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Studio One General Discussion » "Versions" folder. Never heard of it ? ... read on ... » Go to message
Here is a video I made a while back on all the styles of Save in S1. Maybe it will help you.

Studio One General Discussion » Stickies are gone again!!! » Go to message
Is anyone there? (creepy SAW music)........
Studio One Feature Requests » Plz add Step Recording feature! » Go to message
One additional feature I really need is for the step input recording to afftect "Multiple Midi Tracks at once". I just ran into my first situation in Cubase where I needed to step record about 15 tracks at once, only to find it doesn't work. Now there might be some sort of work around, but what would be best if I simply record arm my 15 tracks, open the midi key editor and begin step input and each track armed will receive the data I put/play in.

This would be very powerful for multiple key switching input in one step. Such as in my exact example, I had 15 midi tracks of VSL Dimension Strings Violins. Each one was recorded and then now I want to go back and set keyswitches for all 15 tracks. However, all 15 are playing the same parts and need the same keyswitches at exactly the same times. Sure I can do just one, then copy paste for the other 14 but it would just be faster if I could simply step input all 15 keyswitches on all 15 midi channels in one step.


Studio One Feature Requests » Bigger Color Palette, Please.... » Go to message
I think the filter by track color is a pretty good idea. I use specific colors for specific things and duplicate that in every song I use. So if I cold filter a specific orange, I know I am dealing with my Violins 1. Seems like a valid and positive idea! I that!
Studio One Feature Requests » FR - Track visibility management » Go to message
Being able to show/hide tracks based on actually having content is a great idea and I seen that discussion going on over at the Cubase forums. Would love to see that added as well here.

Or, even if it can become a standard macro perhaps that Presonus provides us.

Studio One General Discussion » CPU spikes (yeah, im sure youve seen that subject before) » Go to message
Well at least it seems that checking the list I told you to look at identified your plugin issue. That's the first good thing. At this point while you're waiting, I would put in a helpdesk ticket to Presonus about it.

Another thing I would do is, start another song or open a previous project and add that plugin to it and assign it to some tracks etc. and see if you spike again. Then check the list to see if it's still that plugin.

I found that my favorite plugin simply wasn't usable at all right now without spikes and had to replace it with another.

Studio One General Discussion » Transferring multitracks » Go to message
Try watching this video and see if that helps you.

Studio One General Discussion » CPU spikes (yeah, im sure youve seen that subject before) » Go to message
How many cores are you giving to S1?
Studio One General Discussion » CPU spikes (yeah, im sure youve seen that subject before) » Go to message
1. Open the project that you know can reproduce this issue.

2. Click the CPU meter on the bottom left so it opens the Performance Monitor window.

3. Put a checkbox in the "Show Devices" checkbox.

4. This will not show you all processes running in S1.

Watch for the one that goes to 100% or 80% etc. and this is your issue. I have found in the past that certain plugins cause this behavior. I had an SSL Bus Compressor causing me 100% CPU spikes. I turned it off and the song went to 10-20% nonstop with no spikes. Ended up using Vienna Instruments Compressor instead and never had another issue.

Good luck,

Pre-Sales Questions » What will I lose in a Studio One v1 > v2 upgrade? » Go to message
The only thing I ever noticed was once you opened and saved in V2 you could not re-open in V1. I have never noticed anything else really but I don't use the internal instruments of S1. And I NEVER had the "urge" or need to return to 1 when I went with 2. Especially at this point. The amount of additions etc. I simply could never live without.

Studio One Feature Requests » FR: Track/Channels consistency (position/color/name/visibility/mute/selection) » Go to message
There is some serious amount of research and investigation as well as ideas in this FR and it really needs the attention of the developers. You could make many people happy by going through this FR and sorting out these issues and giving these requests. I think they are reasonable and necessary. These are the types of updates that will draw in more crowd and help keep us long time users home to stay.

Great post Jpettit and very nice organization of the information. It is very clear and precise. Thanks for putting it all together for us.

Studio One Feature Requests » Plz add Step Recording feature! » Go to message
Reviving this thread. S1 seriously needs "step input recording". It's such a powerful feature it's insane. The Step Input system in Cubase is so powerful and I would love to see S1 get this feature. I had to go back to Cubase for a few reasons but I still love S1 more in every way. I feel so at home with this application so this is a huge bring me back home feature also required. Presonus, please give us this feature, please !!

Digital Audio Recording » Imitone -- wow! Best live voice-to-midi I've ever seen » Go to message
I seen this on another forum and it looks amazing.

Your link doesn't lead to anywhere on kickstarter.

Studio One General Discussion » default settings for new song » Go to message
Make a template with all the setting you want already setup and stop using the provided one they have (assuming that is what you are doing). Just open theirs (or start a blank), and add all you need to it, hit save as template. Done .

Studio One General Discussion » So, Bitwig » Go to message
LMike wrote:
dgkenney wrote:When you put it that way, nuclear annihilation doesn't seem so bad.


You are just bad.

Just think of how clean the FR board here will be when all of the happy people move over to Bitwig. Maybe some of us old farts living in the distant linear musical past will be able to get more things we want.

Amen to that lol. Bring on Bitwig LOL!

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