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This is pretty neat - free admission to PreSonusphere if you sign up for the Smaart Class - spread the word!

"Rational Acoustics Comes to PreSonus, Brings on the Learning

Some of our fine friends from Rational Acoustics are coming down to Baton Rouge for PreSonuSphere, and they're arriving a few days early. It's good that they'll have a little extra time to see the sights and sniff the smells, but the lead-up time to #PreSonuSphere isn't all sensory indulgence. These guys are up to something, and you're invited to take part.

While we may be known for our hospitality down thisaway, fact is the Rational Acoustics team are no strangers to conviviality. On Oct. 24, they'll make an effort to top our no-longer-so-secret Jambalaya recipe—by serving y'all up a steaming-hot kettle of garlic & cumin-seasoned knowledge.

Specifically, this is an opportunity for you to learn all about Smaart v.7 Di straight from the guys who invented it—horse's mouth and whatnot. Smaart V.7 DI is a simplified, streamlined, two-channel version of the standard Smaart v.7 analysis software—the ideal bridge between the limited features in the VSL Wizards, and the full-blown V.7 program. This eight-hour intensive course will teach you all there is to know about Smaart v.7 Di from software installation to Spectrum & Transfer Function Measurements.

Here's the official course overview, taken from this PDF, which contains more details.

"The Smaart v.7 Di Training Class covers the fundamentals of using Smaart v.7 Di to make basic RTA, Spectrograph and Transfer Function measurements. Special attention is paid throughout the course to the subject of how to make valid and useful measurements, as opposed to simply making cool squiggly lines appear on the screen. This course focuses on providing the attendee with a functional knowledge of how Smaart v.7 Di operates as a tool and demonstrates techniques and processes for utilizing Smaart v.7 Di in essential system engineering tasks. Both classroom lecture and lab formats are utilized as well as in-class measurements via a signal distribution system to distribute the instructor’s stereo measurement signals to the entire class."

So, since you're going to be in town for PreSonuSphere anyhow, you really ought to come out to this thing.


Oct 24, 2013—9 a.m. to around 5 p.m. Class breaks at 10:15 a.m., noon, and 3:15 p.m.
7249 Florida Blvd. Suite A, Baton Rouge, La. 70806
Bring your laptop and thinking cap.
If you sign up for this class, and purchase a license of Smaart v.7 Di at checkout, you will receive roughly a 30 % discount on the license ($195). Each license contains two installations, which can be installed on two different machines, mac or PC.

Class registration is available either via the online class registration form in the

training s ection of the Rational Acoustics website, or by contacting Rational Acoustics directly: -860-928-7828"

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This sounds like a classic issue with mixing live sound. Start adjusting noise gates and high pass filters on the channels that you are having trouble with. If you mute the channels, and the rumble goes away, the issue is in the channel strip.
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We have yet to have any confirmed registrants for the single day Smaart Seminar scheduled for October 24, 2013. If you are interested in taking this class, please sign up on of before October 18, 2013 or we will have to cancel it.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns! thanks!
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ahhh, funny. Never heard of that one, must be before my time.

I like to use a 57. or small diaphragm condenser. kick drum mic ends up being too boomy for my taste, when the meat, or character of the instrument is higher up in the frequency scale.

I typically do the poor-mans shockmount with some rubber bands and a mic. I'll attach an image of it, if you've never done it I encourage you to try it out. There is probably lots of info online about the technique.
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what is doghouse bass?
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I just proved myself wrong. Route signal from the pink noise channel to the sub aux while analyzing your main outputs. The reference signal is pre-output, so the measurement will work.

As far as I can tell, the only benefit to this measurement is that you can tell the level of the sub in relationship to the level of the mains. Have Phun!
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The wizard can only look at one output at a time, so aux fed subs can't be analyzed with the main output because the internal reference signals don't match up.
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hehe, well perhaps you should just plan on going to one of the Australia classes; flying across the south pole does seem a bit unreasonable.

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Not sure About New Zealand, you could hop the pole and go to the Oslo, Norway class, I'm not sure if that is really a feasable option though for you!

Check into the class schedule periodically:

and sign up for our Rational Report to be notified when new classes are announced! :

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Hello - I see in you signature you live in Melbourne. We are planning 2 Australian classes in December, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. You can contact Production Audio Services ( and let them know you are interested. Also, sign up for our mailing list to receive notification when the class is announced.

We have several videos online that help with general setups, configurations, and some basic tasks. A good portion of our classes rely on critical listening and hands on practice, which is tough to do well over online/digital training.

and for those reading along -

It is for this reason that we offer classes on a worldwide basis to accommodate Smaart’s global user base. In addition to English, we offer classes in multiple languages including Spanish, German, Italian, French and Portuguese.

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Hello All,

I will be presenting a single day seminar on the Smaart v7 DI (Dual Channel) interface on October 24th (the day before PreSonuSphere). This is the faster, lighter, easier to configure interface of Smaart that is meant to bridge the gap from the wizards in the SL Consoles, and the full blown Smaart v7 program.

From the Rational Acoustics training page ( -

"Length of Class: 1 Day
Smaart Platform: Smaart v.7 Di

At the completion of a single day Smaart v.7 Di training class, attendees will have been guided through configuring and running RTA, Spectrograph, and Transfer Function measurements using the Smaart v.7 Di Platform. Many of the fundamental concepts used in Smaart will be addressed throughout. Specific topics include configuring v.7 Di for data acquisition and handling, understanding the FFT, cases for Single Channel vs. Dual Channel Measurements; as well as several application examples to demonstrate the techniques and processes used for essential system engineering tasks.

The Smaart v.7 Di Training Class provides:

- Fundamental description of the measurement concepts involved in FFT based analysis as they apply to our industry
- Discussion of single and dual channel measurements, as well as how and when to apply them in the v.7 Di platform to achieve meaningful and repeatable data and results
- Multiple in-class exercises for configuring and controlling a Smaart v.7 Di measurement rig for use in common system optimization & alignment tasks

Prerequisites: Course is open to all interested persons – no prior measurement / system alignment experience required. This course does assume a working knowledge of professional sound system engineering practices and basic audio fundamentals. If you have any questions concerning course prerequisites, please do not hesitate to contact Rational Acoustics prior to registration."

There is a SIGNIFICANT discount if you purchase the software at the same time as you register for the class, and slightly less significant break if you purchase the software within 90 days of registering.

Here is the link to the Rational Acoustics Facebook page to register:

I look forward to seeing some of you in my class, and of course eating some Jambalaya together!!

Cheers - Chris.
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Nice! Thank you! I look forward to hanging at PreSonusPhere!
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yes, 2 installations. If you need 3, you can simply go to your my.rationalacoustics account and add a third seat onto your license account for half price of a full license. However, until Sept 16 if you already have a license of v7 you can add a single seat of Di for only 200 bucks for our early-adopter special. It is not uncommon for folks to buy a full license of Di, and then add a single seat of v7 for when they need Impulse Response Mode and don't want to pay full price for a license of v7, vice versa. You can download the demo at anytime and play around for 30 days.

The code base/algorithms are exactly the same in both versions. The primary differences are in GUI useability, and that Di is real time mode only (Live IR for TF measurements but not dedicated IR mode). As far as one being more professional than the other - I spent Sunday with the Zach Brown Band engineers, Preston Soper and Mark Frink, They've both adopted Di at FOH and MON. Both platforms have their strengths.

I implore you to go to the link I posted above - here it is again -
Also - here is a document that specifically addresses which program may be 'right for you' -

There is a comparison chart of v7 to Di on that page as well as explanations and listings of Di's feature set.
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so if you really want to dial those subs in with a great tool you should have the full Smaart-7 program and an interface... it's a $800-$1500 investment depending on how far you go into it.

*disclaimer* this post is fairly off topic, somewhat of a sales pitch, and I am an employee of Rational Acoustics.

There is a new version of Smaart, called Smaart Di which is a two channel version of Smaart, retailing around 595 for two installations (mac or PC) (extra cost if you decide to take advantage of external training, which is highly recommended). There will soon be a cross grade path for registered PreSonus SL users which will offer a rebate or otherwise lowered price than the general public. This program is Smaart v7 simplified to two input channels, rather than unlimited. Also, you can use your SL desk as the audio interface. I plan on demonstrating this product at PreSonusphere this year, including some subwoofer alignment. If you are interested in doing some more advanced alignments, or interested in getting a better, more detailed, view of 'the whole picture' this is for you.

info on Di can be found here:

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It looks like the display of the spectrograph is a few pixels off center. However, the cursor readout is accurate. I think it's the result of a graphical anomaly. The faders end up on the lower edge of the frequency centers. Does this effect how the Geq sounds or its ability to work as a tool or does this make the Spectrograph any less effective? Being that Geq's are inherently "dumb equalizers" if you need to adjust a frequency that isn't one of the 31 bands available, a fully parametric would be your weapon of choice anyway.

Certainly you are going to see some odd behavior when you alternate adjacent bands to min and max values, but this is not something that would be done in actual practice, nor would you have a real-world scenario for this aside from academic.

Cheers - C
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