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I used Logic for 20 years and it is far from perfect either. And it does not have a built-in auto backup which I find incredibly inept of Apple. I had to use a third party backup that worked some of the time. And I have had Logic projects that crashed and I couldn't re-open either and had to revert to an older project versions. Shit happens. Most times I never did figure out why. C'est la vie! Life in the fast lane. I am good at crashing computers and programs, but I am constantly pushing them to their limits. The key to not wanting to take a hammer to your computer is frequent and redundant backups. So it is a good feeling when I see Studio One Pro backing up my work every five minutes. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
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It's a two sided coin.

I agree with you guys that any DAW that does not allow 3rd party apps is useless unless you are an absolute beginner and are learning from scratch. A limit to 16 or 24 tracks or making some of other features unavailable until you upgrade makes more sense.

On the other hand, a company has a right to do what they want with their product and the customer has the choice whether to buy it or not.
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I have Goliath and I rarely use it because I just don't like the Play sampler. I also have its predecessor, Colossus and I do still use that occasionally, but mainly because it is the Kontakt version and I will use Kontakt 5 over Play any day. Kontakt has come with a decent library all the way since version 2 and I often use some of the stuff in the version 5 library.
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You guys have it great nowadays. In the early 90s, Notator cost me $500 and it only did MIDI, then the upgrade to Logic 1.0 was $700 and again it only did MiDI. This was on a friggin Atari with 4 Mb RAM and a 40 Mb hard drive. I followed the upgrade path trough Logic 5 on a PC and then switched to Logic 6 on a Mac when Apple bought Emagic. Of course I also had to buy a new computer, a G4. I now have Logic 9 on a Mac Pro. I don't know how much I've spent on just this one DAW over the years, but I know it is many thousands of dollars.

I just bought Studio One Pro 2.5 for $299. To me it feels like a steal. And I just bought 24 Gb of RAM for my Mac for $350. I am in Heaven! LOL
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I did a search of the forum, Google and YouTube. Trying to see if there is a tutorial on how to setup Vienna Ensemble Pro with S1 Pro. There was one for Logic and I found that helpful. I am sure I can figure it out eventually, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if someone already has done it successfully. I would imagine that it is similar to setting up a 16 MIDI channel instance of Kontakt with the exception that VEP goes both ways, you can receive and send audio to and from your DAW with VEP.

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@Matt. How do you like your HS50M monitors. I just got mine recently, really happy with them.
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Nope. I am still just getting familiar with S1 Pro. I will check out a Open Air. The fact that it accepts 3rd party IRs is great as I have quite a few of them. Do you know if it accepts Altiverb IRs?
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I am a recent convert to S1 from Logic. I am a big fan of Altiverb and have used it exclusively with great success on my mixes. I have heard good things about S1's (edit) Open Air & Room Reverb. I will definitely check it out. Anyone who has used both Altiverb and S1 reverbs have any comments or comparisons they can share?

I searched the forum and there are several posts on Altiverb but I couldn't find any comparisons to (edit) Open Air or Room Reverb.

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Thanks for the welcome. I know the part about S1 sounding better seems impossible, but I believe my ears and after importing the stems to a song recorded in Logic to S1, they just sounded a little smoother, warmer, richer; a very subtle difference, but I swear I can hear it. I know my system, monitors and room very well.
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I purchased Studio One 2 Pro just for the mastering capabilities. To be honest, I just want something to use to assemble songs, enter ISRC codes, UPCs, track information and also export DSP images, etc. As a 20 year logic user, I was frustrated that Wave Burner which was bundled with the Logic Studio when I upgraded a few years go, just doesn't work right. I figured I would still do everything in Logic and just use S1 for assembling the final albums. Well, I tried mastering a song in the Project section the other day in S1 and was really impressed with the work flow. And tonight, I imported stems to a song and mixed it in the Song section. Again, I was really impressed with the workflow. I was able to get a good mix very quickly. And I must be imaging it, but my stems seemed to sound better in S1 right after I had imported them and hadn't even started mixing.

So I am definitely mixing and mastering everything in S1 now. Next step, I'll have to try producing a song from scratch in S1. If that works out, I will be an ex-Logic user, other than a few things for filmscoring that I don't believe are possible in S1.

My compliments to PreSonus, Studio One 2 is a very well designed DAW! Looking forward to using it.
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