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the old forum pic was butt ugly, no question about it, but this new one has suddenly made me miss the previous one...seriously guys, have you ever seen a forum with a worse picture? way...

EDIT: I hope the graphic designer of this photo is not also in charge for the design of the S1 v3 GUI...
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vondersulzburg wrote:As far as I can see there is every thing shown on the new FORUM picture except of Studio One

Isn't it?

presonus Mixers
and the new speaker company

but no StudioOne, not a little bit of it, nothing, nada, nix

good what do we conspirationists infer from that? Are they going to discontinue S1?
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you can add the corresponding midi message in the piano roll and use thre pencil tool to draw the values. take a look at the manual on how to add different midi messages to the piano roll.
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Your "planned approach" is a very common thing. A lot of people use both 32 and 64 bit versions of S1.
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you arrived too late to the party...

there are at least 5 threads in this forum about this.
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the POD HD PRO X (the rack unit) allows re-amping too. If I had to choose between the eleven rack and the POD HD I would certainly go for the POD...but, if you have the budget, you should check the Fractal Audio FX II (the other two seem toys compared to this beast).
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not laggy here as well (same OS and S1 versions)
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I have seen this and I found it was due to my midi keyboard. do this: select the generic midi keyboard for your device. if this solve the issue (as I believe) you can start mapping the faders/knobs/etc...

In my case the pre-mapped preset for my Axiom 49 was not working properly.
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maybe it's something related to windows media player. does it have a built-in eq? I am on mac and I haven't noticed what you describe.

Have you tried importing the exported mixdown back in S1 and playing it from there? Are we talking about mp3 or wav?
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Kiwicomposer wrote:As far as I am aware there is no way within Studio One to tune that.. So the only way is to use the OS's Mouse controls.

yes, I think the same. Anyway I was just curious to know if this behaviour was intended and in case it is not, I'd be nice to be fixed
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Monoskier wrote:Stupid question, but have you tried adjusting the sensitivity of your mouse in your OS?

that would impact all the other zooming and scrolling functions in S1 as well, which are fine instead.
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as you may know, in S1 you can horizontally zoom using shift + cmd (ctrl) + mouse wheel. This could be quite useful, I like it. However it is so sensitive to be almost impossible to use. Is this behavior intended? Can it be tuned?

TIP: in case you don't know, the mouse wheel could be used to:
- scroll horizontally the project: shift + mouse wheel
- zoom track height: cmd (ctrl) + mouse wheel
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if you can go up to the Eris 5 ($299 pair), go for it! totally different story w.r.t. Eris 4.5...
Eris 5 sound really really good for the price.
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studio monitors are expensive things. I wouldn't wonder about
the "accurate representation of the sounds" for a $99 studio monitor ($199/pair). low frequencies? they have a 4.5'' drive...the frequency response is 70 Hz - 20 kHz...
Low frequencies need large drivers or a sub...

in short, do they sound good in an absolute scale? obviously no. do they sound good for the price? definitely yes!
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LMike wrote:Yeah, we kinda already got that, when the guy in the video said, "later this summer".

well, I was thinking of something a little more official...such as two lines here in the forum, or a banner in homepage, you know, as Steinberg usually does with their "expected" releases.
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