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Pre-Sales Questions » Data loss in S1 v2 demo with SampleTank » Go to message
Try renaming the tracks without the dot in the name before saving. Studio One has a bug at the moment that doesn't like a dot in the track name and causes corrupt midi data.
Studio One Forum Community Support » Why is Mono sometimes louder and sometimes quieter than Stereo?? » Go to message
Converting a stereo track to mono will cause an increase in level of around + 6dB. It's down to the laws of physics.
I would suggest that before you go around labelling everything you don't understand as bugs you read a book or take a course on the basics of audio engineering.

I'm not singling you out but a lot of people complain of bugs when in fact it just down to a lack of understanding or that they just don't understand how to perform a certain task, just because a piece of software doesn't do what you think it should doesn't always mean that it is a bug.
Studio One Free » ampire and mp3 converter incompatible. anybody else having this problem? » Go to message
Ampire download and MP3 converter are not able to be used within Studio One Free
Studio One Forum Community Support » Sound colouring? » Go to message
Your Pod needs to be connected to a line level input. The Audibox USB only has instrument level inputs.
Line level inputs have a typical input impedance of 10 kohms whilst Instrument level inputs have a typical input impedance of 0.5 to 1 Mohm.
Your problem is most likely due to an impedance mismatch causing a muffling of your guitar signal.
Studio One Forum Community Support » Sound colouring? » Go to message
What model of Audiobox are you using.
Studio One Forum Community Support » Dropouts and artifacts in stem mixdown - S1 2.6.2/FirePod » Go to message
It could be because Studio One 2.6.2 requires Mac® OS X 10.7.2 or later
Studio One Forum Community Support » Can I use two interfaces simultaneously to record with Studio One 2 Artist? » Go to message
Unfortunately it is not possible to use two USB interfaces at the same time in Studio One in any version on a PC. It is possible on a Mac by creating an aggregate device.
Studio One General Discussion » C'mon Presonus you can do better than that! When can we aspect a major upgrade? Time gentlemen.... » Go to message
Why is it that people think that the new features that are going to be in the next version of a piece of software are suddenly going to elevate their music production capabilities to hit record status. If you are not capable of producing good music with what you have at your disposal now then a myriad of new bells and whistles is not really going to help you that much.

Learn to use what you have now to it maximum capability often in creative arts less is more. Don't rely on the software to write your music for you be innovative and creative and experiment with new ideas.
Studio One General Discussion » Possible bug! Please help, testers needed! » Go to message
Whilst I cannot make any comment on automation in general the problem with this scenario is not that the automation is off but that the Pro EQ cannot sweep from 20kHz to 20 Hz in the space of 1 tick, it take a finite time before it reaches 20Hz which is why it sounds as if it has an envelope on it. If it was possible to automate an analogue eq to do the same thing in the same time frame the results would probably quite similar due to the time constant of the filter.
Studio One Free » Importing audio from Roland's TR-8 » Go to message
One of the limitations of Studio One Free is that you can only have a maximum of two input streams. One stereo or two mono.
You will need to upgrade to one of the paid versions to achieve what you want to do.
Studio One General Discussion » Kontact-CPU Usage Heavy » Go to message
Try turning off Kontacts multicore processing. It has to be done when Kontact is run as a standalone device. I think it is under set up preferences.
Studio One General Discussion » Alchemy Player on 2 different tracks in same song. » Go to message

I also have just the Alchemy Player with a couple of add on packs.
I tried running three instances and in each instance all my presets appeared ok. I installed everything to default locations.
I don't know why this is not happening on your system so this is probably not much help to you but at least you know that it it is possible and not just a limitation of the Alchemy Player.
Studio One General Discussion » Studio Ones Audio Engine not very good! » Go to message
Interesting article if any one can be bothered to read it.

It's not what you've got but what you do with it that matters.
Studio One General Discussion » Mac OSX repair permissions and verify disc. » Go to message
I am just interested to find out how often most people who run S1 on a Mac run repair permissions and verify disc.
Studio One Feature Requests » WOW! Logic Pro X is trying to do a knock-out blow » Go to message
It looks like it's Studio Ones turn now, whilst I was on I found this post.

Obviously a few of you don’t know that Foleycore has been a troll on this forum for years.

FYI, his statement that Kronos is outselling the XF is not based on any
actual sales data...he’s just wishfully guessing, as he always does.

Foleycore gets bored and then posts a stink-bomb anti-Yamaha waste of text..his usual m.o. Predicatbly, he’ll reply to whoever disagrees with
him (including me) with a number of insults and then he’ll go away for
awhile again.
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