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I read somewhere that the TAB key should do this, but I've never got it to work in v2.6.

Maybe I should seek professional psychiatric help too?
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dgvoiceovers wrote:Yeah LMike I am now trying to work with the F5 to close. I really liked how I could just double hit whatever F key I wanted to and close it. Just guess I am going to have to get used to using the F5 key now unless they get it fixed back to the old way again which is what I would personally prefer.

+ 1
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Pooz wrote:Thanks,
but do I still need to manually remove and delete the original file and manually add the bounced one?

Also do I need to manually drag the bounced file to the original position in the arrange window?

1. The new bounced file will replace the original file in the arrangement window.

2. The new bounced file will place itself exactly to where your selection is at (range or events).

The old (original) file will not be automatcally erased from disk or the songs Pool.
Open the browser > Pool. Then Right Click and choose Remove Unused Files. A dialog box will open, and ask if you want to remove them permanently or just remove from Pool.

Please read up on file management and oher basics in the S1 manual. It's to important to take shortcuts here .
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When bouncing, it only takes the selected event/events and turn it into a new file. No more, no less.

Btw, it only takes seconds to bouce an audio file. Consider this as "save as"

Export is/can be another matter

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If you own/bought an older version, it should be availeable from your account.

I still have a S1 v1.6 demo in there. With some more demo autherizations still ready to use.
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dr4kan wrote:
HamHat wrote:
Toth wrote:Could you explain why you need the automation curve to be so precise? I would just like to know because I use automation extensively but I've never felt the automation to be imprecise with the current tools.

Just wondering for what applications you use automation because I see this feature being requested a lot lately.
I automate everything, finding the right balance of how much sound should come in from any sound at any given moment is essential for a clean mix, so being able to control the extent of your curve is a necessity for me. Especially when working with sweeps and filters.

I also find working with percentages can give great effects for example having a curve at 60% up and 40% down, it gives you that little difference of a sweep keeping up with the mix and not being overly loud.

Quoting a famous Grammy Award-winning mixer engineer: if you need a lot of automation in your mix, you're doing something wrong with it...

I have to agree with the Grammy Award-winning mixer engineer.
The better the arrangement (and source material), the less automation is needed.

The more "cluttered" the arr is........well.

Ever tried automation with a fader 'til it feels good/right? It is not necesarry "that precise".
It has to flow with the music (please look away from the screen while listening).
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You don't want me to jump on your ship?
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As I said: I like the new function a lot. GREAT new workflow enhancement.

I was just curious aboy the "naming". It seems to me that Bounce meens two different things now.
Bounce = "glue" together events to a new audio file (without effects).
Bounce To New Track = "export" to new track including effects.

No matter the name (and no worries), It's still GREAT
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hendrik84 wrote:an absolute JOY in Studio One I have to say.

I have never been able to change the tempo so much without artifacts, nor have I ever been able to transpose so effectively (I'm talking drums, guitar, piano, bass!)

Amazing job.

So glad I stumbled upon Studio One

Where did you stumble from?
Studio One General Discussion » Why'd they call it Bounce To New Track? » Go to message
And not Export To New Track?

Wouldn't that be the more correct term?
As it actually render all the inserted plugins

Isn't Studio One using the same terminology as Cubase for these two different tasks?

Maybe I'm "picky", but don't misunderstand me. The function itself is GREAT (and easier than in another DAW ).
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Lokeyfly wrote:Oh one more curiosity for the moment.....
F5 only closes the browser, where I used to be able to open or close on F5 through F10, opening that respective panel. Now, for example if I open the audio pool (F10) I have to go to F5 to close the pool. Strike's me as odd. Anyone else experiencing this?

Happens here as well (Win7 64-bit)
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dr4kan wrote:Actually I hope S1 remains focused on audio. I mean, there are plenty of other DAWs which are great for people doing electronic music, or those things with just MIDI. On the contrary, should recording or mixing engineers be forced to use PT only?

I moved (well, I am moving) to S1 from Cubase 7 because Cubase has a lot MIDI stuff (which I basically don't need) but it lacks of audio workflow and it has many other problems (CPU performance, etc...

I really hope they are focusing mostly on the audio side (recording, editing, mixing) as well.

I'm also in some sort of transition between Cubase/Nuendo and Studio One (working in both for a while).
Cubase 7/Nuendo 6 has become some monsters of a DAW, without prioritizing the basics first. The new Cubase 7 mixer is close to useless in a full band recording/mixing scenario IMO. I have told them so, and got banned from their forum. Basically for stating my opinions (no swearing, no name calling etc).

So PreSonus, keep up what you are doing. Studio One takes a fresher/easier look upon things, and has a great workflow going.
Looking forward to learn it better, and it has a good chance of take over as my nr 1 DAW of choice in my studio.

The thing I miss the most is some kind of "Import Session Data" between songs/projects. My personal hope for v3 .
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The biggest news had to be that all the mixers (except the small one) came in a new version.
16.4.2 AI, 24.4.2 AI and 32.4.2 AI.

When it comes to Studio One 2.6, I don't know (yet). I guess it depends who you ask. Did you ask me?
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Pro Tools has the "best" solution yet. Their "Import Session Data" feature is absolutely great.

Steinberg has a "poor mans" version in Save/Load Selected channels.

Some sort of "Import Session Data" is highly wanted, and needed, in Studio One. In version 3???
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Tried to trash preferences. No go.
Installed from scratch. No go.

This is on my home computer, so no stress.
I'm running this on a Win 8 computer with good specs. Installed and running everything as an admin.
I will rebuild my Key Commands when time allows me

On my studio computer, and my laptop, everything is OK. Same version (last update).

No one else?
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