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benton177 wrote:i have maschine and i just bought studio one pro 2 , i cant get studio one to pull up maschine in the instrument browser. i tried to add it in the configure audio setup. i cant get it to read maschine under the recieve from.. im lost ..a lil help please

You need to click on Studio One in the menu. Click on options. Click on Locations. Click on the VST Plug-ins tab. Click on add, then browse to the location of your Maschine plug-in folder. The default location is going to be in C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VST Plug ins 32 bit or 64 bit, dependingon which Studio One version you installed.
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Would it be possible for S1 to accept midi input for tap tempo? Say in a future up date? We could click on the tempo then tap our midi input device (keyboard, drum pad, whatever) to set the tempo?
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About a year ago I had to go out of town, but wanted to write in the hotel room, so I bought an Audio/Midi interface that would allow me to record live guitar against midi generated drums & bass. I bought an audiobox 22vsl.

I already had Sonar 5 loaded on my laptop & Komplete8 so I didn't load any of the software that came with the audiobox.

A few months ago I bought an Eleven Rack, because I had been waiting forever for someone to make a guitar effects processor that can be used like a plugin. It just happen to come with PT10.

One thing leads to another, a lot of internet chat about Studio One piques my curiosity, so I find my StudioOneArtist CD, load it up &... I can't use it with Komplete8. Not as a VST, not RTAS, not audio unit, not rewire. My primary writing tool cannot be used with StudioOneArtist.

I could spend a measily $100 to gain that feature, but why would I? I can use it with Sonar, I can use it with ProTools 10. And only ProTools allows me to load my processor settings directly into a guitar track.
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eike wrote:i thought studio one artist was the software that came for free with your hardware? i recommend trying it out before complaining.

That's if he bought presonus hardware. If he paid $100 for S1Artist, he didn't buy presonus hardware.

Either way, it should only be $100 to upgrade to the Producer version, but it's not explained in a straight forward way on their site.... when you register.

But I do agree with the original poster. No VST/ReWire support is odd & not the norm for this industry. Most other DAWs will give you VST & ReWire support, but limit your track count, sends, effect slots, inputs & outputs.

As a musician I can live with those limitations much easier than I can without VST/ReWire support. I bought Komplete8 & can't use it with S1. I could upgrade for $99 to add that functionality, but it's much easier to use AbletonLite8 (which I got free with my MBox2Pro along with ProTools 7.4), or ProTools10 (which I got with my ElevenRack), or MagixMusicStudio (which I can buy for $50)

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TheNavigator wrote:
I'm not asking about gear - I just wish someone could tell me the basic steps to create a very, very dense, upfront "wall" in a sequencer, something I can use and start with.

There's a lot going on in that tune. "Wall of Sound" would not be how I would describe it in it's entirety. Very good use of space for sure. Everything in it's place, great depth of field...... dynamics from start to finish.

I don't think I'd have taken the same approach, but I don't want to be a producer, or mix engineer, or anything like that.

But yeah, if you can find an interview with the producer, or the mix engineer who did that, that would be an interesting read.
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Josh Ramses wrote:I find the capture a little buggy. It will just stop sound on playback for no reason. I have to reboot my computer to get it working again. Also the recording sometimes takes me several tries to get it working. Anyone else having issues?

Nothing against you Arthur, I don't have a dog in this race. I don't own Capture, I don't work for HP, & right now, I'm not thrilled with any of Presonus's software offerings.

But why was "buggy" the first thing to come to your mind?

If you were to do a search of this forum, you wouldn't find many issues similar to yours.

For the most part, the software does what it's supposed to do. For the most part, your computer does what it's supposed to do. Obviously there's something going on with the combination.

Have you reported this to Presonus? The guys here will help you, but it would be nice for the next guy, if you filed an official report with Presonus.
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Tmothy wrote:

I build my own DAW machines and optimize my OS for recording,this is the only explanation I can offer for as to why I have not personally experienced these bugs so many others mention. Admittedly I have the occasional freeze and usually I find out it was one of my VSTs not cooperating,so I am reluctant to blame Sonar for these kinds of problems.

I built my own as well. never went with the latest & greatest, but I'd go with a proven combination that I would find on the Sonar forum. I've never had a problem with bugs, but I was never a power user, my most serious work was done on hardware digital multitrack recorder. I worked faster with all the controls I had, than I could with a mouse.

I used Sonar primarily for writing, cataloging ideas, trying stuff out. & at times as a sound module. I still sequence on a Fantom-S or a MV-8800....

My two biggest gripes about Sonar, you had to press stop to unarm a track, then arm another. I liked programs like Reason or Logic, where you could go from one track to the next without hitting stop. You could stop recording, disable recording on one track, move to another, arm it for recording, then enable recording, & the music never stopped.

The second was that they were developing more for engineers & producers. I didn't care about summing rules, & pdc, surround sound, or video. I wanted improved looping, audio warp, beat detection, audio to midi, phrases, instruments, beat matching
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another thing...... I was just playing around with my VSL mixer.

If you're using a presonus interface, a firestudio, an audiobox, etc..... you've pretty much got a digital mixer. You don't have any physical faders, meters, knobs, switches or whatnot, but it's all accessible through the software. I've got an Audiobox22VSL, so I can't really set up monitor mixes, but I'm sure you could with the 1818VSL...... according to soundonsound anyway

Like most multi-channel interfaces, the Audiobox has a software utility to control the routing and monitor mixing that take place on its onboard DSP chip. The notable feature of Presonus’ Virtual Studio Live is that it replicates pretty closely the features and functionality of the company’s Studio Live mixers; in essence, the Audiobox’s DSP is a Studio Live mixer without the physical controls. This means that not only can your monitor mixes employ hardware-powered reverb and delay, but that every input and output channel has its own gate, compressor and equaliser too. Many manufacturers now offer some processing capability, but to have this much power on offer is unusual.

I imagine it would be possible with an audiobox44 or Firestudio.I've got a Delta1010 that I could do the same thing with.

You can reverse the phase of your mic, apply a HPF, gate, Compression & EQ on every channel. Then I've got two sends, one for reverb, one for delay, & there's a library of settings I can drag & drop, or save my own.

All this can be mixed with the output from my DAW, so the artist can listen to their parts, with effects & no latency.
Studio One General Discussion » Midi to multiple VST's, is it possible? » Go to message
NVM, I read it wrong.
16.0.2 » How to set up STUDIOLIVE 16.0.2 with iMac and Logic Pro? » Go to message
I'm sorry I can't help you setting up your mixer with Logic, but if you really need something to get you going for tomorrow.... consider using capture, or StudioOne, get the material recorded, then later import into Logic.

As a matter of fact, I'd start my trouble-shooting by setting it up with StudioOne. find out what's what, then apply what you've learned to Logic.
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rhmusic wrote:Thank you so much for the feedback Dawfreak!
Glad you dig the tunes! But like I said, I truly couldn't do it without a company like PreSonus putting out such wonderful quality products for small, self-produced home studio musicians like me. THEY are the amazing ones here!

Did you get started in StudioOne because of the FireStudio? Had you used any other DAWs prior, or since?

What role does StudioOne play for you? With only 8 inputs, surely you had to multitrack these songs in different sessions, what was your setup? Did you use room mics on the drums, or a mic per piece of kit?

Any outboard gear? Mics, pres, compressors, mixers, eq?

How many tracks did you end up using? How did you manage your takes, or was everything recorded once through? Did you use any busses? Any effects other than the ones provided by Presonus?

Did you get into any advanced techniques, like time/pitch correction, drum replacement, side-chaining?

In what ways do you believe the 34.4.2AI will help you?
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Has anyone looked at, demoed, or maybe even bought one of these? Looks interesting.

I'm also intrigued by the Nucleus, the video looks great, but I don't really see how it does everything it says it does.... pretty wild if you ask me, only $4,300 considering you get about $1,000 worth of SSL plugs... looks like a sweet deal.

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Hold on.... something got me to thinking, "Didn't the VS2000 come with a usb port?"

So I hit up google again. This time I was a little more cryptic with my inquiry, "roland vs2000cd usb"

This time it only took 0.25 seconds to get 10,200 results. Of course, I skipped the first result again (something from the Roland website... what do they know?) & clicked on the second link, SoundonSound (now they know their sht).

However, the USB port does allow files to be moved between the VS and any computer running the appropriate software. A CD-ROM supplied with the machine contains the relevant software for converting VS-format audio files into AIFF or WAV formats for editing or storage in a Mac/PC. Similarly, WAV and AIFF files residing in the computer can be converted to VS format for importing back into the multitracker. This can be done on a song-by-song basis or for individual tracks or phrases. The software is compatible with Windows ME, 2000, and XP, as well as with Apple Mac OS 10.2 or later.

Even if a computer is not available, it is still possible to save individual tracks out of the VS by burning them as WAV files to CD. Similarly, WAV files can be imported into the VS from CDs. Not only can the CD drive be used to back up project data and burn audio CDs in all the usual ways, but it's a player of both commercial and non-finalised CDs as well.

Now.... off to hibernate.
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Took me a while, but after strenuously typing roland vs2000cd export into the search bar of my browser, google returned 22,600 results in 0.3 seconds. After reading the summary of the first link, I decided it wouldn't be as relevant as what we need. The second link, however, looked promising so I clicked on it. & found this article from SweetWater.

It doesn't get into the specifics of importing the files into StudioOne, but with its drag & drop functionality, how hard can it be to figure out? All you'd have to do is open a blank project in StudioOne. Open your file browser (Finder for Mac, WindowsExplorer for PC), navigate to the folder containing the files from your export, select all, then drag & drop.....

Whew... that was tough. I can understand why a person needing that information wouldn't have gone through all that themselves. I'm bushed, probably have to go hibernate for a month or so.

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I've never been on the cutting edge of computer technology. The G5 I am using now is probably the most cutting edge computer I've ever used.

I don't track a dozen tracks at a time, but the principle is the same.

I don't monitor through the computer. I don't know that I ever understood the need to either. I run everything through a digital mixer. A direct signal is routed to the DAW & recorded dry. A bussed signal is routed back out of the mixer to the artist, compression, eq, reverb are all applied on that signal.

It plays back in time with the audio coming from the DAW, all the time every time, in time. Even if I've got a full mix going & need to do a quick punch in (with advances in pitch & rhythm correction, these instances are occuring less & less).... I can use the same set up & it works.

If I were playing a guitar through one of these virtual amps.... yeah, latency becomes an issue... but I think that's a special situation.
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