safe mode and a powered usb hub. Safe mode didn't help. I guess I'll dig up my hub.
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Thanks for the reply, bluesriff. Didn't seem to have an effect for me.
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Did you manage to sort this out? I believe the step you could be missing is you have to assign the aux you want to use to one of the extra channels the StudioLive spits out over firewire (25, 26, 27, 28, etc). You do this in the setting of VSL. Then you can use that channel in S1 as the input.
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rockstardave wrote:just copy/load an empty channel to the one you want to reset

Yep, or if you're in Universal Control, just select a blank channel, then grab the "hand" icon at the top of the screen and drag it where you want it. Still doesn't solve anything if you don't have a blank channel. Well, I'll just attach one.

BTW, for those that don't know, you can use just parts of a Fat Channel preset, so in this case you can selectively "zero" any section of the Fat Channel by dragging the preset to that part of the channel strip.

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Hi All. I guess I'm joining (or maybe starting) the Rice Crispy Club. I put in a ticket, but thought I'd post my issue here as well, at least as a record of it, though it doesn't seem people have had much luck with it. Here's all the background on my troubleshooting I can think of.

I recently purchased the AudioBox 1818VSL and it works great with just VSL running, and seems to be fine when I start S1-2 Artist by itself, but once I try to use them together, any audio that is routed through S1 has a constant crackling. A prerecorded aiff played back cleanly. All software and firmware is up-to-date. I tried AB VSL 1.2.1 as well and had the same result. I have gotten the same result on two different MacBooks, one running Snow Leopard and one on Lion, both up-to-date. Both Macs are "Santa Rosa, Late 2007" models, with 4 GB in each.

I have tried various sample rate and buffer settings all with the same (or worse) result. One thing that seemed odd is that StudioOne's sample rate remained constant regardless of being changed in the VSL app or Apple's Audio/Midi settings app. I don't know if that is what is supposed to happen or not.

I also noticed Studio One was running in 32 bit on both comps, but switching that to 64 bit showed no improvement (maybe a little worse). The computers cannot boot into 64 bit mode, although the terminal check does show a 64bit EFI.
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Alex Ashto wrote:I shipped it back.

Lost money, lost a lot of time. Worst experience ever. Thanks, Presonus.

Did you contact support?
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rhrmusic wrote:"Who exactly are you marketing your recording to that can hear 48kHz? No one"

48khz refers to the sampling rate not the frequency response. 48,000 samples per second of the analog complex sinusoidal waveform. Not the frequency response i.e. 40 hz - 20khz typical stated audio frequency.

That's embarrassing!.

I thought he meant who can hear the difference in sample rate, not who can hear a 48kHz tone.
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fazmanicg wrote:

Thanks. Yeah I knew that .... But not having them in VSL makes it useless to mix with. My thought is to just use that, a macbook pro and an iPad. How sweet would that be for smaller gigs

You can definitely use the ADAT inputs in VSL, just not the outputs. The next "gotcha" could be monitoring, though. You get three stereo monitor mixes, which, supposedly you can workaround to separate them, but it's not ideal.
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Good input, folks.

@ Andrew; I have pretty much the same concept as you. My two wireless units and AB are in a rack together to use for smaller gigs. And, I also have a FireStation (remember those? lol) attached via ADAT, which my wireless' are plugged into, actually. The part I like is I have a backup to the backup, as the FireStation can work as a standalone analog mixer.

@ fazmanicg: Incase you didn't know, you can get 16 XLR inputs (plus stereo sp/dif) by connecting any ADAT compatible preamp. At this point any extra ADAT outputs are not available when using VSL, but who knows what's down the pike.

And one more clarification, the DSP is not exactly built in; it comes from the attached computer, but the processing is at a very low level which produces practically no latency.
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Yeah, that makes sense. Based on one of your comments I wasn't quite sure you'd pulled the trigger. I see it in your signature now, though.

I don't think you'll need to worry about compatibility anytime soon. It should work as a standard ASIO device for a long time, and the USB iterations are supposed to be backward compatible, but I suppose your mileage may vary.

I suspect a StudioLive is in your future, anyway.
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Just confirmed I can run both the 24.4.2 plus the AB 1818VSL on the same computer and with back and for between the two remote apps without much trouble, but haven't taken it any further. Just curious if anyone is doing anything interesting with a SL/AB combo live (hey, that's kind of catchy, lol). First thing that comes to mind, and I think it's been mentioned, is a drum mixer.
Anyone manage to route a submix from the AB back to a stereo pair back to the SL over firewire?
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