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I have 10 ms for 256 bufer on fruity loops xD i don't remember how much i had with latest normal drivers, but without this beta i have too much problme as with. Cause i havve another strange issue with my sound, sometime my sound is getting slow and weird, since yesterday i instaled this beta i had no issue like this, so anyway i m stuck on beta shit, and when we see the reaction of presonus on this forum i think we won't get news drivers before thousand years ... Next time i have advice by friend i check by myself before to buy.

they forget to mention "with thousand stupid problemes cause we are not competent" in they windows 8 compatibility feature .... ^^
AudioBox USB » I can't make any buffer size modification » Go to message
@ presonus team :
Thx you very much for your help and your serius ... I solved my probleme alone by instaling beta one. since when beta are more stable as final drivers ? since when a client can't have answer, nothign was write on your product download page about some possible conflict with latest drivers, and when i searched on this forum i had only shit results (or people never had answer like me or they had answer that didn't solve the probleme,) I choose you cause i had advices for it, but for futur i'll know that i should beter take product at one of your concurrent ! And don't tell me that 217 page before a guy ask the same stuff and had answer taht could help me, i made a search before asking, i should never have to search 1 week to solve a stupid probleme like this, when i had to pay i did it directly, not after telling u to search 1 week for my bank contact. And if several customer have same probleme you should put a message about this porbleme directly on the download product no ? i know i know i m smart ...

i m really disapointed about you reaction on customer problemes

@calmbird : try the last beta drivers, it seams to solve my probleme, i don't have usb 3, only 2, but with beta drivers i can change my buffer size without all crashing and destroy my hears with strange high frequencies "crack" sounds. I hope it will solve your probleme too, beta drivers link : For drivers quality i m fuly agree with you especially when no any help is provided to customer ...

AudioBox USB » I can't make any buffer size modification » Go to message
Hello everybody

I bought an audiobox USB few weeks ago, and i m having some strange issue. If i try to modify my biffer size, my soundcard don't produce any sound anymore. If i try to unplug usb and plug it again, i have strange "crack" sound, i don't know really how to say in english but its doesn't really matter important stuff is my sound doesn't work anymore. To solve it i have to uninstal drivers completly andinstal it again.

Maybe i m trying to change it on a wrong way, can somone hjelp me please ? I m running the sound card on windows 8 up to date, i m using drivers called 1.2 on website (but 1.57 mentioned on pannel, strange too but it also doesn't matter)

I'm sorry for my bad english i hope someone will be able to understand me and help me.

Thx for your time

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