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I tried loading in the only video i have on my computer and i got no video. It's an .avi file and i can watch it in quick time with no issues, so not really sure what's up with that. maybe i'm doing something wrong but it seems it should be pretty staright forward..

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Ok, that worked. Thanks again.
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Nice... It is refreshing to use this DAW. I came over from logic, cubase and reaper and never looked back... except to get all my old songs into S1

...Those groove 3 vids helped a lot and i think that recently there may have been a price drop on them?
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I'm still using 32bit processing, but I've had a lot of CPU spikes and stability issues with the Vstation, and it seems to get worse with every S1 update. Too bad actually cause I really like the Vstation but lately haven't been using it much.

Sorry I'm of no help and good luck sorting it out.
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I totally get it. You're psyched that there is actually light at the end of your tunnel though... Im on a 5 year old iMac with only 4gb ram and two cores.... My next purchase is room treatment then at the end of summer a new setup. I too have to bounce tracks regularly because I pretty much use vst's exclusively other than some vocal, guitar and percussion tracks. Oh well, all in due time. Just need to be patient.

Keep us posted!
Studio One General Discussion » Addictive keys sustain pedal question... » Go to message
No crashes. It seems to be heavy on cpu, plus i get a lot of spikes... That being said, i just picked up the arturia v-collection 3 and am seeing spikes with some of their instruments as well. I feel like a lot of it has to do with my system. not terribly ideal for audio production.

One more question though.. I can't seem to get the sustain to show up in the control link window as you did. did you just click on the sustain pedal in AK to get that to show up? or did you click on the automation lane somewhere? neither seem to work for me.
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sunmachine wrote:You can use an automation track for this for example.

1. Display the Automation Track
2. Click on the parameter box and select Add/Remove... from the menu
3. Find the Sustain Pedal parameter in the list of available controllers and click the << Add button.
4. Edit the automation data
5. If you want to control the sustain pedal parameter with a button on your MIDI controller you can assign it via control link as I did in the image.

It's also possible to add the sustain pedal parameter directly to an Instrument Part in the Mudic Editor.
To do so, open an Instrument Part in the Music Editor and right click on one of the existing parameters like Velocity or After Touch for instance. Select Add... from the menu and add the sustain pedal parameter.

Sunmachine, you rock!

Thank you.

Btw, how does AK play with S1 on your end? Not very stable over here... I think it's due time i upgrade my system.
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I just pulled the trigger on the addictive keys studio pack and had a quick question for any of you using this vst. It appears the only way to use the sustain pedal is with an actual sustain pedal attached to my midi controller. Is that really the case? I was hoping there would be some way to just set the sustain somewhere without a pedal and just play. I'm not a piano player by any means, so was hoping to set the sustain/release the same way that i would with NN-XT and reason pianos.

does that make sense?

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sunmachine wrote:
sunmachine wrote:Addictive Keys Studio Collection for $99 (instead of $149)

Get it for even less here (add to shopping cart to see the final price... about $85)

(There's also a free version of the Studio Grand available by the way...

Wow! I think this might be the right time for me to pull the trigger on this.

Thanks for the heads up!
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matthewgorman wrote:Adios thebdp....was fun while it lasted.

Haha... I've been reincarnated as a Prenoob... A fresh start!
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