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in case you haven't seen one of the previous posts in the forum, the new iPhone app (called Qmix) is available on the app store

I'm assuming that this will be one of the big announcements. Note that you can download the app and try it in demo mode but it requires a unviersal control/VSL update to actually function which is probably another software announcement that may be made (i'm not a presonus rep).

Based on looking at the app it looks like VSL may allow you to name AUX sends and subgroups (if u cant already name sub groups).

All speculation or educating guessing but NAMM starting injust over 24hours so it shouldn't be too long to get the official info.

Thanks Presonus for all the supportand great updates. I know its a work in progress and i think the guys here know it to. i appreciate everything you've provided me for no cost. Its saved me thousands.
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If u go the the presonus homepage and scroll the the bottom click oncommunity which takes u to another page that has another link to the forum. I have then bookmarked the forum site to my homescreen so i can access it without going throu the links.

Posted this from the iPhone so forgive the spelling.
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Sorry. re-read the post again and this has been answered by previous poster. manual info and page that states it is below.

Hi joe,

just want to make sure that i am reading your question correct:
you have a firestudio with 2 digimax FS units connected via the adat ports at the back. you want to route sound to the outputs of the second digimax fs (adat 3 and 4).

According to that latest presonus manual on this site (v3.0 i think) you cannot use the universal control application to route sound out to the outputs on the second digimax fx, only to the firestudio and the first digimax fs. if you want to route sound out to the second digimax fs it can only be done using outputs from a DAW.

I thought there was a univeral control update that sorted this out but i haven't used my firestudio rig (same setup as yours) in a while, but i do remember having this exact issue. but apparently a daw will see all the outs and let you do what you want. hope that helps.

manual can be found here:

the text that i'm talking about is on page 27 of the manual (page 30 of the pdf) at the very bottom.
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Hi Guys,

thanks for the very useful info on this thread, its been great - i think i am having the same issue, but i just want to confirm as it is a different set of equipment that i'm using.

So my setup is as follows:
my 16.4.2 goes main out (xlr) to a pair of powered speakers - no issues here.
my 16.4.2 goes main out (trs) via a trs to xlr male connector -> xlr to xlr cable. This xlr cable connects to channel 1 and 2 (xlr) of a Canon HD camera. The camera then connects via firewire to a laptop that records everything to the HDD in realtime, and then the video guy plugs headphones into the laptop to ensure that what is being captured is clean.

What we have found since i got my studiolive is that there is humming (when listening through the headphones and even when playing back the video after the show) when the laptop power pack is plugged into the same powerboard/circuit etc as the SL. the moment we unplug the power for the latpop and it runs off battery, the hum/buzzing/noise disappears. the laptop power pack only has 2 prongs on the power connector not 3 like the SL (i'm in australia).

Based on the info in this thread (and please correct me if i've interpreted this the wrong way), the SL is connected to ground. because the laptop isn't connected to a ground, a current (or equiv) from the SL ground is travelling though the main outs via the trs/xlr adaptor, to the camera, to the laptop and is then getting "stuck" in the laptop cos there is no where for it to go, thus creating the hum on the recording.

Just need to get my head around this concept so that i can apply it in future. from a troubleshooting point of view a DI would also fix my problem, but may only be a work around. i guess my next question is that if what i have said is correct, shouldn't the xlr main outs cause the same issue in my scenario as the trs and xlr main outs on the SL are both balanced....? (unless the TRS main outs aren't balanced and i've been living in a fairy world for the last 2 years :S). If the xlrs don't create the same issue (i've yet to check), how come?

Again, thanks all who contributed to this thread, its been really helpful.

PS i also use capture to track the events as a backup, but it would be nice if the video guy didn't have to fool around with post producing audio all the time.
PPS i dont have any passive DI's, but i were to get them, i'd get the good quality ones, just price is a bit daunting especially if i can do something simply like run the laptop off a different circuit or something.

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musiclee wrote:these are USB 2.0 boxes

seems like it's already outdated even before the launch
how about USB 3.0 or thunderbolt?

you wanna run 44 channels of audio ( 1818 ) at 5.0Gbps/10Gbps? who do you run sound for? NASA?

i guess their thinking would have been why spend $$ on research and a more (potentially) expensive interface, when usb2.0 meets the needs adequately. I personally would have liked to have seen a thunderbolt interface as well, but that then also changes the price point, and potentially feature set (which aint a bad thing but does come at a cost).
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scottmckenna wrote:

It's definitely a rack mounted StudioLIVE, it's just not done YET. Once they allow these to be daisy chained, which they definitely will soon after release, because it's a given.

Sorry to burst your bubble scott, but rick did mention in the techtalk stream that you couldn't daisy chain 2 of the vsl devices together like you can with 2 firestudio26X26. his reason being that usb2.0 doesn't support the same networking capability as firewire thus only 1 1818 at a time.

You can however connect another 8 mic preamp that the digimax and get the 1818 to do 16 in which i believe will give you the same outcome. but u cant get a "32 channel mixer" by daisy chaining 2 1818s with digimax's attached.

i too was hoping to do this and replace my 26X26+2digimax rig with this setup for both small form factor mixing and backups.
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i'd advise borrowing an ipad1 for a gig to try it out - i did and found it was quite heavy to hold in one hand and mix for a prolong period of time. the weight difference with the ipad2 might be beneficial to you depending on the way you in intend to use it at your gigs.

if you only plan to use it here and there or on a table/stand in a different location, then the ipad1 maybe the way to go. but if you are standing and mixing for a fairly descent amount of time (like i was), then you might wanna consider the ipad2.

another option - ipad1 and a set of dumbbells
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Hi guys,

if anyone is having trouble getting ad hoc networks going on windows, then try connectify. it is an app that turns your laptop into a wifi hotspot. very easy to use and supports wpa2 encryption (depending on your wireless card).

I still recommend buying a dedicated wireless router, but this is a useful app if you want to try or are only in small venues/spaces.
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Hi Guys,

thought i'd share my 1 experience with the ipad - which was a pain till i realised i was an idiot.

Used a pc running windows 7 64bit connected to the Studiolive 16.4.2. My router/wifi was actually my HTC desire running Android 2.2. Andriod 2.2 has an app built in called "Wifi Hotspot" which turn the phone into (you guessed it) a wifi hotspot. Connected the laptop and ipad to the wifi and ipad app worked instantly - no turning off firewalls etc. did get prompted by windows asking if i trust the network and i said yes and chose the "home network" option.

After having a play around with it managed to get about 20-30meters away before the app didnt control very well.
Was good for a small system/gig and i hear the iphone will be released with a similar feature shortly.

One thing i do want to say that may get help someone (hopefully) is when i plugged the the HTC into my laptop to charge, the ipad would no longer find the mixer. what happened was the phone was set to USB tether mode (phone used as a modem to get internet access) and i'd configured my network connections to use particular network adaptors as priority. In my case i said use the LAN first, then USB tether second and wireless last. What this means in practice is that if i have a lan cable plugged in and my wireless is also connected, my laptop will use the LAN cable first and then switch to wireless if i pull the cable out.

What happened at the gig was my usb tehter had higher priority than my wireless so as far as the ipad app was concerned, my laptop was not even using wireless and could therefore not connect to the mixer. Changed the phone the "usb charge only" mode and everything came back fine (at this point i realised i was an idiot).

Hope this helps someone.
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