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Yep here is a code to download the the Free Soundtoys Primal Tap delay.
Studio One General Discussion » Obviously, the concepts of "mono" and "stereo" are beyond me.......... » Go to message
Is it possible that the interface on the analog side is having a form of "cross talk" onto the other channel in the analog side of the interface which is then being converted in the digital domain and coming in on tracks 1+2 or L+R? Crosstalk is a huge part of the sound in the analog world. If it is only a bump in level that is making it appear to sound better then its probably not crosstalk. If it is cross talk from one channel to another then it could very well be delivering audio that sounds more pleasing to the ear. Either way cool find on your part man. If it rocks then run with it!
Studio One General Discussion » Can anyone explain these meter levels. Thx. » Go to message
It also looks like you have your master fader metering set to K metering and the plugin you are using is a peak meter using Db full scale. The k System ballistics and normal full scale digital ballistics are going to give different readings.
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I just wanted to chime in with my experience. I have a 2008 Mac Pro with a 2626 and Digimax FS. I recently just did a fresh install of OSX 10.9 on the mac pro. That is formatting the drive and wiping it clean of everything. I downloaded and installed the FIre Control driver/application from the Presonus site and hooked up the 2626. Open Firecontrol and set up all of the routing for the 2626 again and then set up the Digimax FS routing. Installed Studio One and it all runs fine. I have had zero issues at this point with OSX 10.9 and Fire Control with the 2626.
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Same issue with 2.6 on OSX 10.8.
Studio One General Discussion » Compressor question - transients in mixdown? » Go to message
You also state that you have your "gain" pushing up a 3db boost. Try putting a limiter after compressor and see what you get. Or you could bring the gain back down to 0 on the compressor and test that as well. Anyhoo a digital clip sounds pretty gnarly and it sounds like that is what you are experiencing.
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Lets all get a copy of the crash report for OSX when this happens and submit it to tech support. I have the same issue. I have a feeling it is plugin/ilok related but maybe we can get this sorted out with the crash reports. Confirm that I get the same crash on OSX 10.8
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One 2.6 Display Bug in Location of Zero on Fader » Go to message
Pretty sure this is not a bug at all. The numerical read out is the fader position. The meter is just showing you the output level if that channel. So I am pretty sure this is working correctly.
Studio One General Discussion » Need your help on my plugin purchases this summer » Go to message
You have listed some solid plugs. If you are looking at the Fatso you could look at the UBK-1 from Kush Audio. That plugin and the Softube saturation knob have totally changed my mixing in the box. I love what they do. You got lots of choices. Maybe save some of that coin for a really nice mic? You can't go wrong with a great mic collection.
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Yes it does. Maybe not called "clip gain" but yest it does have that feature.
Studio One General Discussion » Anyone using Firestudio 2626 with Windows 8 » Go to message
My Firestudio 2626 is running great on a mac pro w/OSX 10.8.2 and the FireControl for the 2626.
Studio One General Discussion » Presonus monitor station talk back question » Go to message
Yes you can. Just hold it down and do not let off until you're done talking. It will then turn off when released. Thats how mine works.
Studio One General Discussion » Having issues Using bricasti with pipeline » Go to message
Make sure you you do your "ping" with Pipeline while the Bricasti is in a fully bypassed mode. That Bricasti will sing once you get the little bugs worked out.
Studio One General Discussion » at the risk of sounding like a total anus..... » Go to message
It does appear this was more focused on the live sound crew which is all good. I would love to see them make a solid A/D-D/A converter for the pro to prosumer market such as Lynx or Avid so I can tie Studio One with a solid Presonus converter set. Sweet new studio monitors. I can't wait to get in front of the coaxial pair for a listen.
Studio One General Discussion » do i need S1 PRO to use outboard effects? » Go to message
You could use it the way you described if you are going to record "print" the effect to a track. You will also be in a battle with the latency of hte system and so on. In the Pro version you have a plugin called Pipeline that allows you to create a hardware send/return like a plugin on a track and tweak the latency. I give a huge thumbs up to Pipeline.
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