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For gigs and more permanent setups, it sounds like most people wire a router directly to the board and eliminate one wifi connection if possible. I've never had problems with my wifi stick, but others have.
16.4.2AI » New 16.4.2 AI NOT Connecting to Network!!! » Go to message

1. Apple Airport Express and Extreme routers (Gen 1 through Gen 5)- In our testing the Airport routers were very problematic to connect to and to keep devices connected to. Some customers have reported no issues, but others have had no success with them at all. If you can make it work and you’re ok with it, then please use it. We will not be able to troubleshoot these with you. We recommend that you use another router to avoid potential future problems. Note Added 11/12/13. You must have the latest firmware on your Airport Extreme and that no other Airport routers are running. For more on this see this forum thread in our community area:

NOTE: The 6th Generation Airport Extreme has worked very well in our tests with AI mixers.
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Sorry for bringing back up a two month old post, but I can answer some of your questions.

I personally have an ipad and firewire connected macbook. With the ipad on Wifi, I can remote control the board simultaneously via both ipad and macbook VSL while doing a multi-track capture.

The network connectivity via ipad is fine from multiple LAN hops away as well. Specifically, I tested ipad -> Wifi to AP -> 100 ft network cable -> AP -> Wifi to 32.4.2AI mixer. As long as you don't have any internal LAN firewalling/vlans etc you should be able to connect and remote control from anywhere on that LAN. I suspect this requires a broadcast message of some sort to at least get started, so you'd need to be in the same IP subnet. If this technical jargon doesn't make sense, then it probably doesn't apply to your single network switch.

As an FYI, some AI setups involve a dozen iphones each remote controlling a different aux mix on the same board. The limitation here is usually Wifi, not software.

I personally have had difficulty getting VSL on Windows to remotely control the board, but that very well could just be my laptop. I haven't done extensive troubleshooting there. Also, I've never used the wired nic on the board, but I've never seen a forum post complaining that it didn't work.

Depending on the size of your production, I'm not sure if the AI series is quite ready for you yet. I love the board. The features are amazing, but the occasional glitchy software issues wouldn't do well if people are paying for your product. It's also possible my expectations are just high.
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If you post your location, some nearby forum members might let you try out their gear.
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I was actually just corrected on this. None of the AI series mixers can link at this time.

I don't see any reason why the proposed setup wouldn't work. Just make sure everything is using balanced cables. You'll have to maintain scenes and other settings separately on each mixer. If you want to use multi track capture, you'll have to use two computers.

Aux Inputs are limited on features. I don't think they have fat channel options. If they are simply getting sub group feeds from another AI then I doubt that would matter.
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Yes, but that's just so EQ & Dynamics are always the same. I've actually caused confusion with linked mute buttons.

People that have used analog mixers will try to use two fingers and hit both L & R mute buttons at the same time. The mixer basically unmutes and immediately mutes again with the second press.

If you can handle pressing one mute button instead of two, then go linked.
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Hmmm. Nevermind, I sit corrected.
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Sorry if I'm a few weeks late to this, but I can say that on my 32AI the output meters act a little weird at times.

I'd recommend selecting a channel in question and just watching the master meter section up top where it has the selected channel level.
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EDIT: Nevermind, disregard this message. It is incorrect.

I'm no moderator, but the owner's manual has the information you are looking for.
Section 5.5: Cascading Mixers:
A StudioLive mixer can be expanded to make a larger console. Two StudioLive 24.4.2s or three StudioLive 16.4.2s can be cascaded together, using a FireWire cable, to create a single 48-channel console. Because of the limitations of FireWire, you cannot connect a computer to either of these configurations; however, you can cascade a FireStudio Mobile or FireStudio Project with a single StudioLive mixer to add more recording inputs.

You can also cascade two StudioLive 16.4.2s to create a 32-channel console with full recording capability, playback, and VSL control.

Be aware that cascading is always more complicated. There are more settings to troubleshoot, and more connections to go bad.
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I'm no expert, but I can describe how I would troubleshoot it.

* Pull down the volume for your speaker outputs or disconnect your speakers during testing.
* On the right side of the mixer, look for the "Meters" section and press the "Input" button. It should light up. This will now change all of your channel LED meters to input volume meters.
* Have someone stand at the mixer watching the LEDs. Play music like normal, one channel at a time.

Your LED meters should generally stay within 1/2 to 2/3rds of full volume. If any meter lights the red clip light up top you need to make adjustments. Be aware that the gain knob up top will turn everything about the channel down, including main mix and aux mix volumes.

Also, with all volumes like normal, the master meters up at the top right of the board should occasionally touch yellow, but not live in yellow or red.
16.4.2AI » new installation with a 1642Ai... iPad connection issues??? » Go to message
Unless you know there will be at least one technical person on call at that facility, I can't really recommend it. I have a 32.4.2AI in a church that likes to forget some of its settings on power down. I feel like this is happening every 5-6 times I power the board off. Apparently this doesn't affect all boards, but I'm not sure about that.
2795: AI mixers lose auto­saved state and revert to default settings (zero out) Some users have seen AI mixers randomly losing their auto­saved state and reverting to the default settings after a power cycle. It does not affect Scene or Preset memory. It only affects the last state of the mixer before powering off.
16.4.2AI » Recording from Tape In » Go to message
The way I hook up phones/mp3 players etc is as follows:

1/8 headphone to stereo RCA -> a pair of female RCA to male 1/4 adapters -> mixer input channels

Something like this (yes Hosa is cheap and not for studio):
32.4.2AI » New SL32AI Zereoed itself out!!!!.... » Go to message
GTMusic: I'm two months late, but I'll mention that many others have had this including myself. When it hits, its not always consistently one part of the board. It is a known issue that I reported back in December.
2795: AI mixers lose auto­saved state and revert to default settings (zero out)
Some users have seen AI mixers randomly losing their auto­saved state and reverting to the
default settings after a power cycle. It does not affect Scene or Preset memory. It only
affects the last state of the mixer before powering off.

I've seen many different sections of my board zero out including:
* Mutes (but not faders)
* Faders and mutes
* Phantom power settings
* Wifi settings

The issue is when the board is automatically saving things every few seconds and the system is powered off during that save process.

My workaround is to always keep quick scene #1 as my "default" set of settings and regularly overwrite it manually if I need to change a setting permanently. I've never had scenes get overridden. Loading a scene doesn't take care of everything though. The rest of my workaround is as follows:
* Document all phantom power settings. These aren't loaded from scenes.
* Document your scene load settings. These can get reset by the bug. Note that faders aren't scene-loaded by default, but pots are. I enable scene load for faders, and disable scene load for pots.
* Document most anything else in the system menu such as sampling rate, sub delays, etc.

Its a pain. You don't have to convince me of that I assure you.
32.4.2AI » How to copy A/B EQ & DYN Settings » Go to message
As an FYI, there is a section of the forums specific to 24.4.2AI boards. The 32 and 24 channel boards are similar though.

You have a couple options, especially if you have a computer connected with Universal Control/Virtual StudioLive installed.

I would check the owners manual, specifically sections 4.1.8 Saving Fat Channel Presets and then 4.1.7 Loading Fat Channel Presets. You should have fifty channel preset slots that are open after the built in presets. If you save your B channel into one of those slots, and then load it back in on top of the A that should take care of it.

If you can, I would highly recommend installing Universal Control/Virtual StudioLive installed on a computer. They are often referred to as just "VSL". This gives you immense archival and restore options. You can save an entire board scene to a text file on a laptop and keep it around for years.

Whatever you decide to do, please do a scene save to a scene slot every once and a while. This can save you a lot of headaches later if you want to revert most of the board back to what you had set prior.
24.4.2AI » Question on audio stream back to the desk » Go to message
It sounds like you have a few questions with separate answers. I'll make some assumptions, but if I don't answer your questions please state what you ultimately are trying to accomplish.

If you want to monitor the entire board mix in your headphones, try hitting the "main" button right under the phones/monitor knobs. While you are doing this, you probably want the solo button off in the monitor section.

If you want to route itunes output to the board, I personally prefer to just run an analog cable from laptop headphone out to a pair of board channels. This allows for full fat channel, aux, and sub routing.

The two concepts above stack. If you wire itunes into a full channel directly, you can then listen to it via headphones very easily.
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