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Hi my dear presonus brothers first i would like to say that recalling the gain settings is impossible but i have been using24.4.2 for several times like you i am also working with different bands so there are two methods that i want to share
First one is set your gain settings to U level is written on your foh tan if you need any gain use the compressor gain settings you can see this parameter on your vsl or UC but you should now the using the comprresor well if you save your settings when you recall the scenes you will get the fat channel settings so you will get the also comprresor settings ,so you will get the gain settings.
Second one is again set the gain levels what you want than turn on all of your firewire inputs aftercthese process open logic or studio one or cubase or etc set your all of things what you need and save them to your pc i generally use the second method using logic pro9 with waves plugins H-eq for vocals masserati for drums Cla for bass guitar H delay for delay space designer for reverbs masserati for guitars it works great dont forget you may have latency problems when your first using to decrease to about 3-4 ms ( lower then 5 ms latencies wont be heared by any people ears) change your buffer size these are my methods thank you for reading nest regards berk.
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