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I have just changed to a macbook air, because it has no firewire i have had to use a thunderbolt adaptor.
Everything seemed to be running fine with Universal Controller until one day I a sort of drop out.

The main audio drops out twice then returns then does it again then returns.
This may happen once or may happen 4 or 5 times though out the night.

I have tried to replicate this at home and let the system run for days with no problem.
I know it is something to do with UC as it looses the channel names with it drops out.

I have an older macbook pro which has firewire and I will test this BUT we are away from home on tour and I can't get access to it.

Someone mentioned it was a board issue with the wire wire port, has anyone else had this issue?

Pre-Sales Questions » upgrade studio one 2.5 » Go to message
Thanks, would you know if the upgraded version has melodyne and all the other plugins?

Pre-Sales Questions » upgrade studio one 2.5 » Go to message

I'm just wondering if you can upgrade Studio One 2.5 to 2.6 Free and does the upgrade have Melodyne and all the other features a new purchase of 2.6 has?

Can anyone advise?


Live Sound » Wanted decent studio endineer to mix and master a backing tracks project » Go to message
Mixing and mastering are two very different realities and most mastering is done by a dedicated mastering engineer.


This is very true, luckily we have it in house here
Live Sound » Wanted decent studio endineer to mix and master a backing tracks project » Go to message
Let me know what you need and I should be able to squeeze u in if your in no rush.

16.0.2 » MacBook Pro Retina and Virtual StudioLive » Go to message
Thanks for that, when you say presonus have sent out info on repair out do you mean to dealers or on the forum?

Its a bit of a nightmare to send away to have repaired ; ( we are on tour at the moment and would mean we would have to hire a replacement. We bought the desk for the tour!!
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We you say it was a firewire problem what dod you mean?
I am having the same issue.

Is it the firewire socket on the desk? Did you try both of them or are they both wired to the same place?

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I think that may have done the trick.

I have just disabled Multitouch Gestures on mine and it feels better already!

I will test it out more at the gig tonight but so far so good. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction

If I ever see that other sound guy again I'll tell him but to be honest I dont think the agent that put the Showcase on will have them back as it did not go well for them sadly.

16.4.2 » SL Remote issue? » Go to message
Ok so I just read ALL of your reply to me there! Silly me for only reading the first sentence!

How very dare you tell me not to gripe! If no one posted on here that there are unhappy customer then there would be no urgency to iron out software issues.

As for wasting people's time!! What planet are you on?? Stop reading forums and get on with your real life if your time is so precious! I took time out of my BUSY life as do others to actually write something on here. If people like me didn't there would be no forum.
I think you'll also find that neary everyone with an issue has a gripe!
I bet you the poor sound guy on Tuesday wants a gripe!!

16.4.2 » SL Remote issue? » Go to message

Using the ipad used to be a smooth operation, since the ios update and the sl remote update it is very sticky.
You are very lucky if you can swipe across the page from the bottom channels to the top. If it does work you will either pan a channel by mistake or move a channel slider up or down, it will not move without something happening.

I used to feel comfortable with it but npw I feel like right in the middle of a gig if you dare to touch it someone's channel will end up either off or flying.
This happens if you are in the eq or and othe page.

I was at a wedding band showcase on Tue, at which there 6 bands on. I was very surprised (happy) to see 2 of the 6 using Presonus. A 24 channel and a 16 channel.
At tje sound check I noticed the guy with the 16 walking around with his ipad. I thought nothing of it. The band with the 24 played and were really good. 2 bands later on came the band with the 16.
Oh dear, good band but the poor sound guy thought it wise to leave the desk at the side of the band and go mobile. Faders were flying everywhere, panning and squealing.
He could not easily get to the desk as there was 400 people in the room and a band on either side of his band. He decided to ride it out!

That did not end well, that band got NO bookings that night and everyone else did. I had a quick word with their sound guy and he was so embarrassed. I doubt he'll ne trying that again.

Anyhoo, very sticky software that should be fixed faster. Even if I had to pay for it.

16.4.2 » SL Remote issue? » Go to message
Its been a while now and it cant just be me that's 'putting up' with the issues the sl remote has!
Is there even a hint of it being sorted before xmas?
16.4.2 » WARNING! - SL REMOTE ON IOS 7 NOT WORKING » Go to message
Too late for me didn't think of checking here!
Studio One Forum Community Support » Can't get my Tascam US-2400 control surface to work » Go to message
A year last but I came across this while looking to see if the Tascam would work.

It Does work with Studio One, just go to Studio One options - click add button and choose - Mackie - control. Receive from and to set to US-2400 then click ok.
Repeat that setting the Control Extender next and receive and sent to - MIDIIN2 (us-2400)
Reapet again.

After that click placement and drag the controls in the group window - all in the same window in group 1.

Thats you done

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I think unless its the Pro version you cant import MP3 only .wav
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Seems everyone is in agreement then.

We use the AH ilive for foh and its transported in an upright case on wheels.
I just presumed the ilive was made to be transported that way.

I am only worried as we are on tour and can be a on the road for quite a while and as the presonus is new to me I was unsure how much punishment it can take.
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