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Pre-Sales Questions » M-Audio Venom not compatible with USB3 » Go to message
I have a 2012 Mac Mini, it has USB3 ports, no USB 2 ports. I bought a Venom today before I discovered they are not compatible with USB3
My bad, I usually check compatibility issues more thoroughly than this instance. Are there any workarounds for this? Anything in the near future to improve Venoms ability to talk to USB3? Thanks.

If I get a FireStudio Mobile could I plug the Venom keyboard analog 1/4" outs into the FSMs 1/4" inputs and interface it that way with my computer? I have this question up on a few forums, M-audio, Mac Rumors, etc. I think I could record this way, not sure how to access the Venoms editing software though?
Pre-Sales Questions » Presonus that is happy with Mountain Lion » Go to message
I think the issue is with a combination of OS 10.8.2, 2012 Mac Mini, and USB3. And the presonus gear is not the only stuff that has problems with these issues.
Studio One General Discussion » No novation sl mk2 supports? » Go to message
I think Novation now supports S1 with AutoMap 4. I am getting a FireStudio Mobile and am considering a ZeRO SL MKII to run on my 2012 Mac Mini ML 10.8.2. Any opinion it this set up is happy and functional?
Pre-Sales Questions » Which MIDI controller I should buy » Go to message
I think Novation now supports S1 with AutoMap 4
Digital Audio Recording » A good pair of mics for recording a live band at FOH, DAW controlers? » Go to message
Well, after many hours of research I have decided on a FireStudio Mobile for my first interface. One of the things I plain on doing is setting up close to the Front of House position (FOH) and positioning a mic on both sides of that area. With the extra analog inputs I will probably experiment with some direct outs, subs maybe?
I have 3 friends that have house gigs and they are OK with that. The management is OK as well so, as far as I know I just have to get the "talents" OK.
Any suggestions on what mics? I am looking for cheap but decent quality.
Would small diaphragm condenser mics work?
Also I have a Mac Book Pro and a Mac Mini, will I be able to install the software that comes with the FSM on both computers?
Pre-Sales Questions » M-Audio MobilePre Mk II Someone talk me out of it » Go to message
I have decided on the FSM, no sense in getting some thing that I end up not being satisfied with and could be broken with one drop. Thanks for the input!
AudioBox VSL 22 » Please Help! No signal from Audiobox 22 VSL in garageband or Audiobox VSL program » Go to message
What year and model is your computer?
Pre-Sales Questions » M-Audio MobilePre Mk II Someone talk me out of it » Go to message
Heck of a deal. I thought I would do due diligence and check out M-Audio tech support, and gosh, it looks like they have ZERO units compatible with ML 10.8.2. Did you say the FireStudio Mobile was happy with 10.8.2? The SOUND GODS may be pointing me that way?
Pre-Sales Questions » M-Audio MobilePre Mk II Someone talk me out of it » Go to message
I can get a M-Audio MobilePre Mk II for US$89.00, pro tools LE, no shipping, no tax. I have been waiting until Apple and Presonus got on the same page. ( I think Apple is the culprit here?) With the 22vsl drivers for the 2012 Mac Mini. I like the complete Presonus vibe, software StudioLive, etc. But, can I go wrong for $89?
So some one talk me down or provide some input on the Mk II and why I shouldn't jump on it? Thanks.
Live Sound » In Ear Monitor mix and a FOH » Go to message
What TimmyP said. Does he not trust you? Perhaps you could set up a riser for him directly behind FOH? Then he could play git and tell you what to do in real time? But then you would need IEs to hear him? So you would need the house mix in one ear and the git player voc in the other?

Sorry, I don't know what got in to me? A feeble attempt at humor....Happy Thanksgiving
Live Sound » condenser hypercardiode stage mics for acappella group » Go to message
OK once again I am not sure about a topic? How demanding do monitors have to be for this type of music? I really don't know. Why hyper mics? The few acapella groups I have mixed prefered 1 big fat studio mic ( figure 8, parallel to the stage front/group) and no monitors?
I am not criticizing, just trying to learn
Live Sound » Rta spectrograph » Go to message
Please enlighten this nub. Is a spectrograph part of a SL desk? Does it automatically eliminate feedback? If something fails the mons go flat?
Live Sound » Delay Alignment When Speakers Pointed Towards Stage » Go to message
Definitely not an area of my expertise. This is a night club? Live music? DJ? Is the material surroundsound or Quadraphonic? I have done time delays on extension speakers with 2 drumsticks and a delay between an aux send and delay stack amps. The speakers facing the crowd in opposite directions, with the same material can not be set can they? Perhaps a small area that sounds OK?

I did have a house gig with something similar, actually a rotating gig with 4 techs. We each got a gig a month at this club so we all got breaks from humping gear once a month. Anyway there were 2 speakers at the back of the room facing the stage/crowd. And non of us would turn the back speakers on because, well, in technical terms, it f*cked up the mix. $.02
Pre-Sales Questions » Presonus that is happy with Mountain Lion » Go to message
I searched but did not find Mountain Lion compatibility with StudioLive desks and all Presonus interfaces. Is there a page for that? I have been leaning towards a 22VSL but heard (here) there may be some issues with 22 and ML? Thanks Jack.
Live Sound » Headless kick mic placement? » Go to message
I have been around the Presonus forums for about a week and this is the first time I think I can contribute rather than just sucking info out of you folks.
I am retired now, have been for 2 years. 66 years old, too young to die, too old to rock & roll
Live sound tech, done "1 Billion shows"
Kik is a top priority for a rock mix. Vocals first, then kik, direct un-amplified instruments, then amplified instruments.
To achieve the best results in all drum close miking certain parameters should be realized.
1. The drummer should have a modicum of talent.
2. The drums should be somewhere close to being tuned properly. (see rule 1)
3. This may be controversial to some but mic placement is more important than mic quality.
3b. Assuming you are using pro mics, balanced xlr, etc. Sure, Sennhieser 421s are better than ( insert inexpensive mic here) Location, Location, Location!
4. If you don't have time to get the kik correct, you got there late.
OK enough of the outline format. Do you want "click", close to the head and close to the beater. More low end? Back off and move to the side. A balance of both? You figure it out.
Have the drummer kik the kik as hard as he will during the show. Have him kik it slowly, like 2-3 second intervals tweak the channel EQ ( 4 bands with mid sweeps is great, 4 set bands is better than 3 bands with sweeps.)
OK, I'm rambling, thoughts from the old side. This is all just MHO....Rock on!!!
PS Most importantly, 250 HZ is not your friend in drum world.
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